Finnair Name Change Policy – Change Name on Ticket Online

Finnair Name Change Policy

Finnair has a customer-friendly name change policy that allows passengers to make necessary changes to their travel tickets without canceling and rebooking flights. This Finnair name change policy makes it easier for customers to update names on their tickets, whether it’s correcting a minor spelling mistake or adding a last name. 

This article offers assistance to Finnair passengers who need to correct or change their name on the PNR. It emphasizes the importance of being aware of Finnair’s specific rules and regulations regarding name changes before flying with them. The airline is committed to providing excellent service quality and flexible policies, ensuring travelers have a smooth journey.

Finnair Name Change Policy Overview

To use the change name on finnair flight feature, passengers must follow specific rules to ensure a smooth process. These guidelines also help authorities avoid issues while processing the request.

Below is a brief overview of the main rules outlined in a carrier’s name change policy.

  • Name changes for reservations made through official sources will be allowed for all classes of service.
  • To fly, your ticket name must match your passport, or the airline won’t let you board.
  • To modify your name after a wedding or divorce for air travel, you need to provide relevant documents as proof.
  • When booking a ticket, only one first name can be submitted, even if the person has multiple first names.
  • Finnair’s option to change passenger names is limited to individual tickets. Eligibility for online modifications can be checked on the airline’s website.
  • The carrier does not allow the transfer of ticket ownership to anyone else. Passengers cannot change the name on their reservation to transfer ownership either.
  • To modify your name on this airline, you must pay a cost that may include service charges.
  • This Finnair name change policy applies to all services and fares for any flight, regardless of the itinerary or destination.
  • If your airline ticket displays characters like ‘ä’ or ‘ö,’ you don’t need to change your name. These characters are accepted by the airline and won’t cause any issues for your flight.

Note: The finnair name change policy guidelines may change often, so it’s best to check their website or call customer service for the most current information.

Finnair Change of Name Methods

Finnair offers two ways to change ticket passenger names: online and offline. Online, passengers must visit the airline’s website; offline, they must contact customer service. Fees for finnair name correction may vary. Help desk assistance is also available for last-minute changes. There are details for each option are explained below.

Online Finnair Flight Name Change

Finnair name correction policy is only available for certain tickets and not third-party bookings. This reduces traffic on the official page for a more efficient process, allowing passengers to save time by choosing the online method.

  • Customers can modify the name on their ticket by filling out the information in the “Manage Booking” section. 
  • To access Finnair’s official website(, the user should first open the main link.
  • To access the “Manage” tab on a website, move to the top of the first page and click on it.
  • After completing Step 2, Step 3 includes a redirection that opens the “Manage Booking” section.
  • To complete the reservation process, passengers must provide their family name and booking reference.
  • To proceed, click the “Search” button on your screen.
  • You can now view your booked flight and make changes to the reservation if needed, specifically correcting or changing the name on the selected booking.
  • Follow Finnair’s instructions to change the name on your ticket.
  • You can now view your booked flight and make changes to the name on the reservation if necessary.
  • To change the name on your Finnair ticket, follow the displayed directions using the “change name on the ticket” option.
  • To seal modifications made to a name, payment of the required fee is necessary only if requested.
  • After the finnair name change, you can confirm its success by checking the confirmation email sent to your email address.

If you have questions about the finnair name change policy, use the “Chat” option located in the bottom right corner of their website.

Finnair’s Offline Name Change

Most flyers prefer the offline mode of the name change, which is quick and simple. Finnair passengers can call customer care to have airline agents process their request for modifying reservations on domestic and international flights.

To find your region’s number, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, visit the airline’s official website using the provided link.
  • Locate the “Customer Care” section and select the “Contact Us” option from the homepage.
  • Open a new page and navigate to the “Call our customer service center” section by scrolling down on that page.
  • Contact numbers for accessing the Finnair change name on ticket option, with instructions to dial the number applicable to one’s region.
  • To change the name on your ticket, inform the agents when you connect with them.
  • To submit flight details, provide the booking number and finnair change passenger name.
  • To correct mistakes in your name, inform the carrier and provide proof of last name changes or additions with a marriage or divorce certificate.
  • To comply with Finnair’s name change policy, payment for the change fee must be made.
  • After change passenger name finnair, the airline agents will confirm them.
  • The customer care service can process flight changes and cancellations in addition to name changes.

Finnair Change ticket Name via the Ticket Counter

Check Finnair Name Change Status at Airport

To change your name on a Finnair ticket, visit the airport ticket counter with a valid ID. Seek help from the kiosk or approach the counter for assistance.

Add middle name when booking tickets

Booking Finnair tickets is an exciting process that involves filling out the necessary information and hitting the purchase button, after which one can move on with daily life while anticipating their journey.

Forgetting to add your middle name to an airline reservation is a common mistake. Since middle names aren’t used frequently, it’s easy to overlook them when booking flights.

  • Airlines require the finnair legal name on your ticket to match your government-issued ID, which typically includes a middle name. Forgetting to include your middle name could cause issues when boarding a flight.
  • The TSA mandates that airlines gather Secure Flight passenger data, which encompasses the individual’s name as listed on their government-issued photo ID, birth date, gender, and optionally a TSA Redress Number.
  • Many travelers do not include their middle names when booking flights. Airlines often print boarding passes with errors such as missing middle names, merged first and middle names, or truncated last names.
  • People often travel without including their middle name on their ticket because the Secure Flight passenger information is accurate in their airline profile or ticket details.
  • To avoid issues at the airport, ensure that your passenger information is accurate as airlines are obligated to provide this data to TSA, according to the finnair middle name policy.

Note: To ensure your secure passenger information is correct on your airline reservation, visit the airline’s website and update it in the Manage Your Trip or My Reservations section.

Finnair Name Change Fees

The airline charges a fee for changing or correcting your name on the ticket, which includes service charges and a separate change fee. The penalty for name changes will be disclosed when making the request.

The fees for using the flight finnair company name change option such as below:

  • A fee of $25 is required to correct names.
  • Passengers must pay a fee of $400 for name changes.
  • Note: The fee for finnair flight name change on a travel reservation depends on the departure and arrival locations.

Finnair has simplified the process of changing passenger names on tickets through a new policy. This makes it easier to update information, and Finnair name change policy can help with any necessary modifications. Finnair’s name change policy allows for easy and affordable modifications to flight tickets, including both corrections and changes. The variety of options makes it suitable for different passengers’ needs.

This Finnair name change policy for passengers to alter or correct their names on flight tickets. Understanding the specific rules of this policy is important before flying to avoid travel complications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Finnair Change Name Policy

May I change my name on a booked flight?

If you require to change the name on a flight ticket, contact the airline or travel agent as soon as possible. The airline has a deadline for name modifications, typically up to 24 hours before the flight.

What will happen if my name doesn’t match my ticket?

Increased airline security measures make it more crucial for passengers to make sure that the name on their tickets and passport match. Airlines may change small mistakes on tickets for free, but some charge a fee based on the size of the errors.

Is it possible to travel with an incorrect name on a passport?

If there is an error on your passport, it must be corrected to ensure its validity for travel. Minor errors, such as spelling mistakes, may still allow you to use the passport for travel and update it upon return.

Is a middle name required for a Finnair airline ticket?

You don’t require to add your middle name on your airline ticket. However, you should include your first and last names as they appear on your ID.

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