Cathay Pacific Upgrade – How to Upgrade Seat

Cathay Pacific Upgrade Seat

Booking a flight is crucial when traveling, especially for upper-class seats. If you regret not booking an upper-class seat with Cathay Pacific Airlines, there’s good news: it’s possible to upgrade within 24 hours of departure with Cathay Pacific Upgrade. This option provides flexibility for passengers who want to change their travel plans and upgrade their seats before takeoff.

You can upgrade your seat on Cathay Pacific for better travel comfort, with options depending on seat availability. This article provides information for Cathay Pacific passengers who want to upgrade their seats, offering details on how to do so.

Cathay Pacific Seat Upgrade

The upgrade option on Cathay Pacific flights is an excellent way for travelers to experience higher comfort and luxury during their journey. When you choose to upgrade your seat, you can travel in a compartment that is one class higher than the original compartment that was booked, subject to space availability. 

  • It’s important to note that the upgrade option is only available for Cathay Pacific operated flights.
  • When requesting an upgrade, it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s based on an availability-only basis. It means there might not always be seats available in your desired upgraded class at the time of booking or even at check-in.
  • If there are seats available when you request an upgrade and it gets approved by Cathay Pacific staff members before departure time, then travelers have been known to enjoy more comfortable journeys.
  • If you’ve already booked your flight but want to upgrade your seat, don’t worry – it’s possible within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time.
  • One of the most essential aspects of traveling is booking your flight ticket with a Cathay Pacific seat upgrade, as this ensures that you reach your destination in a timely and efficient manner.

Cathay Pacific Miles Upgrade

If you’re a frequent traveler with Cathay Pacific, then you may be interested in their Miles Upgrade system. This system allows you to use your Asia Miles to request an upgrade from economy class to business class on eligible flights. 

However, it’s important to note that the original ticket must have been purchased using an applicable fare class or type. But that’s not all – there are even more options for upgrading your flight with Cathay Pacific! 

  • You can also use your Asia Miles to upgrade paid flights and add a travel companion. The prices for these upgrades are determined by the one-way upgrade reward chart, which is split evenly by distance.
  • If you’re a member of the Cathay Pacific club, then earning bookable upgrades is possible as well. By earning 1,000 club points, you can receive four bookable upgrades!

It’s worth noting that these upgrade options are only available for flights operated by Cathay Pacific itself. 

But if you choose to upgrade with miles or through other awards programs, keep in mind that there are certain restrictions in place.

  • If there isn’t a premium economy cabin on your flight, then you can only upgrade from economy class to business class. 
  • Additionally, only a limited number of fare classes are eligible for upgrades.

Advantages of Upgrade

There are multiple advantages of Cathay Pacific seat class upgrade, such as:

  • Upgrading on Cathay Pacific means a more comfortable seat with extra legroom for relaxation.
  • Upgrading your seat gives you access to the airline’s lounge with free food, drinks, and Wi-Fi.
  • Priority-based check-in is also included when you upgrade, which saves valuable time at the airport. You won’t have to worry about long lines or wait times since you’ll be given priority status.
  • In addition, upgrade seats often come with increased baggage allowances so that you don’t have to worry about packing light or paying extra fees for additional luggage.
  • During the flight itself, upgraded seats offer in-flight entertainment options such as movies, TV shows, music playlists, and games that will keep you entertained throughout your journey.
  • You’ll also get to enjoy special meals tailored specifically for those who’ve upgraded their seats – this includes gourmet cuisine made from fresh ingredients by top chefs.
  • Finally, charging ports are available in these upgraded cabins so that passengers can keep their electronic devices charged throughout their flights without running.

Cathay Pacific Upgrade Seats Options

Cathay Pacific offers four upgrade options for their flights to cater to passengers needs.

  • Buy Purchase Cathay Pacific flight upgrade : Passengers on Cathay Pacific flights can upgrade to Business Class by paying the fare difference and change fee in cash. This option is available up to three hours before departure.
  • Redeem Bookable Upgrade option : Cathay Pacific offers Bookable Upgrades to its mid-tier Diamond and Gold members who have reached a certain threshold of Status Points. These upgrades can be scheduled in advance, with the number of reward points required for redemption dependent on the upgraded cabin class.
  • Cathay Pacific Miles Upgrade : Cathay Pacific offers a way to upgrade your ticket using miles as a reward, but the original ticket must have been purchased in an eligible tariff class.
  • Cathay Pacific Bid for Upgrade : Cathay Pacific allows passengers to bid for upgrades by stating how much they are willing to pay, providing a chance to receive an upgrade at a price that works for them.

How can you upgrade seats on Cathay Pacific Airlines?

To upgrade your seat on Cathay Pacific for better travel comfort, you can choose from various options depending on the availability of seats. Upgrading is easy if you have complete information and instructions, which are available online.

Cathay Pacific Bid for Upgrade

You can upgrade seats through the Bid upgrade easily by following below steps.

  • To bid for an upgrade on Cathay Pacific, visit their official website and navigate to the Bid Upgrade section.
  • Now check if you’re eligible for an upgrade on the specific route.
  • Place a bid based on your budget.
  • Now, make a payment for a bid and wait for confirmation via email.
  • Once received, you can travel to your preferred class.

Cathay Pacific Upgrade Bidding System

Passengers in eligible Economy and Premium Economy classes can use the Bid Upgrade feature to potentially move up one cabin class.

Upgrade from Economy to Business Class by following these steps.

  • Upgrade Bid is available on select routes, and passengers can check their eligibility by entering their reservation details.
  • When bidding on airline tickets, the strength of your offer can be determined. If your bid is accepted, you must pay the amount and will receive a notification 2-3 days before departure.
  • When flying in Cathay Pacific’s Business Class or Premium Economy, customers who have received an upgrade can enjoy the perks that come with it. However, they should note that their baggage allowance will not increase.

Cathay Pacific Bid Upgrade Eligibility

The following conditions apply when you request an Upgrade auction.

  • The Upgrade Bid promotion is only available by invitation.
  • “Upgrade Bid” is a feature only available on Cathay Pacific flights.
  • Only one offer per booking is allowed for each flight sector.
  • To upgrade multiple passengers in a reservation, an offer must be made for each individual passenger.
  • The Offer amount will be calculated per passenger by multiplying the number of passengers in the booking by the specified amount.
  • To submit an offer, passengers must be 18 or older.
  • The Upgrade Bid offer cannot be combined with other deals, discounts, or promotions.
  • Baggage allowance will vary based on the fare class or travel type specified.

Cathay Pacific Bid Information 

There is other important information regarding the Bid upgrade eligibility such as below.

  • Cathay Pacific offers Bid Upgrade eligibility notifications via email and the Manage Booking tab for all online flight bookings.
  • Bidders will be asked for payment details when submitting their bids.
  • Passengers are allowed to change or cancel their bid up to 50 hours before the flight.
  • The airline will send an email notification to passengers 2-3 days before departure if their request is accepted.

Cathay Pacific Airlines Bookable Upgrades

Diamond and Gold members can earn Bookable Upgrades to move up to the upper class by collecting enough club points. Here are the steps to upgrade:

  • Visit Cathay Pacific’s website and navigate to the page outlining its mid-tier benefits for customers.
  • To request a bookable upgrade, log in to your account using your credentials and select the Bookable Upgrade option.
  • Enter your flight details in the box provided.
  • You can upgrade your seat using points online at least three days before departure.

Upgrading your Cathay Pacific seat to the upper class is simple with these steps. Contact Cathay Pacific customer service if you still need help or have any questions.

Upgrade to First Class


Cathay Pacific’s first class tickets are worth considering if you’re looking for a comfortable travel experience to Hong Kong. 

  • These roundtrip tickets offer unparalleled comfort and convenience, starting at around $6,000 from Los Angeles and just under $9,000 from New York. 
  • With spacious seats that can convert into fully flat beds, access to exclusive lounges with complimentary food and drinks, and personalized service from attentive flight attendants, you’ll feel like royalty throughout your journey.
  • However, if you’re an Elite member of the airline’s loyalty program, you may be able to score even better deals on roundtrip tickets to various cities across Asia. 
  • Members report getting business class flights for under $3,000, making it an excellent opportunity to save money while still enjoying the benefits of flying in style. This offer is suitable for both business and leisure travel and can enhance the comfort and enjoyment of your trip.
  • Cathay Pacific offers passengers the option to purchase upgrades at any time after their initial ticket purchase, including after boarding the aircraft. 
  • Passengers can also bid on upgrades before departure. 
  • The expenditure of upgrading from economy to business class varies but can be several thousand dollars per flight while upgrading from premium economy is typically lower.

Upgrade to Business Class


Cathay Pacific is a Hong Kong airline that offers many attractive deals on flights. Many passengers desire to upgrade their booking to business class, and the airline provides several options for upgrades. To learn more about these alternatives, read the details below.

There are some simple ways to upgrade your Cathay Pacific flight from basic economy to business class.

  • To upgrade your Cathay Pacific flight, check the upgrade bid account by visiting their website and clicking on the upgrade bid section.
  • To check for flight upgrades, enter your flight details after finishing. However, this airline only offers flights on certain routes.
  • If your flight is eligible for an upgrade, points will be taken from your account, and you will receive notification of the upgrade two to three days before departure.
  • After the flight seating is updated, passengers will be able to fly on business and premium economy flights.
  • Passengers who upgrade to business class seats on certain airlines will not receive additional baggage allowances.

Benefits of flying in Business Class

Below are the multiple benefits regarding business class flights.

  • Upgrade to business class flights offers comfortable seats with enough leg space and a relaxation area.
  • Moving forward, you’ll receive a range of meals and complimentary drinks.
  • The seats on long-haul flights can be transformed into beds, allowing for comfortable sleeping without difficulty.
  • Business class passengers receive priority check-in and access to separate lounges at the airport before their flight departs.

If you are a frequent traveler, you understand how important it is to travel in comfort. Cathay Pacific understands this and offers its passengers the opportunity to upgrade their seats from economy class to business class. 

With these simple steps related to Cathay Pacific Upgrade, you will soon find yourself enjoying all the luxurious amenities that come along with traveling one class higher than usual.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Cathay Pacific Miles & Bid Upgrade

How many miles to upgrade on Cathay Pacific?

1. To receive four bookable upgrades with Cathay Pacific, a passenger must earn 1,000 club points.
2. The airline offers Cathay Pacific free upgrade awards for their own flights, allowing for quick upgrades and promotional assistance.

How to upgrade to business class for free when flying with Cathay Pacific?

Cathay Pacific only upgrades passengers if necessary for operational reasons, such as an oversell or change of aircraft type affecting seat availability. Elite travelers in Cathay Pacific’s frequent flyer program or those of its one world partners are typically favored for upgrades.

Can I upgrade from economy to business class with Cathay Pacific bid?

Passengers can only use Upgrade Bid improvements once to move up one class, and only those in Premium Economy are eligible for Business Class upgrades. However, Economy passengers on flights without Premium Economy may still have the option to upgrade to Business Class.

Can you upgrade on Cathay Pacific by paying?

1. Cathay Pacific charges for seat upgrades.
2. Individuals can make credit card payments and other transactions by contacting Cathay Pacific representatives for quick payment processing.

What meals does Cathay Pacific offer for its business class passengers?

1. Business class passengers can select their main dish before flying by accessing their reservation online. The meal service includes soup or appetizer, up to five main course options, a bakery basket, cheese, desserts, and beverages.
2. Cathay Pacific offers a variety of Hong Kong and Western cuisine, as well as route-specific cuisines for each country they serve. Popular breakfast options include congee and dim sum.
3. Cathay Pacific offers complimentary alcohol in business class, including a curated wine list and their own brand of pale ale called “Betsy,” designed for consumption at high altitudes.

Does Cathay Pacific offer upgrades at checkin?

You can upgrade your flight by buying an upgrade during check-in or at the departure gate. Frequent flyer miles can also be used to secure an upgrade, regardless of elite status.

How can passengers upgrade to premium economy on Cathay Pacific Airlines?

The process is straightforward, and passengers can enjoy a more comfortable and spacious seating arrangement with additional amenities.
1. Cathay Pacific offers easy upgrades from economy to premium economy or business class, not even to first class.
2. The airline provides an Update seat easily by following the official website.

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