Etihad Upgrade – How to Upgrade Seat Online?

Etihad Upgrade

The Etihad upgrade can really be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness. We all know Etihad Airways is one of the premium airlines operating worldwide. Their upgrade services are just magnificent and unmatched. 

Ready to experience luxury and comfort like never before? Look no further than Upgrade, where extraordinary enhancements await you. With Etihad Airways remarkable upgrade options, your travel experience will reach new heights. From spacious cabins to delicious dining choices and impeccable service, Etihad’s upgrades redefine how you fly.

Whether you fly often or have a special trip coming up, these upgrades offer a unique opportunity to enjoy a superior journey. Get ready to soar through the sky in style as we explore the world of Etihad Airways offers exceptional upgrades to make every flight an unforgettable adventure.

An Overview of Etihad Upgrade 

Etihad Airways offers passengers the opportunity to enhance their travel experience through their upgrade service. Passengers can upgrade from Economy to Business Class or Business to First Class, depending on availability and fare conditions. 

The Upgrade eligibility is typically determined by factors such as the passenger’s Etihad Guest loyalty status, fare class, and ticket type. You can get the upgrades through paid options, bidding systems, or complimentary upgrades at the airline’s discretion. Also, the availability of upgrades depends on unsold seats in the higher cabin class, with upgrades usually offered closer to the departure date. 

Passengers who receive an upgrade enjoy additional benefits such as access to exclusive airport lounges, enhanced onboard amenities, priority check-in, and increased baggage allowance. Upgrade requests can be made through the Etihad Airways website, by contacting customer service, or through a travel agent. 

However, it is important to note that upgrades are subject to availability and not guaranteed for every flight.

Types of Upgrade Available for Passengers

Etihad Airways offers various types of upgrades to enhance the travel experience of its passengers. Here are the different types of upgrades available:

  1. Etihad Guest Miles Upgrade: Passengers can use their accumulated Etihad Guest Miles to redeem and experience premium travel by upgrading their cabin class. This allows them to enjoy the benefits of a higher class of service.
  2. Etihad Airways Upgrade Bid: Passengers have the option to place a bid and make an offer to upgrade to Business or First Class. Passengers can get an upgrade by paying a minimal fee and submitting their bid. The airline will notify them about the outcome of their bid 24 hours before the scheduled departure.
  3. Request an Upgrade: Travelers can directly contact Etihad Airways’ Global Contact Customer Service or speak with an Etihad flight executive at the airport to request an upgrade. This involves formally requesting an upgrade and seeking availability and eligibility.
  4. Push Upgrade: You can book a Push Upgrade by contacting Etihad Airways’ Customer Service up to 48 hours before your flight. This option allows passengers to speak with a representative handling the upgrade process. The availability of the upgrade will depend on the fare booked, and payment can be made using a credit card.
  5. Upgrade at the Airport: Passengers also have the facility to upgrade their seats when checking in at the airport. Depending on the fare booked and availability, passengers can pay for an upgrade using cash, a credit card, or Etihad Guest Miles. Passengers with upgrade benefits can enjoy additional benefits such as access to the airport lounge and increased baggage allowance.

How to Upgrade on Etihad Airways?

Check Etihad Seat Upgrade Status

To upgrade an Etihad flight, there are several ways you can explore. Here are the different methods to upgrade your Etihad flight in simple bullet points:

Etihad Guest Miles Upgrade

  • Use your accumulated Etihad Upgrade by Miles to redeem and upgrade to a higher cabin class.
  •  Contact Etihad Airways or access your Etihad Guest account online to check your miles balance and the available upgrade options.
  • Follow the redemption process to utilize your Etihad Guest Miles for the upgrade.

Etihad Airways Upgrade Bid

  • Receive an invitation to participate in the Etihad Seat Upgrade Bid program.
  • Visit their webpage or access it through the Manage Booking section on the Etihad Airways website(
  • Enter your booking details and place a bid with the desired amount for the upgrade.
  • Wait for the airline to evaluate the bids and notify you of the outcome before the flight departure.

How Does the Upgrade Bid Work?

The Etihad Airways Upgrade Bid program allows passengers to bid for an upgrade to a higher cabin class. Here’s how the upgrade bid process works:

  • Eligibility and Invitation: Passengers who have a confirmed booking in a lower cabin class may receive an invitation to participate in the Upgrade Bid program. The eligibility for receiving an invitation depends on factors such as seat availability, fare conditions, and other criteria determined by the airline.
  • Placing a Bid: If you receive an invitation, you can visit the Etihad Upgrade Bid webpage or access it through the Manage Booking section on the Etihad Airways website. Enter your booking details, including your flight information and personal details, and place your bid amount for the upgrade. The bid amount should be within the range specified by the airline.
  • Bid Evaluation: Etihad Airways will evaluate all the bids received for the specific flight once you’ve submitted your bid. The evaluation process considers factors such as the bid amount, seat availability, and other criteria established by the airline. It’s important to note that submitting a bid does not guarantee an upgrade.
  • Notification of Bid Outcome: Etihad Airways will notify you of the bid outcome via email before the scheduled departure of your flight. The notification usually occurs within 24-72 hours before the departure time. If your bid is successful, you will receive confirmation of the upgraded cabin class. If your bid is unsuccessful, your original booking in the lower cabin class will remain unchanged.

What Happens When Bid is Successful?

If your bid is successful, you will be charged the bid amount specified during the bidding process. The payment will be processed automatically using the payment method associated with your original booking. Upon successful upgrade, you will enjoy the benefits and services of the higher cabin class, such as enhanced comfort, additional amenities, and priority services.

What Happens When Bid is Unsuccessful?

 If your bid is unsuccessful, you will retain your original booking in the lower cabin class. Your payment method will not be charged, and you will travel as per your original reservation. Although your bid was not accepted, you will still have the opportunity to enjoy your flight with Etihad Airways.

It’s important to review the specific terms and conditions provided by Etihad Airways regarding the Upgrade Bid program. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is advisable to visit the Etihad Airways website or contact their customer service directly.

Request an Upgrade on Call

  • First, contact Etihad Airways’ Global Contact Customer Service or speak with an Etihad flight executive at the airport.
  •  Express your interest in upgrading your flight and inquire about the availability and eligibility criteria.
  • Provide the necessary information and follow any additional instructions or procedures provided by the airline.

Etihad Push Upgrade

  •  First, call Etihad Airways’ Customer Service to inquire about the Push Upgrade option.
  • An Etihad representative will assist you in booking the upgrade up to 48 hours before your flight.
  • Provide the required details and payment information, such as a credit card, to process the Push Upgrade.

Upgrade at Airport

  • When checking in at the airport, inquire about the possibility of upgrading your seat.
  • Check the availability of the upgrade at check-in and its eligibility criteria based on your fare type.
  • Pay for the upgrade using cash, a credit card, or Etihad Guest Miles, depending on the accepted payment methods.

How can you Secure a Confirmed Upgrade with Etihad?

Securing an upgrade on Etihad Airways can be challenging due to limited availability and high demand. However, there are strategies to increase your chances of obtaining an upgrade or even booking a premium cabin directly. Below are the ways to achieve the same:

With Elite Membership Status

Below are the process that is followed with elite membership status:

  1. System-Wide Upgrade Certificates: Achieve Executive Platinum Elite status to receive system-wide upgrade certificates (SWUs). These certificates can be used on all international flights operated by Etihad, except for restricted fares, to upgrade to a higher cabin class.
  2. GuestMiles Redemption: Use your accumulated GuestMiles to purchase first- or business-class reward tickets. Redeeming your miles is a simple way to secure an upgrade and enjoy a premium travel experience.
  3. Purchase Upgrades at the Gate: Elite members can request upgrades at the airport gate during the check-in process. These upgrades may be available at a discounted rate, and elite members receive priority consideration.

Without Elite Membership Status

Let’s know what happens when you are without elite membership status:

  1. Request Sponsorship from Top Elite Member: If you know a top elite member who is traveling on the same qualifying flight, you can request their sponsorship for an upgrade. Submit an upgrade request to the highest elite member, and if approved, you may be eligible for an upgrade.
  2. Purchase Reward Tickets with Miles: Use your accumulated miles to purchase first- or business-class reward tickets. This is a straightforward method to reserve a seat in the front of the plane, even without elite status. Credit card sign-up bonuses often provide enough miles to book a premium class award ticket.
  3. Upgrade with Miles: Utilize available miles to request an upgrade. If there is availability, even economy tickets can be upgraded using miles.
  4. Set Fare Notifications for Business Class: Stay informed about business class deals by setting up fare notifications through platforms like Google Flights. Occasionally, discounted business class and premium economy tickets can be cheaper than economy class fares.
  5. Trip Cancellation or Voluntary Denial of Boarding: In cases where your flight is disrupted or if you voluntarily give up your seat due to an overbooked flight, you may be able to request an upgrade on the subsequent flight.

What is the eligibility for Etihad Upgrade?

The upgrade eligibility refers to the criteria that determine who is eligible to receive an upgrade on Etihad Airways. The eligibility requirements may vary depending on factors such as the type of upgrade, cancellation, the passenger’s membership status, fare class, availability of seats in higher cabin classes, and airline policies. While the specific eligibility criteria can differ, some common factors that may influence upgrade eligibility include:

  • Membership Status: Passengers with elite or higher-tier membership status in Etihad’s loyalty program often receive priority consideration for upgrades.
  • Fare Class: Upgrades are typically available from higher-priced fare classes. Passengers who have booked tickets in flexible or premium fare classes may have a higher chance of being eligible for an upgrade.
  • Seat Availability: The availability of seats in higher cabin classes plays a crucial role in determining upgrade eligibility. If there are empty seats in the desired cabin class, the chances of being eligible for an upgrade increase.
  • Upgrade Program or Bid: Passengers participating in Etihad’s upgrade programs, such as the Upgrade Bid program, may have the opportunity to bid for an upgrade, regardless of their membership status or fare class.
  • Operational Factors: Operational factors, such as aircraft type, flight load, and route profitability, can also impact upgrade eligibility. Certain flights or routes may have higher upgrade availability compared to others.

Securing an upgrade on Etihad Airways can be a rewarding experience, enhancing your travel comfort and luxury. While upgrade availability is limited, there are strategies to increase your chances, such as having elite membership status, redeeming miles, participating in upgrade programs, or exploring last-minute opportunities. The upgrade on Etihad can be really rewarding and you may enjoy several benefits with that. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Etihad Airways Upgrade

How can I increase my chances of getting an upgrade on Etihad Airways?

Maintain elite membership status, redeem miles, participate in upgrade programs, and stay informed about promotions.

Can I use miles to upgrade my Etihad flight?

Yes, you can use your accumulated miles to request an upgrade to a higher cabin class, subject to availability.

What if I don’t have elite membership status? Can I still get an upgrade?

Yes, even without elite status, you can explore options such as purchasing an upgrade, participating in upgrade programs, or requesting an upgrade at the airport.

Are there last-minute opportunities for upgrades on Etihad Airways?

Yes, check-in upgrades at the airport or unsold seats in higher cabin classes can sometimes provide last-minute upgrade opportunities, subject to availability and fare conditions.

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