Finnair Upgrade – Options to Upgrade Seat

Finnair Upgrade

Finnair, Finland’s flagship airline and a Oneworld alliance member, is known for its exceptional service and connectivity. It offers upgrade and connects passengers from Europe to Asia via Helsinki. Additionally, it provides flights between various US cities and destinations throughout Europe. Recently, Finnair upgraded to enhance the passenger experience. The business-class cabin received a complete makeover, and the premium economy was introduced as an entirely new class of service for its long-haul fleet. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into what you can expect from both business-class and premium economy seating options aboard Finnair’s flights. Whether you’re traveling for work or leisure purposes, rest assured that Finnair will provide you with unparalleled comfort every step of the way!

Finnair Upgrade Overview

Check Finnair Flight Seat Upgrade Status

Finnair has upgraded to enhance the passenger experience. The business-class cabin was revamped, and the premium economy was added to the long-haul fleet. Let’s take a look at business and premium economy upgrades.

Finnair Business Class Upgrade

Finnair has revamped its business class on long-haul and most international short-haul flights, investing 200 million Euros during the pandemic. The finnair business upgrades include a complete re-imagination of the service, offering passengers an improved experience.

  • Finnair has made Helsinki Vantaa airport more user-friendly for passengers flying with their airline. 
  • Business class passengers will find the process even smoother after Terminal 2 underwent a renovation. Finnair upgrade business class also offers a stopover option in Helsinki, allowing passengers to experience the city on their way to their final destination.
  • Finnair offers a well-planned travel experience with smooth flow in both departure and arrival areas. 
  • All gates are located along the same short walkway, and the Helsinki hub has fast connecting times. 
  • Passengers can enjoy the main hall’s timber-clad ceiling and dramatic free-form installation of living trees, shrubs, and stones after clearing customs. 
  • The skylight above it brings daylight down to the ground floor. T2 is connected to the airport train station for easy access.
  • You can also get a finnair free upgrade with 20,000 points or two European upgrade benefits.

Check-in service

Finnair upgrade has introduced an improved business class priority check-in service at the new T2 hall in Helsinki.

  • It allows passengers to avoid taking out laptops and liquids during security checks. However, due to staffing issues, there may be queues. Despite this, the process is still relatively smooth for business travelers who can quickly make their way to Finnair’s lounges.
  • The VIP meet and greet service offers additional airport security, but it’s usually unnecessary since the process is already efficient.
  • Finnair business upgrade offers priority check-in for their customers at all airports, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Finnair Lounge Access

Finnair has three business class lounges at Vantaa airport, with the first one being exclusively for outbound passengers departing to Schengen countries. It is open from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm and features modernist seats, Neurosonic chairs in the relaxation area, wifi, printing facilities, two private shower suites and a play area for kids.

  • Finnair flight upgrade offers self-serve drinks and generic food, but its design is noteworthy. 
  • Platinum Lumo members can bring four guests, while Platinum or Gold card holders can bring one guest. 
  • Children under 18 are also allowed for Platinum Lumo, Platinum, or Gold members.
  • The Business Class Lounge at Helsinki Airport has undergone a renovation and offers 450 seats with various designs, including private cubicles, Finnish-designed seating, and comfortable sofas. 
  • It is one of three lounges in the airport’s business class section, located near gate 52 for long-haul flights.

How to Upgrade to Business Class Finnair?

Customers can now book upgrades from Economy Class to Premium Economy or Business Class online by logging in with their family name and booking reference. Below is information on how to get business class upgrade in finnair.

Finnair customers can upgrade from Premium Economy to Business Class using Finnair customer service, currently only accessible through the chatbot Sisu. Finnair upgrade to premium economy can be requested with Finnair Plus points or upgrade benefits without queuing.

  • To upgrade using a card, contact customer service via chat or phone to check availability and purchase.
  • For a upgrade with points or benefits, log in as a Finnair Plus member and buy the upgrade on Finnair’s website or app.
  • It is possible to purchase Finnair Plus points with money and use them to buy upgrades.
  • Finnair offers travel class upgrades for scheduled flights with an AY flight number operated by Finnair or Norra, including non-changeable tickets.

Above mentioned steps help you to get knowledge on how to upgrade finnair.

Finnair Business Class Upgrade Cost

International business class tickets typically cost between $3,000 to $5,000+, depending on various factors. Finnair Plus Platinum members can receive upgrade vouchers, and cheap finnair business class upgrade price under $2,000 roundtrip are sometimes available.

It offers options to finnair upgrade to business price by using Finnair Plus points or upgrade benefits. Purchasing a finnair seat upgrade in advance provides all benefits, and bonus tier points can be earned through campaigns.

Finnair Premium Economy Upgrade

One of the highlights of finnair premium economy upgrade seats is their exceptional comfort and ergonomics. They offer 50% more space than standard economy class seats with memory foam cushions that provide superior support throughout your journey. 

Additionally, these seats come equipped with adjustable headrests and leg rests that can be reclined lower to ensure maximum relaxation.

  • Premium Economy class provides a more comfortable and elevated travel experience compared to Economy class, with added services designed for passenger comfort.
  • Finnair plus upgrade offers passengers a slightly elevated experience in terms of cabin style, seat comfort, meal service, and comfort items. This makes it an accessible option for those looking to upgrade from Economy class.
  • Premium Economy offers 50% more space than Economy class, with longer seat pitches and wider seats. It also features adjustable headrests and leg rests for better comfort.
  • Finnair is the first airline to launch customized Premium Economy seats designed by Haeco. The materials, textures and design reflect a serene and natural Nordic style chosen for the cabin.
  • Premium Economy offers a custom laptop space and an award-winning in-flight entertainment system with a large screen, intuitive interface, and flight cancel or change information to keep passengers productive or entertained during their flight.
  • Premium Economy is a separate cabin from other travel classes and has between 21 and 26 seats, creating a more intimate and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Finnair Plus members can use points or finnair last minute upgrade certificates to move from economy to premium economy, while upgrades from premium economy to a business require more points or a long-haul voucher.

Finnair Bid for Upgrade

Below are important steps regarding the finnair bid upgrade.

  • To manage your Finnair reservation, go to their website( and log in to the “Manage Booking” section using your reservation code and last name. This applies whether you booked directly with Finnair or through a third party.
  • To upgrade your travel class, find your reservation and click on the blue button or “try now” on the side of the page.
  • To upgrade your Finnair flight, choose the “Name Your Price” bidding program on the next page after a short delay.
  • To bid for an upgrade on your flight, check the upgrade availability and go to the “Name Your Price” page and see which flights are eligible. There is a minimum bid amount and a slider to adjust your bid, with a star rating indicating the quality of your bid. 
  • Focus on setting a maximum price you’re willing to pay rather than worrying about the star rating.
  • After confirming a bid on an item, the bidder will receive an email with details about the bid.
  • Finnair allows customers to bid on upgrades without requiring credit card information upfront, and even if a bid is accepted, customers can still choose not to pay.

Note: You can check their online website for finnair miles upgrade and bid upgrade.

Bid Result Notification

  • Finnair allows customers to bid for upgrades at the time of booking, but results are not revealed until 5-7 days before the flight via email.
  • If your bid is accepted for an upgrade, you’ll receive an email with a payment link. 
  • You can also ignore the email if you change your mind. You have 36 hours to decide and pay for the upgrade. 
  • After paying, you’ll get a confirmation email and be able to enjoy the lie-flat seat.
  • If your finnair bid upgrade on airline tickets is declined, you will receive an email notification. The email includes the same icon of a person in a business class seat as seen in the bidding process.

Finnair’s business and premium economy class provides an excellent experience with efficient finnair upgrade, airport procedures, good lounges, streamlined design, and a sustainable approach. It has been recognized as a Skytrax-certified four-star airline and Northern Europe’s Best Airline multiple times. Finnair has invested €200 million to enhance customer experience by launching a new Business Class and Premium Economy cabin for all Airbus A350 and A330 long-haul aircraft. Finnair has launched a new spacious service to improve the customer experience. Book now for better service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Finnair Upgrade

How to get an upgrade on finnair?

You can upgrade your flight from Economy Class to Premium Economy easily online. For an upgrade from Premium Economy to Business Class, contact customer service after booking.

How to search upgrade award availability?

Finnair offers an upgrade service from Economy to Business Class through their website or mobile app, subject to availability. Upgrades from Premium Economy to Business Class are only available via customer service.
Payment for upgrades can be made by card through customer service or using points/benefits as a Finnair Plus member on the website or app.

How to upgrade from economy to economy plus on finnair?

To upgrade from economy to economy plus on Finnair, customers can purchase the seating option online through the mobile app or contact center and during check-in online or at the airport.

How can I utilise my upgrade certificate?

Finnair is offering its frequent flyers the chance to upgrade their long-haul flights using Finnair Plus points. The upgrade can be redeemed online or through the Finnair App, and if the itinerary includes connecting flights, the European flight can also be upgraded free of charge if there is availability.

How to upgrade to finnair business class?

To upgrade to Premium Economy or Business Class, log in with your family name and to book reference on the upgrade tool and choose from available options.

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  1. Upgrading with Finnair was a fantastic decision! The process was smooth and seamless, and the extra comfort and amenities in business class made my journey truly enjoyable.And I’ll definitely be considering upgrading again on my future travels.”

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