Royal Air Maroc Cancellation Policy – Cancel & Get Refund

Royal Air Maroc Cancellation Policy

Royal Air Maroc is a renowned airline that offers a cancellation policy allowing you to cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking without penalty. It means you can effortlessly cancel your reservation if you change your mind or have an emergency during this period. The great thing about Royal Air Maroc cancellation policy is that they comprehend their customers’ needs and offer practical solutions. They recognize the significance of flexible travel for passengers without worrying about costly cancellation fees. This post provides instructions on how to cancel a flight with Royal Air Maroc.

Royal Air Maroc Flight Cancellation Policy Rules

Royal Air Maroc has a straightforward cancellation policy that allows passengers to cancel tickets up until the day of departure. The guidelines are easier to understand and aim to make the process easy for customers.

  • Passengers can receive a full refund for non-refundable tickets if they cancel within 24 hours of booking.
  • Royal Air Maroc requires customers to submit refund requests through approved channels.
  • Royal Air Maroc cancellation policy exempts passengers with Eco Serenity or Business Serenity tickets from cancellation fees.
  • Passengers with Eco-Flex and Business Flex tickets will be charged cancellation fees if they cancel their tickets after the risk-free period.
  • Royal Air Maroc cancellation does not allow travellers with Eco Essential, Eco Classic, or Business Essential tickets to cancel their bookings.
  • When booking a flight, it is significant to check the cancellation fees that the airline will charge.
  • If you are eligible for a refund after cancellation charges, you’ll receive it.
  • Before changing your flight, it is important to check your ticket for details on fees and restrictions, as there may be charges involved.
  • Royal Air Maroc may waive cancellation fees or offer accommodations in certain circumstances like medical emergencies or military deployment. It is suggested to contact the airline directly for more Royal Air Maroc flight cancellation information.

Royal Air Maroc 24 hour Cancellation

Check Royal Air Maroc Flight Status

Here are the following guidelines about Royal Air Maroc 24 hour cancellation.

  • Travellers can obtain a full refund for their ticket if they cancel within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Royal Air Maroc allows travellers to cancel their flight and receive a full refund within one day of booking, as long as the flight departs at least 7 days later. 
  • Travellers can cancel their tickets within 24 hours of booking without any cancellation charges.
  • Royal Air Maroc has a 24-hour cancellation policy that requires travellers to pay a fee based on their fare type if they cancel their ticket after the authorized zero-cancellation period.
  • The airline permits passengers to cancel Royal Air Maroc flight within 24 hours of purchase, regardless of whether the ticket is refundable or non-refundable.

How to cancel flight Royal Air Maroc?

Royal Air Maroc provides its passengers with ticket cancellation services that can be accessed both online and offline. The process is simple, and passengers can choose whichever method they prefer for Royal Air Maroc cancel the flight.

Cancel Royal Air Maroc Flight Online 

Here are the steps on how to cancel a Royal Air Maroc flight online.

  • Cancel the ticket on the website.
  • To cancel your ticket, simply browse the Royal Air Maroc website.
  • To complete account authentication, use your login credentials.
  • Then tap on the “Manage My Booking” tab, which is located on the home page.
  • To access a booking, one must enter the booking code and the passenger’s last name as credentials.
  • Check input, and tap “continue”.
  • After being redirected to the booking page, users are prompted to select their journey.
  • To request a refund from Royal Air Maroc, fill out their form and make sure to complete all the necessary fields. Once completed, click on the cancel tab.
  • The system is set to initiate calculations.
  • Royal Air Maroc does not charge cancellation fees, as they are automatically deducted from the total airfare.
  • After cancelling a Royal Air Maroc ticket, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address.

Note: Royal Air Maroc cancellation policy states that passengers who choose to cancel their flights online will only be charged the standard cancellation fee and no additional expenses.

Cancel Ticket via Customer Service Number

  • To Royal Air Maroc cancel tickets, customers can dial the customer service number provided by the airline.
  • Choose the language and cancellation option from the drop-down to connect with the agent.
  • If you need assistance with filling out a Royal Air Maroc refund request form, you should explain your concern to the agent and ask them to complete it on your behalf.
  • To cancel a flight, the agent will ask for passenger details such as family name and booking code, along with the reason for cancellation, flight number, and departure date.
  • Then share necessary information and provide proof documents if requested by the agent.
  • If you need to make a Royal Air Maroc cancel booking, the cancellation fee will be automatically deducted from your total airfare, so there’s no need to pay it separately. However, you will still need to pay additional service fees.
  • After completing payment, Royal Air Maroc will email a confirmation to your registered address with information about the refund amount.

Cancel Tickets at Service Centres

  • Royal Air Maroc advises customers to visit their nearest customer service centres for assistance.
  • To obtain a refund from Royal Air Maroc, passengers must complete a form with their family name, booking code, reason for Royal Air Maroc ticket cancellation, flight number and departure date.
  • To cancel a Royal Air Maroc flight, attach the necessary documents as proof and pay the service fees through available modes; no additional cancellation fees are required.
  • Note: Royal Air Maroc only accepts cancellations made through authorized centres and does not accept cancellations made elsewhere.
  • Travellers who cancel their Royal Air Maroc flights using offline methods will be charged a cancellation fee and any other expenses.

Royal Air Maroc Refund Policy

Royal Air Maroc offers a ticket refund policy to help you save money. By following their rules, Royal Air Maroc cancelled flights can be easy. Reviewing the guidelines will provide insight into how to receive a refund.

  • Royal Air Maroc allows passengers who purchase tickets through their official website or ticketing centres to be eligible for a refund, as per their policy.
  • To receive a refund from Royal Air Maroc, travellers must submit a Royal Air Maroc refund request through an authorized platform. Refund requests made outside of these approved channels will not be honoured.
  • The airline has a cancellation policy that ensures passengers whose flights are cancelled will receive a full refund.
  • Royal Air Maroc will not process any refund requests submitted after Royal Air Maroc cancel check-in.
  • An airline offers a full Royal Air Maroc refund if a passenger cancels within 24 hours of booking and the departure is at least seven days away.
  • Royal Air Maroc will only accept refund requests for passengers holding Eco Essential, Eco Classic, or Business Essential tickets.
  • Passengers who wish to obtain refunds for Eco-Flex and Business Flex tickets from Royal Air Maroc must pay cancellation fees that have been previously determined.
  • Eco Serenity or Business Serenity ticket holders get a refund for cancellations outside of the risk-free period.
  • The airline will issue a full Royal Air Maroc cancelled flights refund due to the Act of God, government law, or operational failure according to their ticket refund policy.

How to get a Refund from Royal Air Maroc?

Below are the steps Steps to get a Royal Air Maroc ticket refund:

  • To access your trip information for Royal Air Maroc, simply go to their official website and select the “My Trips” option.
  • Enter your Last name and Confirmation code on the next page.
  • To proceed with a reservation, click on the “Continue” button located at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the Reservation Summary page.
  • Choose Cancel Reservation.
  • The page displays the Royal Air Maroc refund status and cancellation fees on its final page.

Cash and Mile Ticket Policy

An air operator provides a way for customers to save on flights by collecting miles while travelling.

  • Customers can convert their miles into credits when making a reservation.
  • Pay in cash for the remaining amount.
  • Cancellations and refunds are based on Cash and Miles Tickets.

Cash and Mile Ticket Refunds

The Royal Air Maroc cancellation policy allows for refunds and compensations on certain tickets, including Cash and Mile tickets which offer benefits to passengers.

There are the following Refund provisions.

  • Customers will receive reimbursement for their cancelled flights in the form of a credit to their Safar Flyer Account.
  • Royal Air Maroc accepts refund requests through phone calls and official channels.
  • Ticket holders with Eco-Flex, Business Flex, and Business Serenity can receive a refund.
  • If you exchange your tickets, you have a limited time of 3 months to request a refund.
  • Unused tickets can be refunded.
  • However, this policy also includes certain restrictions.
  • Partially used tickets cannot be refunded.
  • The fare classes Essential, Classic and Business Essential are not refundable.

Royal Air Maroc Cancellation fees

Below are the tips on understanding the cancellation fees for Royal Air Maroc flights based on different fare types.

  • Royal Air Maroc permits passengers to cancel their non-refundable tickets within 24 hours of booking without incurring any cancellation charges, according to cancellation policy.
  • If a passenger cancels their Royal Air Maroc ticket after the risk-free period, they will have to pay some of the airfare as cancellation fees.
  • Passengers with Eco Classic, Eco Essential, or Business Essential tickets on Royal Air Maroc flights must pay the entire ticket fare as cancellation costs.
  • Passengers holding Eco Serenity or Business Serenity tickets can cancel their bookings without incurring a Royal Air Maroc cancellation fee, even if it is after the risk-free period.
  • Royal Air Maroc charges a cancellation cost of 20 to 40% for travellers with Eco-Flex or Business Flex tickets according to their cancellation policy.

Royal Air Maroc Cancellation Compensation

Royal Air Maroc provides compensation to its passengers in the form of services when a flight is cancelled, offering alternatives to lessen inconvenience.

  • Royal Air Maroc flights are protected by EC 261 due to the airline’s location within the EU. This provides extensive air passenger rights for almost all offered flights.
  • EC Regulation 261 allows passengers to Royal Air Maroc refund claim compensation for delayed, cancelled, or overbooked flights that are not their fault.
  • Passengers can claim compensation for flights up to 3 years ago.
  • The airline takes care of its travellers’ requirements and ensures they are comfortable during their flights.
  • Transportation costs and seating arrangements may be provided.
  • Customers’ meal and refreshment needs are met with provided options.
  • Passengers are eligible for Royal Air Maroc cancellation compensation if they are denied a seat due to overbooking by the airline.
  • Customers who are facing downgrading have the option to receive reimbursement.

Royal Air Maroc offers excellent customer service, including a considerate cancellation policy that allows passengers to easily reverse their flights if needed. The airline aims to provide practical policies for unpredictable travel plans.

The airline offers a flexible Royal Air Maroc cancellation policy that provides relief to customers in case of unexpected events such as emergencies or sudden illness, ensuring they don’t lose their money.

Hence, Royal Air Maroc is committed to providing exceptional services that ensure passengers have a stress-free experience throughout their journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Royal Air Maroc refund?

Royal Air Maroc offers a refund policy for purchased tickets within 24 hours of reservation without penalty, as long as the reservation is made seven days or more before the flight’s scheduled departure. The procedure involves both refundable and non-refundable fares.

Is it possible to cancel a Royal Air Maroc flight within 24 hours?

Customers booking with Royal Air Maroc have a 24-hour window to cancel their reservation without incurring any cancellation fees, regardless of the fare they selected.

Is there any possibility of receiving compensation for a 2-hour flight delay with Royal Air Maroc?

If the Royal Air Maroc flights cancelled or delayed due to the airline’s responsibility and it causes a delay of 2 hours or more in your arrival, you are entitled to compensation. This also applies if the cancellation occurs less than 14 days before departure.

How to claim compensation for a cancelled flight with Royal Air Maroc?

To claim compensation from Royal Air Maroc, passengers must file a Baggage Irregularity Report within 7 days of their flight’s arrival. This report is necessary to initiate the claims process.

How much time do you have to cancel your flight after making the reservation?

Airline passengers who purchase tickets at least seven days before their planned flight are entitled to cancel their reservation and obtain a complete refund without penalty within 24 hours of booking. This is mandated by airline regulations.

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