Wizz Air Cancellation Policy – Cancel & Get Refund

Wizz Air Cancellation Policy

Leading airlines like Wizz Air offers a flexible change and cancel policy allowing passengers to change their travel plans without incurring additional fees. However, the specifics of the procedure may vary depending on the type of ticket purchased and the reason for the change or cancellation. The passengers need to stay informed about any changes to their travel plans and follow the guidelines set by the airline to ensure a smooth travel experience. Wizz air cancellation policy is easy to understand and can be made at your convenience.

Wizz Air Flight Cancellation Policy

When it comes to airlines, flexibility is most crucial. Airlines must offer various fare options catering to different needs and budgets. Passengers should carefully consider their needs when selecting a fare and review the options and associated flexibility levels.

It’s also essential for airlines to provide clear and transparent information about change and cancellation fees so that passengers can make informed decisions about their travel plans. This information should be readily available on the airline’s website or booking platform, and passengers can easily access it through customer service channels.

Flexible fare options can also attract more customers and increase customer satisfaction. Passengers may be more likely to choose an airline that offers flexible options that accommodate changes in their travel plans, even if it means paying a higher fare.

Wizz Air flight cancellation can be made in two situations:

  • Voluntarily by the passengers
  • Flights being canceled by Wizz Air

Voluntarily by the Passengers

  • If passengers voluntarily cancel Wizz Air flight, they will be subject to its cancellation policy, which includes wiz air cancellation fee and restrictions on refunds and credits.
  • Passengers who have purchased a Wizz Flex ticket can cancel their flight up to three hours before departure without incurring any cancellation fees. 
  • They can either receive a full refund of the ticket price or use the ticket value as credit towards future bookings according to wiz air refund policy. 
  • For passengers who have yet to purchase a Wizz Flex ticket, cancellation fees will apply, and the cost will depend on the type of ticket purchased and the time of cancellation. Refunds will only be given if passengers cancel their flight less than three hours before departure.
  • Passengers may be able to cancel their flight and receive a refund or credit towards future bookings if they cancel due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or a family emergency. However, they will need to provide documentation to support their claim.

Flights Being Canceled by Wizz Air

  • Wizz Air may cancel flights for various reasons, including weather conditions, technical issues, or operational reasons. Passengers are eligible for wizz air cancelled flight compensation if any such events occur. 
  • If Wizz Air cancel flight, the airline will typically notify affected passengers via email or other communication channels as soon as possible. Passengers may be offered the option to rebook on another flight, receive a refund, or receive credit toward a future flight.
  • Passengers must review Wizz Air flight cancellation policy and their rights as a passenger, especially if their flight is canceled. Passengers can typically find this information on the airline’s website or by contacting customer service.

How to Cancel a Flight on Wizz Air?

Check Wizz Air Flight Status

Wizz Air flight cancellation is an easy process to complete but has to be done up to 3 hours before the confirmed flight departure time. To cancel wizz air flight reservation that includes more than one passenger on Wizz Air, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Wizz Air account by visiting the airline’s website and clicking “My account” or “Log in” in the top-right corner of the page.
  2. Navigate to your account’s “My Bookings” section to see a list of all your reservations.
  3. Select the reservation that you wish to cancel from the list.
  4. Choose the passenger’s name whose flights you wish to cancel. However, select all the names if you want to cancel the Wizz Air flight for all the passengers.
  5. Confirm the cancellation and settle any payment related to the cancellation if applicable. Any refund amount will depend on the fare type, wiz air cancellation policy, and other factors.
  6. If the Wizz Air voucher is fully or partially paid for the original reservation, cancellation is possible only for all passengers and all flights simultaneously.

Wizz Air Cancellation Fees

Wizz Air charges a cancellation fee for most fares, including basic fares and WIZZ Discount Club fares. The fee amount depends on the wiz air cancellation policy, route, and the time of cancellation. Generally, the earlier you cancel your flight, the lower the fee.

Here are some examples of cancellation fees charged by Wizz Air:

Wizz Air Domestic and short-haul flights (less than 1500 km)

  • The flight that has been canceled more than 30 days before departure: €60 per person, per flight segment
  • The flight that has been canceled between 30 and 3 days before departure: €120 per person, per flight segment
  • The flight that has been canceled less than three days before departure: €150 per person, per flight segment

Wizz Air Long-haul flights (more than 1500 km)

  • The flight that has been canceled more than 30 days before departure: €120 per person, per flight segment
  • The flight that has been canceled between 30 and 3 days before departure: €200 per person, per flight segment
  • The flight that has been canceled less than three days before departure: €250 per person, per flight segment

Wizz Air Cancelled Flight Compensation

Under EU regulations, passengers may be entitled to compensation if Wizz Air cancels flight without giving passengers at least 14 days’ notice. The wizz air cancelled flight compensation amount depends on the flight’s distance and the delay caused by the cancellation.

Specifically, if the flight distance is:

  • Less than 1500 km: the passengers will have to pay a fine of 250 EUROS if they cancel their flight within 14 days of the scheduled departure date.
  • Between 1500 km and 3500 km: the passengers will have to pay a fine of 400 EUORS if they cancel their flight within 14 days of the scheduled departure date.
  • More than 3500 km: the passengers will have to pay a fine of 600 EUROS if they cancel their flight within 14 days of the scheduled departure date.

In addition to compensation, Wizz Air allows the affected passengers to choose from the following:

  • They can make changes to reach their final destination at the earliest opportunity;
  • They can reschedule their flight for a later date as suitable for the passenger;
  • The total cost of the flight ticket will be refunded.

Wizz Air Refund Policy

Are Wizz air tickets refundable? Yes, but subject to some factors that we will be discussing. Wizz Air offers a refund policy for passengers who have booked a flight but cannot travel. The refund policy varies depending on the fare type and the reason for the refund.

Here are the general rules for Wizz Air’s refund policy:

  • Basic and WIZZ Discount Club fares: These fares are generally non-refundable. Passengers can request wizz air 24 hour cancellation within 24 hours of booking if the flight is at least seven days from departure. And after 24 hours, there is no refund policy for the passengers. 
  • WIZZ Flex fares: These fares allow passengers to change their flight date and time free of charge and also provide a full refund if the passenger cancels the flight at least 3 hours before departure.

In addition to the above rules, It’s important to note that refunds may take several weeks to process, and passengers may be responsible for any fees or charges associated with the refund.

How Long Does Wizz Air Refund Take?

A very common question asked; how long do wizz air refunds take? Well, the time it takes for Wizz Air to process a refund can vary depending on the payment method used and the reason for the refund. In general, refunds can take up to 14 business days to be processed, but in some cases, they may take longer.

If the refund is being processed to a credit or debit card, it may take several days for the funds to appear in the account. The refund may be processed faster if processed to a Wizz Air account or gift voucher.

Passengers should note that refund processing times may be longer than usual during busy periods, such as holidays or peak travel seasons. If a passenger has not received their refund after the expected processing time has passed, they should contact Wizz Air customer service for assistance.

How to Claim Wizz Air Refund?

Passengers who wish to claim a refund from Wizz Air can do so by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Wizz Air account and go to the Manage Bookings section.
  2. Select the booking for which you wish to claim a refund.
  3. Click on the “Request Refund” button.
  4. Follow the instructions provided to submit your refund request, including the reason for the refund and any supporting documentation if required.
  5. If your refund request is approved, the refund will be processed to the original payment method used to make the booking.

It’s important to note that not all bookings are eligible for a refund, and some refunds may be subject to wiz air cancellation policy or other charges. Passengers should carefully review the Wizz Air refund policy before submitting a refund request. Additionally, it’s recommended to check the status of the refund request periodically to ensure that it has been processed and to follow up with Wizz Air customer service if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Wizz Air Cancellation & Refund Policy

Can I cancel my Wizz Air flight online?

Answer: If the Wizz Air flights you booked are fully refundable, you can visit the airline’s website and cancel them online. It would help if you saw the Manage My Trips section of the Wizz Air Airlines website and followed the necessary steps.

What will happen if you do not arrive at the airport on the scheduled Wizz Air flight date and time?

As per Wizz Air’s policy, the airline may automatically cancel the remaining flights if a passenger does not show up for their first flight and they have a round-trip ticket or multiple flights in the same booking. This is called the “no-show” policy.

How to cancel a flight on wizz air and what is the fee?

The fee for canceling a Wizz Air flight can vary depending on several factors, such as the time of cancellation, the fare type, and the destination. Generally, the cancellation fee can range from €35 to €60 per passenger per flight segment. If you cancel your flight close to the departure time or after the check-in has opened, the cancellation fee may be higher, and you may lose the entire ticket value.

Does Wizz air airlines have a zero-cancellation policy?

No, Wizz Air does not have a zero-cancellation policy. Wizz Air does allow passengers to cancel their flights, but a fee will be charged according to the fare rules and conditions.

To which all country do Wizz Air flights fly?

Wizz Air is a Hungarian low-cost airline that flies to many destinations within Europe and beyond. As of April 2023, Wizz Air operates flights to over 170 destinations across 50 countries.

Are Wizz air tickets refundable?

Wizz Air offers a range of ticket options, some of which are refundable, while others are not. It depends on the type of ticket purchased. For instance, the WIZZ Flex service allows passengers to cancel or modify their flights without additional fees. In contrast, Wizz Air’s Basic fares are generally non-refundable, although changes can be made for an additional cost.

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