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Lufthansa Manage Booking

Manage Booking is a user-friendly and efficient online platform offered by Lufthansa Airlines, the leading German carrier known for its exceptional services and global connectivity. As a traveler, managing your flight booking efficiently is essential to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. This convenient tool empowers passengers to control their flight reservations, allowing them to modify, customize, and enhance their travel experience. Whether changing flight dates, selecting preferred seats, requesting special assistance, or exploring upgrade options, Lufthansa Manage Booking caters to the diverse needs of travelers, ensuring a seamless and personalized journey. This article will explore the essential features and benefits of Manage Booking, along with a step-by-step guide on utilizing this powerful tool to optimize and tailor one’s travel plans with ease and convenience.

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Understanding Manage Booking

Let’s have a look at how to manage booking at Lufthansa Airline: 

What is Lufthansa Manage Booking?

The Manage Booking is a convenient online platform allowing passengers to access and modify their flight reservations easily. Whether you need to change your itinerary, choose your preferred seat, request special assistance, or add extra services, the Manage Booking tool empowers you to customize your travel experience according to your preferences. You can also use the Lufthansa booking code for managing stuffs. 

Benefits of Using Manage Booking

Below mentioned are some common benefits of using the “Manage Booking” feature with Lufthansa:

  • Flexibility: With Manage Booking, you can change your flight dates, upgrade your class, or even request special services without having to visit a ticketing office or call customer service.
  • Convenience: Avoid long queues and save time by accessing your booking details online from the comfort of your home or on the go through the Lufthansa mobile app.
  • Personalization: Tailor your Lufthansa my trip journey to suit your preferences by selecting your preferred seat, meal options, and other additional services before your flight.
  • Instant Updates: Stay informed about any changes or updates to your flight schedule, gate information, and more, with real-time access to your booking details.

Essential Features of Manage Booking

Below are the features of Lufthansa airlines manage booking:

View and Modify Flight Itinerary

This is the primary feature for Lufthansa to manage the booking platform. You can check your booking details, including flight dates, times, and destinations, and make changes if required. Whether you need to reschedule your flight, adjust your travel dates, or update your contact information, Lufthansa manage reservation feature allows you to manage your trip efficiently.

Seat Selection

Secure your preferred seat on the flight by using the seat selection option in the Manage Lufthansa Booking tool. Whether you prefer a window or aisle seat or have specific seating preferences due to medical conditions or mobility issues, Lufthansa modify booking allows you to choose the seat that best suits your needs.

Meal Preferences

In this option, you can select your preferred meal. The manage booking online offers a variety of meal choices, including special meals for dietary restrictions, religious requirements, and children.

Special Assistance Requests

If you require special assistance during your journey, such as wheelchair support, medical services, or traveling with a pet, you can make these requests through Manage Booking. Informing the airline of your needs in advance allows them to make the necessary arrangements to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience.

Changing Contact Information

Keep your contact details up-to-date using Manage Booking to modify your email address, phone number, or other relevant information. This ensures that you receive important notifications and updates from Lufthansa promptly.

How to Access Lufthansa Manage Booking?

Below mentioned are the general steps you can follow to access Manage Booking:

Lufthansa Manage Booking Online Access

To access Manage Booking online, the passenger needs to follow the below steps:

  • Visit the Lufthansa official website ( on your internet browser.
    • Navigate to the “My Bookings” or “Manage Booking” section, usually at the homepage’s top.
    • Enter your booking reference (also known as the “booking code” or “PNR”) and the last name of the primary passenger.
    • Click on the “Log in” or “Lufthansa Retrieve Booking” button.

Mobile App Access

If the passenger is using the Lufthansa mobile application, they need to follow the below steps:

  • Download and install the Lufthansa mobile app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  • Open the app and log in to your Lufthansa account or enter your booking reference and last name to access your booking.

Customer Service Access

If you encounter difficulties accessing LH Manage Booking online or through the mobile app, Lufthansa’s customer service team can assist you. Contact the airline’s customer service by phone or email, providing them with your booking reference and any relevant information to retrieve and manage your booking.

Step-by-Step Guide: Utilizing Lufthansa Manage Booking

Below explained is a step-by-step guide on how to use Lufthansa’s Manage Booking feature:

  • Accessing the Manage Booking Portal : Open your web browser and visit the Lufthansa official website. Look for the “My Bookings” or “Manage Booking” section, typically at the homepage’s top. Click on the appropriate link to proceed.
  • Retrieving Your Booking : In the Manage Booking portal, you will be prompted to enter your booking reference (usually a combination of letters and numbers) and the last name of the primary passenger. Double-check the accuracy of the information before clicking on the “Log in” or “Retrieve Booking” button.
  • Viewing and Modifying Your Itinerary : You can view your flight itinerary once you have successfully logged in to the Manage Booking portal. Review the details carefully to ensure accuracy. If you need to change your flight dates, times, or destinations, follow the on-screen instructions to modify your itinerary accordingly.
  • Seat Selection : Select the “Seat Selection” option within the Manage Booking portal. This will allow you to view the available seats on your flight. Choose your preferred seat based on your seating preferences and needs, and click on the seat to confirm your selection.
  • Meal Preferences : To select your meal preferences, navigate to the “Meal Preferences” section within Manage Booking. Lufthansa offers a variety of meal options to suit different dietary requirements. Make your selection and save your preferences for your upcoming flight.
  • Special Assistance Requests : If you require special assistance during your journey, click the “Special Assistance Requests” section in the Manage Booking portal. Choose the help you need, such as wheelchair support or medical services, and provide any necessary details or documentation to ensure a smooth experience.
  • Changing Contact Information : To modify your contact information, navigate to the “Contact Details” or “Personal Information” section within Manage Booking. Update your email address, phone number, or other relevant information to receive timely updates and notifications from Lufthansa.
  • Completing the Changes and Confirmations : After making all the desired changes to your booking, review the modifications and ensure their accuracy. Once satisfied, click the “Confirm” or “Save” button to finalize the changes. You may receive a confirmation email with the updated details depending on the changes made.

Lufthansa Flight Change Fees and Policies

Lufthansa’s flight change fees and policies can vary depending on several factors, including the type of fare you’ve purchased, the destination, and the time of your request. It’s important to review the specific terms and conditions associated with your ticket, as they may change over time. When travel plans need to be adjusted, Lufthansa offers a flight change policy that allows passengers to modify their bookings. Below described are some general guidelines regarding Lufthansa’s flight change fees and policies:

Manage Lufthansa Flight Change Status

Flight Change Policy and Fees

Lufthansa’s flight change policy typically allows passengers to change their flight dates, times, or destinations, subject to availability and the fare rules of the original booking.

Lufthansa often offers a one-time fee waiver for Economy Class tickets for flight changes made at least seven days before the scheduled departure. 

For flight changes made within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time, the airline charges EUR 50 or $55.

The airlines charge €150/220 or $164/24 for the flight changes being done on the same day.

Lufthansa Airlines Cancellation policy allows you a smooth process to cancel the flight ticket and give compensation to the flyer, depending upon the below:

  • If you fail to board the airplane due to any cause, your ticket will automatically be canceled according to the Lufthansa no-show policy.
  • You can request cancellation on both restricted and non-restricted fares on international and domestic flights.
  • If your flight is scheduled to depart at least one week from the date of request, You can cancel your flight on the same day.
  • If a travel agency buys your flight ticket, you can cancel the flight by contacting the customer care center.

Flight Cancellation Policy and Fees

Lufthansa’s flight cancellation policy allows passengers to cancel their flights, but the associated fees and refund eligibility depend on the fare type and the time of cancellation.

  • If the passenger fails to board the flight for any reason, the flight ticket will automatically be canceled per the Lufthansa no-show policy.
  • If the flight is scheduled to depart at least one week from the date of request, the passenger can cancel the flight on that same day.
  • If passengers buy the flight through any travel agency, they can contact Lufthansa customer care and cancel the ticket.
REFUNDABLE TICKETSA part of the fare has to be paid to cancel the Lufthansa Airlines flight ticket.
NON-REFUNDABLE TICKETSThe total amount of the ticket has to be paid
AWARD TICKETS (purchased by miles, points)USD 50 / EURO 46
HOLD YOUR FARE (if you take no action within 48 hours)USD 39 / EURO 35

Refund Options and Eligibility

Refund eligibility and options vary based on the fare type and payment method. Passengers with refundable fares can often receive a refund for the original form of payment. In contrast, those with non-refundable fares may receive a travel voucher or miles for future use.

Refunds are usually processed within a specific timeframe, and passengers should allow a reasonable period for the refund to be credited to their accounts or cards.

To request a refund, passengers can typically do so through Lufthansa’s website, customer service, or the Manage Booking portal. It is advisable to carefully review the fare rules and cancellation policies before canceling to understand the refund options and potential fees associated with the booking.

What is Lufthansa’s Name Change Policy?

Manage Lufthansa Name Change on Ticket Status

Lufthansa name change policy typically has certain restrictions and conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to consider some general points before going ahead with Lufthansa’s name change policy. However, Lufthansa does not allow name changes after a confirmed booking, as flight tickets are non-transferable. However, exceptions and specific scenarios exist where name corrections or changes may be permitted. Below is an overview of Lufthansa’s name change policy:

  • Minor Name Corrections: Lufthansa may allow minor name corrections without charging a fee. These corrections typically involve fixing spelling errors, typos, or insignificant discrepancies in the passenger’s name. It is essential to ensure that the name on the booking matches the name as it appears on the traveler’s passport or identification document.
  • Legal Name Changes: Lufthansa’s policy is generally more restrictive for substantial or legal name changes or corrections involving a complete name change. In such cases, passengers must usually cancel their original booking and rebook with the correct name.
  • Secure Travel Documents: To avoid any name-related issues, passengers are strongly advised to ensure that their travel documents, such as passports, match the name on their flight reservation exactly.
  • Precautions for Group Bookings: It is crucial to double-check the accuracy of all passenger names before confirming the reservation. As name changes are generally not allowed, any errors or corrections after the booking is finalized may be subject to the cancellation and rebooking policy.

What is the Pet Policy for Different Cabins Classes of Lufthansa Airlines?

Manage Lufthansa Pets Travel Service

The airline has a comprehensive pet policy that allows passengers to travel with their pets on select flights. The pet policy varies depending on the cabin class and the type of pet. Here is an overview of Lufthansa pet policy for different cabin classes:

Pet Policy in Economy Class

Here is a general overview of Lufthansa’s pet policy for Economy Class:

  • Cats and Small Dogs: In Economy Class, passengers can travel with cats and small dogs in the cabin, subject to certain restrictions. The pet and its carrier must not exceed a combined weight of 8 kg (17.6 lbs). The carrier must fit under the seat in front of the passenger, and the pet must remain in the carrier throughout the flight.
  • Other Pets: Large pets that do not meet the size and weight requirements for in-cabin travel must be transported as cargo in the aircraft’s hold. Special arrangements and fees apply for transporting pets as cargo.

Pet Policy in Premium Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class:

Here is a general overview of Lufthansa’s pet policy for all the rest Class:

  • Cats and Small Dogs: Passengers traveling in Premium Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class can bring cats and small dogs in the cabin, just like in Economy Class. The exact weight and size restrictions apply, with a combined weight of 8 kg (17.6 lbs) for the pet and its carrier.
  • Other Pets: Larger pets that cannot travel in the cabin must also be transported as cargo in the aircraft’s hold. Special arrangements and fees apply for transporting pets as cargo in premium cabin classes.

Pet Restrictions

Lufthansa follow some of pet restrictions too, such as:

  • Breed Restrictions: Some breeds of dogs may be subject to restrictions or additional requirements based on their characteristics or regulations in specific countries. It is essential to check Lufthansa’s official website or contact their customer service for breed-specific policies.
  • Health Requirements: All pets traveling with Lufthansa must meet specific health requirements, including up-to-date vaccinations and health certificates. It is advisable to consult with a veterinarian and obtain the necessary documentation before traveling.
  • Advance Booking: Passengers traveling with pets must notify Lufthansa in advance and make a reservation for their pet, as the number of pets allowed in the cabin is limited.
  • Pet Fees: Passengers must pay a fee for traveling with pets in the cabin or as cargo. The fees vary depending on the destination and the size of the pet.

Service Animals

Lufthansa welcomes trained service animals, such as guide dogs, hearing dogs, or service dogs, to accompany passengers with disabilities in the cabin. Service animals are not subject to the same weight and size restrictions as regular pets and can travel free of charge.

How to Proceed with Lufthansa Flight Cancellation – 24-Hour Cancellation Policy, Fee, and Refund?

Manage Your Lufthansa Flight Cancelled Status

Here are some insights into Lufthansa’s flight cancellation process:

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Lufthansa offers a 24-hour grace period during which passengers can cancel their bookings without incurring any cancellation fees. This policy applies to all fare types, including non-refundable fares, and allows passengers to receive a full refund for their ticket.

The 24-hour cancellation period begins from the time of the original booking. If a passenger cancels their reservation within this time frame, they can do so online through Lufthansa’s official website or by contacting Lufthansa’s customer service. The refund will be processed back to the original form of payment.

Cancellation Fee

After the 24-hour grace period, Lufthansa cancellation policy may apply cancellation fees for flight changes or cancellations. The specific fee amount depends on various factors, including the fare type, route, and timing of the cancellation.

For refundable fares, the cancellation fee is often lower or waived entirely if the cancellation is made within a certain period before the scheduled departure. Non-refundable fares usually come with more restrictive cancellation policies, and passengers may incur significant cancellation fees.

Refund Options

For eligible bookings, passengers may receive a refund for their canceled flight. The refund options depend on the fare type and the method of payment.

  • For refundable fares: Passengers can often receive a full refund to the original form of payment.
  • For non-refundable fares: Passengers may receive a refund in the form of a travel voucher or miles for future use, minus any applicable cancellation fees.

The refund process usually takes some time, and passengers should allow the necessary processing period before the refund appears in their account.

Canceling Group Bookings

The cancellation policies and fees may vary for group bookings, depending on the size of the group and the fare type. The group organizer or travel agent must review group bookings’ specific terms and conditions to understand the cancellation process and associated costs.

Have you Missed Your Flight with Lufthansa? What to Do Next?

Travel plans can sometimes encounter unexpected challenges, and missing a flight can be a stressful and frustrating experience. If you have forgotten your flight with Lufthansa, it is essential to remain calm and take appropriate steps to address the situation. The actions you should take may vary depending on the reason for missing the flight, whether it was due to personal reasons or if the airline delayed or canceled the flight.

In Case Passengers Are Not Able to Depart at a Time

Below are the things to do when you are not able to depart on time:

  • If you are at the airport and realize you won’t be able to depart on your scheduled flight, immediately proceed to the Lufthansa information desk or customer service counter. Explain the situation and seek assistance from the airline staff.
  • The staff will assess your situation and share the rebooking options with you. You can book the same Depending on the fare and availability of the next flight.
  • If you are away from the airport, contact Lufthansa’s customer service immediately. They can assist you with rebooking or provide information on available options based on your circumstances.

In Case the Flight was Delayed or Canceled by the Airline

Given below are the to do’s if your flight is delayed or canceled by the airlines:

  • If your flight is delayed or canceled by Lufthansa, stay informed about the situation. Check the flight status on Lufthansa’s website or mobile app for real-time updates.
  • Reach out to Lufthansa’s customer service to confirm the status of your flight and inquire about rebooking options. Airlines often provide alternative flights or accommodations for passengers affected by flight delays or cancellations.
  • Passengers may sometimes be entitled to compensation or benefits under applicable air passenger rights regulations. Depending on the specific circumstances and the laws of the departure and arrival countries, you may be eligible for compensation, meals, accommodation, or alternative transportation.
  • It is crucial to keep all relevant documents, such as your boarding pass, ticket, and any communication with Lufthansa, as they may be necessary to claim compensation or assistance.
  • Flight disruptions can be challenging for both passengers and airline staff. Stay patient and understanding while the airline works to resolve the situation.

How to Manage Group Bookings with Lufthansa?

Lufthansa offers a user-friendly online platform for managing group bookings. The group booking management tool allows the designated group organizer or travel agent to efficiently access and modify the reservation.

To manage group bookings online, the passengers need to follow the below steps:

  • Visit the Lufthansa official website and navigate to the “Group Bookings” or “Manage Group Bookings” section.
  • Log in with the group organizer’s account credentials or use the group booking reference and last name of the organizer to retrieve the booking.
  • Access the group booking dashboard, which provides options to modify the itinerary, add or remove passengers, and update group member information.
  • Review the changes made and confirm the modifications.

Group Booking Benefits and Considerations

Managing a group booking through Lufthansa’s dedicated platform offers several benefits, including streamlined communication, consolidated invoicing, and the flexibility to change multiple bookings simultaneously.

However, group bookings also come with specific considerations. Group fares may be subject to different rules and conditions compared to individual bookings, such as stricter cancellation policies and eligibility for group discounts. It’s crucial for the group organizer or travel agent to carefully review the terms and conditions of the group booking before making any changes or cancellations.

What is Lufthansa Upgrade Policy for Different Classes?

Manage Lufthansa Upgrade Seats Online

Lufthansa Airlines offers passengers the opportunity to upgrade their travel experience by moving to a higher class of service. The upgrade policy varies depending on the fare type, booking class, and availability of seats in the higher class. Here’s an overview of Lufthansa upgrade policy for different classes:

Miles & More Upgrade

Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program, Miles & More, allows eligible members to use their accumulated miles to upgrade their flight bookings. Passengers can check their Mileage Balance and determine if they have enough miles for an upgrade. Upgrades using miles are subject to availability, and the number of miles required may vary based on the route and the class of service.

Eligibility for Upgrades

The upgrade eligibility may vary based on the fare type and the booking class. Generally, the following classes are eligible for upgrades:

Economy Class to Premium Economy Class

This how you can upgrade from economy class to premium economy class:

  • Upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy for enhanced comfort and amenities.
  • Enjoy more legroom and wider seats in Premium Economy Class.
  • Experience a quieter and more exclusive cabin environment.
  • Upgraded in-flight entertainment and amenity kit provided.
  • Indulge in improved dining options with upgraded meals and beverages.

Premium Economy Class to Business Class

This how you can upgrade from premium economy class to business class:

  • Elevate your travel experience from Premium Economy to Business Class.
  • Enjoy lie-flat seats for a more comfortable and restful journey.
  • Priority boarding and lounge access for a tranquil pre-flight experience.
  • Enhanced dining with gourmet meals and an extensive wine selection.
  • Increased privacy and personalized service from the dedicated cabin crew.

Business Class to First Class

This how you can upgrade from business class to first class:

  • Experience the pinnacle of luxury with an upgrade from Business Class to First Class.
  • Relax in spacious private suites with full-flat beds for ultimate comfort.
  • Indulge in personalized service and attention from dedicated First Class cabin crew.
  • Enjoy gourmet dining with a menu crafted by renowned chefs and fine wines.
  • Access exclusive onboard lounges on select aircraft for added relaxation and socializing.

Upgrading at the Airport

Passengers can inquire about upgrade availability at the airport check-in counter or the gate on the day of departure. Upgrading at the airport is subject to seat availability and is typically processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

How to Avail Benefits of Lufthansa Wheelchair Assistance Policy

Manage Lufthansa Wheelchair Assistance at Airport

Lufthansa Airlines is committed to providing a comfortable and accessible travel experience for all passengers, including those with reduced mobility or disabilities. The airline’s wheelchair assistance policy ensures that passengers needing assistance during their journey receive the necessary support and care. Here are some critical insights about Lufthansa wheelchair assistance policy:

Pre-Booking Wheelchair Assistance

Passengers who require wheelchair assistance are encouraged to request it in advance during the booking process or at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure. This allows Lufthansa to make the necessary arrangements and ensure appropriate assistance is available at each journey stage.

Types of Wheelchair Assistance

Lufthansa offers two types of wheelchair assistance:

  • Wheelchair to the Gate: Passengers with difficulty walking long distances can request a wheelchair to transport them from the check-in area to the departure gate.
  • Wheelchair to/from the Aircraft: Passengers who need assistance to board or disembark the aircraft can request a wheelchair for assistance at the aircraft door.

Dedicated Assistance

Lufthansa provides dedicated assistance to passengers with reduced mobility throughout their travel experience. Specially trained personnel will ensure that passengers are safely and comfortably transferred to and from the aircraft.

Special Seating Arrangements

Passengers with reduced mobility who are not using a wheelchair but require additional legroom or other accommodations can request special seating arrangements. Lufthansa will make every effort to accommodate such requests, subject to availability.

Lufthansa Manage Booking is a valuable tool that empowers passengers to take control of their travel experience. The Manage Booking portal offers flexibility, convenience, and personalization, from modifying flight itineraries and selecting preferred seats to requesting special assistance and exploring upgrade options.

Following the step-by-step guide and tips in this article, travelers can maximize their use of Manage Booking, making their journey with the renowned German airline exceptional and memorable. Review the specific policies and terms associated with your booking type to ensure a seamless experience with Manage Booking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use Lufthansa Manage Booking for group reservations?

Yes, Manage Booking allows passengers to access and manage group reservations, subject to any specific terms and conditions that may apply to group bookings.

How do I know if my changes are confirmed after using Manage Booking?

After making changes to your booking through Manage Booking, you will receive a confirmation email with the updated details and a new booking reference, if applicable. You can also log in to your Lufthansa account to verify the changes and view the revised itinerary.

Can I change my destination or origin using Manage Booking?

In general, Manage Booking allows passengers to change flight dates, times, and sometimes destinations, subject to availability and fare rules. However, changing the origin or destination of a flight may be more complex and involve rebooking the entire itinerary, which could incur additional fees and fare differences.

Can I change my booking if I purchased a non-refundable ticket?

While non-refundable tickets typically have more restrictive change policies, you may still be able to change your booking for a fee, subject to availability. The specific change fees and conditions associated with your non-refundable ticket can be viewed and processed through Lufthansa Manage Booking.

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