Lot Airlines Pet Policy – Travelling with Pets in Cabin

LOT Airlines Pet Policy

The Lot Airlines Pet Policy is in place by the Lot Airlines to state all the required information passengers might need while traveling with their pets. Lot Airlines cares about your furry friends just as much as you do so they have a set of policies that helps in taking care of your pets while on board. Lot Airlines offers passengers many ways to carry their pets on board such as in the passenger cabin, as excess baggage and in the cargo hold. This article focus on the information regarding lot polish airlines pet travel in detail.

Why is Lot Airlines Pet Policy needed?

When you wish to know if the Lot airline you are traveling with is pet friendly or not? The Lot Airlines flying with pets policy comes in handy. All your questions regarding the pet travel fee charged by the airline and the different ways your pet gets to travel with the airline are answered here. Whether you have concerns about the in cabin pet travel or the conditions about the pet travel in baggage hold or the security and health conditions mentioned in Cargo travel everything is answered here. The Lot Airlines ensure the best safety for you and your pet while on board with them so you can enjoy your trip with a free mind.

Pets In Cabin

Check LOT Polish Airlines Pets in Cabin Status

With Lot airline pets in cabin policy you can carry pets such as dogs, cats or ferrets in the passenger cabin. It is mandatory that your pet is inside the carrier at all times while traveling in the passenger cabin with you. It is recommended to make bookings for your pets in advance as there are limited availability with the airline. You can check the availability online while making lot polish airlines pet in cabin bookings or at least 12 hours prior your flight departure.

Carrier Requirements

It is very essential to know the carrier requirements as your pet remains inside of it throughout the journey. As per lot airlines pets in cabin policy the carrier must have holes for air ventilation and it should be spacious enough so that your pet can move freely inside it. The thing to keep in mind is that the combined weight on the carrier along with your pet must not exceed 8 kg to be eligible to travel in the passenger cabin. Additionally keep in mind that Lot Airlines cannot assign you front row seats while traveling with your pet in the cabin as the carrier is meant to go under the seat in front of you.

There are acceptable dimensions of your pet carrier by the airline mentioned based on the aircraft type. Table listed below shows the dimensions of carrier type for in-cabin travel.

B787 and B73755/40/20 cm
DH4, E70, E75, E9545/30/20 cm

In-Cabin Pet Travel Fee

If you have been wondering about the lot airlines pet in cabin fee charged then this is the right place for you.Below mentioned is the fee charged which is one way based on the route by the Lot Airline.

  • If you are flying domestic then the fee charged for pet travel is PLN 190 and in EUR 40 and in USD 50 and in canadian dollars $60.
  • If you are flying to Europe/MiddleEast then the fee charged for pet travel is PLN 280 and in EUR 60 and in USD 70 and in canadian dollars $90.
  • If you are traveling to and from North America or Asia then the fee charged for pet travel is PLN 500 and in EUR 120 and in USD 140 and in canadian dollars $170.

Pet Travel As Baggage Hold

If your pet is traveling with Lot Polish Airlines as a checked baggage then here are the lot polish airlines pet requirements that needs to be known for safe and comfortable pet travels. While traveling as checked baggage the compartment temperature is regulated to make sure your pets travel and have a safe journey. The carrier used to transfer your pet must be safe for travels. Only one pet per carrier is allowed if your pet is an adult pet. If pet is around 6 months old then a carrier cannot contain more than 3 pets of same breed.

Carrier Requirements

Your pets carrier is the second home for it while he travels in the baggage hold.So it is essential that the carrier needs to be comfortable enough for the pet for whole journey.Few things to keep in mind about your pet carrier are listed below that will help you in making a sound decision while getting one for your pet.

  1. It should be spacious enough to be able to move freely, lie down and sleep during the journey.
  2. It is mandatory that the container is bedded with moisture observant for your pet and secured tightly so that it can not be easily opened by your pet.
  3. It needs to have holes for ventilation on three sides and must be equipped with food and water for the journey.
  4. You need to avoid the containers that have mesh material as all of your pets need to be inside the carrier at all times.
  5. The carrier should not have wheels if it does then they are to be removed during check-in.

Below mentioned table shows the maximum dimensions that are accepted based on the airline.This information will help you get the right carrier.

B787 125/96/64 cm
B737137/114/86 cm
E70, E75, E90120/102/71 cm
DH4170/70/143 cm

It is very important that your pet carrier is right, else the Lot Airline has the right to reject your pet for traveling with them.

Baggage Hold Pet Travel Fee

Lot Polish Airlines traveling with pets baggage fee charged by the airline is mentioned here.So if you find yourself wondering about the same then read ahead.Below mentioned are the pet travel fees charged by the airline based on the destination you choose to travel to.

  • If you are flying domestic then the fee charged for pet travel is PLN 280.
  • If you are flying to Europe/MiddleEast then the fee charged for pet travel is PLN 600 and in EUR 150 and in USD 180.
  • If you are traveling to and from North America or Asia then the fee charged for pet travel is PLN 1350 and in EUR 310 and in USD 390 and in canadian dollars $410.

Breed Restrictions

When it comes to travel in the baggage hold there are certain breed restrictions as some breeds that have short muzzles develop breathing problems and it raises risk to the health of your pet. So brachycephalic breeds of cat and dogs and their cross breeds are not permitted to travel as baggage hold. Below listed are the name of breeds that are restricted.

  • Dog breeds: American staffordshire terrier (staffordshire bull terrier), American pit bull terrier, boxer, boston terrier, brachycephalic, bulldog (all breeds), bull mastiff, cane corso, cavalier king charles spaniel, chihuahua, japanese chin, chow chow, American cocker-spaniel, dogue de bordeaux, belgian gryphon, brussels spaniel, king charles spaniel, lhasa apso, mastiff (all breeds), pugs (all breeds), Pekingese, pinscher monkey, shar pei, shih tzu, Japanese spaniel, tibetan spaniel.
  • Cat breeds: Persian, exotic, Himalayan, British shorthair, Scottish fold.

Pet Travel In Cargo

Lot Polish airlines pet travel in cargo allows pet like dogs, cats, chicks, ornamental fish, zoo animals, hatching eggs, reptiles, amphibians, insects and birds to travel in Cargo with the airline. Lot Airlines make sure that all the safety standards and quality standards are met before pets can travel with the airline. Few things to keep in mind while booking cargo travel for your pet with the Lot Airlines are listed below:

  • All the vaccination certificates need to be submitted.
  • Also a health certificate from a veterinary doctor stating the animal is fit to travel issues maximum up to 48 hours prior to flight departure.
  • A pet passport and a microchip
  • A sturdy and safe carrier

A thing to keep in mind is that travel of pets in cargo is done via shipping companies and you can refer to the official Lot Airline website (www.lot.com) for the same. For any assistance needed you are advised to reach the Lot Airlines cargo office at 48 (22) 606 77 77 and Customer Service Department at +48 (22) 606 80 88 and the trained professionals will guide you with the same..

Service Animals

Lot Polish Airlines Pet policy allows passengers traveling with service animals or guide dogs to travel in the cabin free of charge. There are few things to keep in mind while traveling with service animals. Passengers are to notify the airline 48 hours prior the flight departure regarding the service dog and fill the special assistance form. The service dog needs to be on leash throughout the journey and seated as well. It is advisable to bring a muzzle if needed for safety concerns. Passengers need to bring all the documents required for pet travel such as pet passport, vaccination certificates, Dog training certificate with them to show the airline staff as per lot airlines traveling with pets policy.

This article focuses on all the lot polish airlines pet requirements that are needed while making plans while traveling with pets with Lot Airlines. All the information needed as the pet travel fee charged, carrier requirements, documents required are all mentioned in detail above regarding lot airlines pets policy. If you find yourself wondering what will happen when cancellation happens then also you can read ahead. This article is a one stop for all the passengers who wish to plan a trip in future or at the moment for their pets or with their pets with Lot Airlines. If you travel with a support animal or service animal that is also possible with Lot Airlines and  things to keep in mind while travel and what documents to bring are all mentioned above. So you can travel with ease of mind with your pet as airline takes acre for their safety and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What documents are needed for pet travel with Lot Airlines?

You need to show recent vaccinations certificates and pet passport and a veteran note stating your pet is fit to travel with the airline.

I want to travel with my guide dog. Can I do it with Lot airlines?

Yes, service animals are allowed on board with the owner in Lot Airlines.

What travel options do we get for pet travel in Lot Airlines?

Lot Airlines offers to fly your pets with them in the passenger cabin, as baggage hold and as cargo.

When do I have to notify Lot Airlines if I am traveling with a Guide dog ? 

If you are planning to travel with your service animal then you need to notify the Lot Airline at least a minimum of 48 hours prior your flight departure.

When should I reach the airport if I am traveling with my pet?

It is recommended to at least reach 3 hours prior to your Lot Airline flight departure so that all the formalities and checks are done in time.

How can I make bookings for my pet in Lot Airlines?

You can make reservations for Lot airlines travel with pets while you make your flight bookings or at least 12 hours prior your flight departure you can check for availability online and add the service request.

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  1. I recently had a pet-friendly flight with LOT Polish Airlines, and I was pleased with their pet-friendly offerings. My pet’s check-in went smoothly, and the employees genuinely cared about the welfare of the animals travelling with us.

  2. Has anyone recently traveled with LOT Polish Airlines and can share their personal experience regarding the airline’s policies and fees? And any fees associated with ticket changes, baggage policies, and other relevant considerations. Additionally, if you have any tips on your own travel experience, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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