Delta Airlines Upgrade – Your Through Guide To The Upgrades Offered

Delta Airlines Upgrade

The Upgrade will help you make your air travel journey with the airline a memorable a guide of conditions and rules mapped out by Delta Airlines. It will make it easy for passengers to seek upgrades by understanding the terms and conditions of the airline. This blog will help you understand what Delta Airlines is offering passengers when it comes to Delta Airlines Upgrades. Flying into comfort becomes easy with the Delta Upgrade list. Delta Airlines offers you a premium experience with them in the air with these upgrades. 

What Does Delta Airlines Upgrade Offer?

How to Upgrade seats on Delta Airlines

When it comes to offering passengers a way to get upgrades with them Delta offers them a few ways.  Passengers flying with Delta Airlines can upgrade from Main Cabin seats to Delta One, Delta Premium Select, First Class, or Delta Comfort seats. And from Delta Comfort Plus seats to Delta One, Delta Premium Select, or First Class seats. Delta Airlines Upgrade policy states that you can opt for a seat upgrade after a ticket is issued to you. Until 90 minutes prior to the flight departure. Or till the check-in window is closed. Seat upgrades are considered add-ons so once you upgrade your seats, you will be issued a new ticket. This content here is focused on the Delta upgrade with miles and how it works. So that you can use this information when you have an upcoming trip with Delta Airlines.

Delta Upgrade With Miles

If you are a frequent flyer with Delta Airlines then you know about Sky Miles. This is a frequent flyer program offered by Delta Airlines wherein the flyer earns miles with each flight they take. For all the SkyMile members it is easy to get upgrades with Delta. You can use your miles to get an upgrade either at the time of booking or later on. These upgrades can also be sought by giving a call to the customer line of Delta Airlines. These miles upgrades are differentiated based on your status as a member. If you are a medallion member then you can get more out of your miles. Below mentioned content will help you understand miles upgrade in a better way.

SkyMiles Members 

If you are booking a reservation with Delta Airlines then at the time of booking you can book certain classes. Your miles can get you Delta upgrades to these class types mentioned below within the US.

  • Delta One
  • First Class
  • Delta Premium Select  
  • Delta Comfort

If your reservation has an upgrade available then it will be highlighted while you are doing it online via the official website. If you are making reservations over the call with the reservation team then they will inform you if your booking is eligible for a mile upgrade. 

A few key points to remember while going through a Delta upgrade while booking are mentioned below:

  • For group reservations, you need to make sure that you have sufficient miles to upgrade all the members.
  • Also, the availability of enough seats to upgrade all passengers in a group reservation is a must.
  • Even when you are not traveling you can still use your miles to upgrade others.
  • Miles and Medallion Qualification Miles are earned on the basis of the cabin you fly in and the amount of the ticket purchased, excluding all the taxes and fees.
  • Medallion Qualification Dollars will be awarded based on the cash amount of the ticket purchased, excluding any taxes and fees.
  • You will earn miles based on the cash amount of the ticket purchased. The base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges remain and are paid in currency after miles are applied to the ticket total. 
  • Delta Flight Tickets that are purchased entirely with miles are not eligible for mileage accrual.

The thing to remember is that if you initially booked yourself in economy seats then this mile delta upgrade option is not for you.

If you have already booked a reservation and decided to upgrade your seats, then it is possible. You can do that either by using the Fly Delta App or by logging on to the official website. A few things that you should know when you are using miles to upgrade after you have already booked are mentioned below:

  • If your entire reservation is operated by Delta Airlines then only you can upgrade your seat using Delta App and website.
  • Some flights are not eligible to upgrade with miles on or the Fly Delta app but you can upgrade them by calling a Delta Reservation.
  • The flights that are not eligible to upgrade are the ones mentioned below.
  • Individual flight segment that departs from the United Kingdom, France, India, Ghana, or Honduras.
  • When you have already checked in to your flight.
  • The individual flight segments are operated by a partner airline.

Medallion Members

The world of a Medallion member is different in terms of air travel benefits and so are the miles upgrades. The status of a Medallion Member gives you eligibility for Unlimited complimentary upgrades to First Class and Delta Comfort. Additionally, day of departure unlimited complimentary upgrades to Delta One within the USA. If you are a Diamond or Platinum Medalion Member then you can use Delta upgrade certificates.

Complimentary Upgrades

When it comes to Complimentary upgrades it is eligible only on availability. Once you put in a request for a complimentary seat upgrade then you have to wait till it gets approved. This is how these upgrades work and the order they are approved is known as Complimentary Upgrade Clearance Priority. There is a hierarchy that is followed before your upgrades get approved by the airline. The table mentioned below will give you a clear idea about who will get approved first by Delta Airlines on the list.

Medallion Members StatusPriority Status
Medallion StatusFirst
Higher Fare Class to Lower ClassSecond
Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card MemberThird
Corporate TravelersFourth
MQD EarnersFifth
Million Mile StatusSixth
Date And Time of Upgrade RequestSeventh

This table is valid till Dec 2023 and a new table will be followed by Delta From Jan 2023. The new table is mentioned below. 

Medallion Members StatusPriority Status
Medallion StatusFirst
Higher Fare Class to Lower ClassSecond
Million Mile Status Third
Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card MemberFourth
Corporate TravelersFifth
MQD Earners Sixth
Date And Time of Upgrade RequestSeventh

Complimentary Upgrades For Travel Companions

If you are a medallion member and traveling with a companion then you may get complimentary Delta upgrades on your reservation. The Condition is that the companion is a SkyMiles Member, Medallion Member, or elite member with the partner airline. And traveling on the same flights you in the same reservation as you. These upgrades have to be requested. 

Upgrade Certificates

This is another way medallion members earn upgrades with Delta Airlines. Upgrade Certificates hold higher value than Complimentary upgrades. Upgrade Certificates are available exclusively for Diamond and Platinum Medallion Members as a part of Choice Benefits. The points mentioned below will explain the upgrade Certificate policy in Detail.

  • Global Upgrade Certificates, that is for Diamond Medallion Members, works on upgrades on both international and domestic flights with Delta, and select flights with KLM, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, Korean Air, and Aeromexico.
  • Regional Upgrade Certificates, for Diamond and Platinum Medallion Members, work on the same routes as Medallion Complimentary Upgrades.
  • Global Upgrade Certificates can be used to upgrade all Domestic First Class seats and Delta Premium Select seats upon request. 
  • These Upgrade Certificates can be used for a one-cabin upgrade as well. Keep in mind that each one-way ticket is limited to one Upgrade Certificate per passenger. 
  • If you are upgraded to Delta Premium Select, there’s no need to apply for an additional Upgrade Certificate. You’ll automatically be added to the waitlist for Delta One. 

Where Can I Use These Upgrade Certificates?

When it comes to the upgrade certificate, this is how the eligibility is checked. Read ahead to understand how these are used. Based on the cabin type you can apply your upgrades be it regional or global. 

  • For Delta One And Delta premium Select Flyers: Regional updates are eligible within the US 50 region on Delta flights. You can use Global Upgrades as well.
  • For First Class And Delta Comfort Flyers: You can use both the global and Regional.

How the Upgrade Certificates Waitlist Works?

While looking for an upgrade certificate for your Cabin seat, if you don’t see availability then you will be put on the upgrade list. If seats become eligible and you are on the waitlist then you will be automatically removed and upgraded. Once you are upgraded off the waitlist, your upgrade certificate will be considered used. If the Upgrade Certificate doesn’t clear before you check in for your flight, then you will be added to the airport standby list. 

How To Upgrade Your Seat With Delta Airlines While Booking A Flight?

When it comes to buying a seat upgrade with Delta Airlines you can do it online. Here are the steps you can follow while doing a Delta Airlines upgrade while booking a reservation.

  • First, visit the official Delta Airlines website.
  • Now login with credentials and choose a flight.
  • Now opt for a seat that you wish to upgrade.
  • You will see eligibility to upgrade with miles, if applicable.
  • At this stage, you can upgrade your seat with miles.
  • If you have a group reservation then you can upgrade with miles for everyone.

How to Seek Delta Seat Upgrade For Booked Flights?

In case your flight is already booked and you wish to change your seat later on, it is possible. You can use miles or cash to get this done. After you log in on the website or the Delta Fly App. You will find your booking in the My Trips section. If your seat has an eligibility then you will see it. Now you can go ahead and choose your preferred seats and pay with miles or cash. Once done you will get notified of the same in your mail.

Delta Airlines Paid Upgrade – How Does it Work?

Another way to get Delta seat upgrades is by paying for it. On the My Trips section page on the official website, you can select a seat and pay for a seat upgrade. The paid upgrade gets you seats that are typically changeable and refundable. It depends on the fare rules of the original booked ticket. These upgrades are not eligible to be transferred. You can go for paid Upgrades once the check-in window for the flight has closed. In some cases, passengers with Special Service Requests are not eligible for paid upgrades. To ensure that they are assigned to a seat that meets their needs.

The information mentioned here is about the Delta Airlines Upgrade Policy. This will help you understand how to reach the airline and get upgraded seats with them. So you can make informed decisions when seeking upgrades with Delta Airlines. Safe Travels!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Delta Airlines Upgrade

I upgraded my seat but now I have to cancel my flight with Delta Airlines. What will happen now?

If you cancel your flight with Delta Airlines before the check-in window opens then you get credits.

How to upgrade on Delta International flights for free?

Unfortunately, Delta Airlines does not offer free aka complimentary updates for international flights.

How to request an upgrade on Delta Airlines If I am flying in Basic Economy?

Delta Airlines is not offering upgrades to passengers who are flying Basic Economy as they are not eligible for seat upgrades.

Can I request an upgrade for someone else with Delta Airlines using my Miles?

This is possible but you need to log in to your account and be on call with a Delta Airline staff member. 

I am trying to upgrade my seat with miles online on the Fly Delta APP and the official Delta Airlines website. But I am unable to do it. What should I do?

Sometimes for some flights online upgrade might not work. During these times you can call a SkyMiles representative and they will help you with the same.

I am planning an international trip with Delta Airlines. Can I use my Complimentary upgrades for the trip?

No, Delta Airlines does not offer complimentary upgrades on international routes. So you can not use them to upgrade your seats.

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  1. Finally used my Delta SkyMiles for an upgrade, and it made a world of difference. Smooth process and a much more enjoyable flight experience. Thanks, Delta!

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