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Lot Polish Airlines Business Class

Are you planning to fly in Lot Polish Airlines business class? Then you are at the place. This article contains all the needed information that a passenger needs before making sound decisions about traveling in business class with Lot Polish Airlines. Be it the amenities offered, the services offered or the priority given to a passenger, whatever will make you fly with Lot airlines and in business class is all mentioned here. The information mentioned here is focused on the lot polish airlines review business class to give passengers an infight of the flight experience.

Why should You fly with Lot Polish Airlines Business Class?

It’s the comfort that will get you to choose to fly in business class with Lot Airlines. The extra leg space, the complimentary meals, priority boarding, special meals, complimentary drinks and inflight entertainment makes your flying experience with Lot Airlines a luxurious one. These services vary in the flight distance traveled such as in short haul flight and long haul flights. In this article we are doing a business class review so that passengers can a sound example of what to expect when flying with the airline.

Business Class on Short Haul Flights

Among the services provided in lot polish business class, what you get on short haul flights vary from the one you get on long haul flights as the duration of your flight matters. But the privacy and comfort is not compromised with be it on board or at the airport. This business class service for short haul flights are offered in destinations of Middle East that are Beirut, Tel Aviv, and Dubai and in Europe except domestic flights in Poland.

Business Class on Long Haul Flights

On Long Haul Flights also the continental flights, the passengers get all the services and amenities mentioned below in the article. If you are wondering about the destination this Business class service is available then they are North America, Japan, China, South Korea and Kazakhstan. Keep in mind that your privacy and comfort are top priority for the airline.

Services And Amenities of Lot Business Class

Check Lot Airlines Business Class Services

Here in detail lot polish airline business class review is done and all the various services and features that are provided to the passenger are covered here. So you can go through these and have a clear idea about what to expect when you board your Lot Polish Business Class Flight. Whether you won lot polish airlines upgrade to business class or your purchased it, one thing is for sure that you will enjoy the experience on board.


What makes business class special is the recycling seats and the extra leg space you get. For intercontinental flights the Lot airline has dreamliners flying that are known as the most modern aircraft in the world. You get pillows and blankets that are really soft and it makes a comfortable space to rest or work on board. The aircraft has led lights that create a homey vibe along side the windows that are dimmable. Attached to your business class seats there is an entertainment screen, a power socket and a USB port. On long haul flights you get a wide range of inflight entertainment options to surf and stream from.

Relaxation at the Airport

The premium and luxury feel starts even before you board the Lot flight is business class. At the airport passengers get access to the lounges where they can relax ,recharge and entertain themselves before boarding their flights. You also get meals and WIFI in the lounge as well so you can work in peace.

Business Class Priority Service 

Passengers flying in business class with Lot Airlines end up getting a special check-in line and dedicated area for security check which the process fast track. This allows you the opportunity to board the Lot flight at any time. At departure airport you also become first one to claim your baggage. Additional to all these services Lot Airline also offers you a dedicated line for its customer care to assist you at any time you are seeking help or guidance. Also a premium line for Lot Transfer center as well.

Drinks and Beverages

When you walk aboard your Lot Airline flight into the business class your special treatment starts from there. You are welcomed with a tray containing alcoholic drink and water bottle before the flight takes off. Once you are in air you get a menu to choose from the alcoholic drinks on board with a collection on exquisite wines accompanied by mixed nuts. Additionally there are juices, coffee, tea and soft drinks as available on the lot polish air business class. Drinks on board may vary as per the destination you are flying to. 

Business Class Entertainment

Who doesn’t love good entertainment and with finer the class you fly in, finer will be the entertainment available on board. Passengers get to stream and enjoy the movies, shows movies, games on screens on board. Additionally there is availability of digital press for readers on Lot Airlines so you can read and be informed on board as well.

Meals Onboard

When it comes to meals offered in business class you can be assured of one thing and that is that a business class passenger in Lot Polish Airline rarely goes hungry. The meals are served in a porcelain dish on board. Not forgetting about the desert which is offered in a multi tier carts so you get an option to pick and choose from the variety available. Meals are offered in a pattern of side dish first then main course and then followed by a tray of dessert. Additionally between meals snack options are also available that consists of hot options along with some refreshers light snacks such as sandwich and fruits. Also two hours prior to flight landing a meal is also served which is preferably containing hot options.

If you are a vegetarian then keep in mind vegetarian options are not available on board but you can request a special meal if you wish to.

Baggage Service

What makes business class experience so special is the services that come along with it. One of such services is baggage, so when you pay more you get to travel with more stuff. For Short haul business class flights you get to bring 2 checked bags of 32 kg each. For long haul business class flights you get to bring 3 checked bags of 32 kg each.

Amenity Kit

The Lot airlines takes pride in its amenity kit offered to its business class passengers. This kit offered to the passengers include stuff that is based on natural ingredients such as a lip balm, apple cream, a bamboo toothbrush, an eye mask and a toothpaste. These products are same on both the long haul and short haul business class flights. But additional to this you get in business class more stuff such as mints, lotions and a hand wash. All the packaging of these products are recyclable as the airline cares about you and the planet.

Given all the information based on the lot polish airlines business class review. This article is focused on listing all the things you can expect as a passenger who is traveling in business class. Irrespective of the flight journey be it for long haul flights or short haul flights the comfort is not compromised. Lot airlines cares for its flyers so the luxury and comfort provided are never compromised and the professional and trained staff is always there to guide and assist the passengers. All the queries are answered and guided with be it cancellations of your flight. So now you can enjoy your lot polish air business class experience and make it a memorable one too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there in flight WIFI available in business class of Lot Polish Airlines?

No WIFI but inflight entertainment is available on the Lot Polish Airlines.

Is there alcohol provided in Lot Airlines Business Class?

Yes the airline offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages on board to its passengers.

Are there specialized meals provided as per request on lot polish airlines business class?

Yes among the meal options you also have a choice to get customized meals that need to be requested before flight departure.

I am a vegetarian. Are there vegetarian options on board?

No the airline doesn’t have vegetarian options on board but you do get an option to get customized meals.

Do Business class members get special boarding ?

The airline offers not only priority boarding but a fast track security check as well to its business class passengers.

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