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British Airways Pet Policy, Cost, Travelling With Pets Safely

Planning to fly and want to bring your pet with you? Before that it’s important to understand their pet policy to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey for you and your furry friend. Let’s explore a detailed overview of British Airways pet policy, including information on which types of pets are allowed, what the requirements are for traveling with pets, and any additional fees or restrictions you need to be aware of.

Overview of British Airways Pet Travel Policy

British Airways allows passengers to travel with their pets on some flights, subject to certain conditions and restrictions. Here is an overview of the British Airways pet travel policy:

Overview of British Airways Pet Travel Policy
  1. Cats and dogs can travel as cargo and certain breeds of birds to travel in the cabin.
  2. The airways has several rules and restrictions in place for traveling with pets, such as obtaining a health certificate, providing your own pet carrier, age and temperature restrictions, reserving space for your pet, booking with a pet, special handling, avoiding sedation, providing food and water, and microchipping.
  3. Traveling with your pet can be expensive due to various fees involved, such as British airways pet cargo fees, pet carrier costs, health certificate fees, reservation fees, and handling fees.
  4. The airline prioritizes the health and safety of all pets traveling on their flights. They have specific regulations in place to ensure that pets are transported safely and comfortably.
  5. If you’re traveling with your pet internationally on British Airways, you’ll need to comply with various regulations and requirements set by different countries.
  6. There are specific requirements for pet carriers, including size, ventilation, and materials used.
  7. There are no additional costs for using a certified assistance dog when flying.
  8. You need to book your pet’s travel in advance and ensure that you have all the necessary documentation and paperwork before you fly.
  9. Special handling services are offered for pets, including assistance with customs and providing water during transit.
  10. The airways advises against sedating your pet during the flight and recommends consulting your veterinarian for advice.
  11. All pets must be microchipped and it is recommended that you ensure your pet’s microchip is up to date before traveling.

Types Of Pets Allowed Under British Airways Pet Policy

The pets in cabin are allowed or as pet cargo, depending on their size and weight. However, only trained assistance dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin with their owners, while other pets must be transported as cargo. When flying with a certified assistance dog will not charge you any additional fee on your flight.

Types Of Pets Allowed Under British Airways Pet Policy

Service Dogs

If you are flying with a certified service dog, it may accompany you without additional cost in the cabin on a BA trip. The number of dogs they may take in the cabin may need to be limited, and this service cannot be reserved online. 

  • If you have a trained service dog, you will need to provide documentation. The documentation must be from a licensed healthcare professional stating. It will state that you have a disability and your service dog is trained to assist you with that.
  • You will need to notify the airline in advance that you will be traveling with a service dog. You will have to provide them with all necessary documentation. 
  • You may also be required to complete a form. Then you have to provide additional information about your service dog. The information includes their size, weight, and the type of assistance they provide.

Traveling To United Kingdom

When you will be traveling to the United Kingdom, make sure to contact the UK animal welcome center. Receive authorization from them at least 72 hours before your flight due to entry requirements into the country.

Traveling From/To United States

Passengers flying across the United States must fill out a U.S. DOT Service Animal Air Travel Form outlining the medical, certification, and personality of their dog.

  • You must also complete a U.S. DOT Relief Attestation Form for flights lasting more than eight hours. This is in order to ensure that their dog won’t need to relieve itself during the journey. Or in case to specify how the dog will do so hygienically.
  • The accessibility team of BA must receive copies of both documents via email. It should be received at least 72 hours before your trip. After reviewing these papers, the airline gets in touch with you with updates.
  • In addition, the accessibility team may seek to see documentation that attests to your dog’s acceptable public behavior training. It will be seeked to check work-related or disability-related training they may have received.
  • BA won’t allow your dog to fly in the cabin if they don’t receive the finished US DOT forms in a timely manner.

Support Dogs For The Emotional Assistance

Emotional support dogs are not permitted to fly in the cabin on any aircraft operated by British Airways. 

Domestic Pets

The British Airways pets in hold is where all pets must travel, but don’t worry; the knowledgeable suppliers of the airways will make sure they’re as comfortable as you are. British Airways have collaborated with PetAir UK, which has been flying pets around the world since 2004. It is operated and managed by fully certified veterinarian doctors. Passengers are provided with a secure, spacious, and easy option to transport their pets from the UK with British Airways pet transport services.

NOTE: Your dog must follow the rules of the Pet Travel Scheme provided by the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) if you are entering the country . It enables pet travel between certain nations and UK airports without quarantine. Please check with the relevant embassy or consulate before your international trip to learn about any rules or limitations.

British Airways Pets In Cabin

Before planning to travel with your pet, here are some cabin related instruction/guidelines you need to follow mentioned below:

Pets In Cabin of British Airways
  • Cats and dogs weighing no more than 6 kg are allowed to travel in the cabin on BA flights. The weight includes the weight of their carrier as well. 
  • The pet carrier must be able to fit comfortably under the seat in front of you. It must meet the airline’s size and weight restrictions. 
  • The maximum dimensions for the carrier are 45cm x 30cm x 25cm.
  • Only one pet is allowed per passenger, and there is a limit of two pets per cabin on each flight. 
  • It’s important to note that some destinations may have specific regulations and restrictions on pet travel.

British Airways Pets In Cargo

Pets In Cargo of British Airways

If your pet is too large to travel in the cabin or if you’re traveling to a destination that doesn’t allow pets in the cabin, then you can opt to have your pet travel as cargo. Here are the guidelines to follow: 

  • A dedicated team takes care of the transportation of pets as cargo. They ensure that pets in cargo are safe and comfortable throughout the journey.
  • The airline accepts cats, dogs, and other small pets as cargo. But they must meet the requirements for size and weight. 
  • The maximum weight limit for pets traveling as cargo is 75 kg. 
  • The maximum container size is 125cm x 75cm x 85cm.
  • Before you book your pet’s travel, it’s important to contact airlines. You must discuss the requirements and regulations for transporting your pet as cargo. 
  • You’ll need to provide information such as your pet’s breed, age, and weight. 
  • Provide information on the dimensions of the container you’ll be using as well. 
  • Ensure that your pet has all the necessary vaccinations and documentation for travel.

What Is The Pet Travel Scheme Offered By The UK?

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) is a program that allows pets to travel between the UK and certain other countries. They don’t need to be quarantined. 

  • Under the scheme, pets must be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies. 
  • They must also have a pet passport or an official third-country veterinary certificate.
  • Pets must travel on an approved transport company and enter the UK through an approved entry point.
  • Dogs, cats, and ferrets can enter the UK under the scheme. Other pets, such as birds and reptiles, may be subject to different rules.
  • The scheme is designed to make it easier for pet owners to travel with their pets. But also maintaining high standards of animal welfare and protecting public health.

Extra Rules To Be Followed (Just In case)

In the event that either applies, you must abide by additional regulations (referred to as Balai regulations). The Balai regulation is a set of rules designed to ensure the safety and welfare of animals during transportation:

  • If you intend to sell, give away or transfer ownership of your pet.
  • Over five days will pass either prior to or following the arrival of your pet.
  • While not participating in or preparing for a competition, show, or sporting event, you have more than five animals with you.

Things To Check Before Your British Airways Pet Travel

Things To Check Before You Bring Pet For Travel

Before you travel with your pet, it’s important to check on these key points to make sure you don’t face any hassle:

  • Check with the transport company you will be using whether they accept pets for travel. 
  • Confirm if there are any restrictions on the number of pets that can travel at the same time. This is especially important if you have more than one pet that you plan to travel with.
  • Some transport companies may require proof that your pet is fit and healthy to travel.
  • Proof will include a letter from your vet, recent health check records or certain information in your pet’s passport.
  • If you are not selling or transferring your pet dog, ferret or cat to someone new in the United Kingdom, you must fill a declaration form to ensure the confirmation. 

Banned Breed Of Dogs

British Airways has a policy of not accepting certain breeds of dogs on its flights due to safety concerns. The following breeds are typically not allowed to travel in the cargo hold of a British Airways flight:

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • Japanese Tosa

These breeds are often associated with aggressive behavior and have been responsible for several attacks on humans and other animals.

Things To Keep In Mind 

It is important to note that owning a banned breed of dog is illegal in the UK. Individuals who are found to be in possession of such a dog may face legal consequences. 

  • If you are found to be in possession of a banned breed of dog, the police or local council dog warden may take it away. They will keep it, even if it is not acting dangerously and there has not been a complaint.
  • If your dog is seized by the police/local council, a police/dog expert will judge what type of dog you have. They will also check if the dog is a danger to the public or not.
  • Your dog will then either be released or kept in kennels while the police or council apply to a court.
  • As the owner of a banned breed of dog, you may face criminal charges. You might also be required to pay a fine, and your dog may be destroyed. 
  • Owning a banned breed of dog may impact your ability to obtain home insurance or travel with your dog. 
  • Seek advice from a qualified professional if you are unsure whether your dog is a banned breed. 
  • It is also important to ensure that your dog is properly trained and socialized. 
  • Take appropriate measures to prevent incidents of aggression or harm.

Requirements To Travel With Pets On British Airways

To ensure that your pet can travel with you on British Airways, you must adhere to a few requirements:

  1. Booking Requirements: You must notify them in advance that you will be traveling with a pet. This can be done when you book your flight, or you can contact the airline’s customer service department to make arrangements.
  2. Documentation: You will need to provide documentation for your pet, including proof of vaccination and a health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian. The health certificate should be dated no more than 10 days before your departure date.
  3. Carrier Requirements: If your pet is traveling in the cabin, they must be in a carrier that fits under the seat in front of you. The carrier should be large enough for your pet to stand up and turn around in. If your pet is traveling as cargo, the carrier must meet certain size and weight requirements.
  4. Age Requirements: Only pets that are at least 12 weeks old to travel are allowed.
  5. Breed Restrictions: Some dog breeds are not allowed to travel due to safety concerns. These include breeds such as Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

British Airways International Pet Policy

To meet the British Airways international pet policy, you will need to adhere to the entry requirements of the country you are traveling to. This may include additional documentation, such as a pet passport. The airways does not offer any special services or amenities for pets traveling as cargo, and owners are responsible for ensuring their pet’s comfort and well-being during the journey. 

Traveling with Other Animal

Other than dogs there are other animals like cats, fish, rabbits and birds that are allowed to travel. But there are specific rules and regulations regarding the transportation of animals. The rules may vary depending on the type of animal, its size, weight, and the destination of travel.

Traveling with Other Animal With BA

Here are some general guidelines for traveling with animals other than dogs on British Airways:

  • Before traveling with your pet, you must ensure that it is in good health with all necessary vaccinations. Some countries may require additional vaccinations or quarantine periods before allowing entry.
  • Your animal must be transported in an appropriate carrier that meets British Airways’ guidelines for size and materials. The carrier must be large enough for your pet to stand up and turn around comfortably.
  • You must book your pet’s travel in advance and pay the applicable fees for transportation. 

British Airways Pet Travel Cost

The fees and restrictions for traveling with pets depend on a few factors, including the size and weight of your pet and whether they are traveling in the cabin or as cargo.

  1. In-Cabin Pets: A fee of £60 each way for pets traveling in the cabin is charged. Only trained assistance dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin with their owners.
  2. Cargo Pets: If your pet is traveling as cargo, fees will vary based on the size and weight of your pet and the destination you are traveling to. They have restrictions on the number of pets that can travel in cargo on each flight.
  3. Hold Fees- If your pet is too large to travel in the cabin, you’ll need to transport them in the hold. The fees for this start at £300 one way for all destinations.
  4. Additional fees- In addition to the transport fees, there may be additional fees for items such as the pet carrier, which must meet British Airways’ size and weight requirements.
Type of FeesFee Amount
In-Cabin Pets£60 OR $63
Cargo PetsVaries on size and Weight of Pet
Hold Fees£300 OR $362
Additional FeesDepends on type of facility

How To Travel With A Pet On British Airways?

If you are planning to travel with your pet on British Airways, you will need to follow their guidelines and requirements. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Check the eligibility of your pet: The pet policy allows dogs, cats, and household birds to travel in the cabin or hold, depending on the size and weight of your pet.
  2. Book your flight: You will need to contact them directly to book your flight and inform them that you will be traveling with a pet. Be sure to book well in advance as there are limited spaces available for pets on flights.
  3. Get a pet passport: If you are traveling from outside of the UK, you will need to obtain a pet passport for your pet. This is a document that shows your pet has been vaccinated against certain diseases and is in good health.
  4. Choose a travel container: Your pet will need to travel in an airline-approved travel container that is suitable for their size and weight. There are specific guidelines for the size and type of container allowed, so be sure to check their website.
  5. Prepare your pet for travel: Before traveling, you should acclimate your pet to the travel container and take them on short trips to get them used to traveling. You should also make sure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations and has a health certificate from a veterinarian.
  6. Check in for your flight: When you arrive at the airport, you will need to check in with your pet and provide all necessary documentation. You may also need to pay a fee for your pet to travel.
  7. Board your flight: Once on board, your pet will need to stay in their travel container for the duration of the flight. You will not be able to take your pet out of the container during the flight.
  8. Online Check-In: Feel free to visit a check-in desk at the airport as individuals will not be able to “check in online,” and a representative will arrange for support to the boarding gate.
  1. Animal Reception Center: Passengers who are taking dogs into the United Kingdom must make an arrangement with the Animal Reception Center. It will be done at the initial entry point at a minimum 72 hours before the flight’s boarding time. Center will determine whether the dog complies with the Pet Travel Scheme’s criteria or not. Then you will be provided a note of pre-approval that you must have to visit the UK.
  2. Confirmation: The dog’s collar will be marked with a label that reads “Pet Travel Scheme Entry Check Passed”. It will be done by the animal reception centre employee. It will show the confirmation that the dog has been granted permission to enter the nation. A British Airways staff will be able to take your dog to a relief area once the clearance checks are over. They will then be able to follow you through Customs and Immigration.

Following these steps will help ensure a smooth and safe travel experience for you and your pet on British Airways.

Final Thoughts

Traveling with pets can be a bit stressful, but with British Airways pet policy, you can rest assured that your furry friend will be well taken care of. Make sure to adhere to all of the requirements and restrictions for traveling with pets, and be prepared to pay any fees associated with bringing your pet along on your journey. With a little bit of planning, you and your pet can enjoy a safe and comfortable flight with British Airways.


Are pets allowed on British Airways flights?

Yes, British Airways allows pets on some of their flights. The policies and fees vary depending on the route and destination. You must check the type of pet allowed, fees, etc before going with a pet. 

How much does it cost to transport a pet on a British Airways flight?

The cost of transporting a pet on a British Airways flight can vary depending on different factors. It includes the route, the size of your pet, and whether your pet is traveling in the cabin or in the hold. 

What are the requirements for pets traveling on British Airways flights?

The requirements for pets traveling on British Airways flights vary depending on the destination and the type of animal. Generally, pets must have a valid pet passport, be microchipped, and have proof of up-to-date vaccinations.

What types of pets are allowed on British Airways flights?

British Airways pet policy allows cats and dogs to travel on their flights. Other types of pets may be transported as cargo. They must also be transported in an airline-approved pet carrier.

Does British Airways allow pets in cabin on their flights?

Yes, pets can travel in the cabin on British Airways flights. But only if they meet the size requirements and if the flight allows it. Only cats and dogs weighing less than 6kg (13lb) including the carrier are allowed to travel in the cabin.

How many pets are allowed in the cabin on British Airways flights?

British Airways allows a maximum of 2 pets to travel in the cabin per flight. The pets must be small enough to fit comfortably in an airline-approved pet carrier. The carrier can fit under the seat in front of you.

What are the weight and size restrictions for pets traveling on British Airways flights?

For pets traveling in the cabin, the carrier and pet combined must weigh no more than 8 kg. For pets traveling as cargo, the weight and size restrictions vary depending on the aircraft type.

Can pets travel as cargo on British Airways flights?

Yes, pets like dogs, cats, and small animals such as birds and rabbits can travel as cargo on flights. Pets must meet certain requirements for travel, including a valid health certificate and necessary vaccinations.

Are there any breed restrictions for pets traveling on British Airways flights?

Yes, there are restrictions on the breeds of pets that are allowed to travel on their flights. Snub-nosed breeds of dogs and cats are not permitted to fly on BA. It is because of their increased risk of respiratory problems during air travel. However, exceptions may be made for certain snub-nosed pets if they meet specific criteria and have a veterinary certificate.

What is the process for dropping off and picking up a pet at the airport?

When dropping off a pet, you will need to check the cargo terminal and provide all necessary documentation. When picking up a pet, you will need to go to the cargo terminal and provide identification to collect your pet.

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