Air Tanzania Cancellation Policy – Cancel & Get Refund

Air Tanzania Cancellation Policy

Air Tanzania offers a flexible cancellation policy that allows passengers to cancel their flight tickets within 24 hours of booking without penalty or charges. You can cancel your flight ticket up until one hour before departure, even if you forget to do so earlier. However, the Airline will charge a small cancellation fee in this case. Air Tanzania allows passengers to cancel their flights, but there are terms and conditions that apply. Passengers who booked through a third-party website or agent should check their policies regarding cancellations. In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about Air Tanzania cancellation policy.

Air Tanzania Flight Cancelation Policy Overview

Check Air Tanzania Flight Cancelled Status

Here is an overview of cancellation policy and highlights some critical points you should keep in mind.

  • When planning a trip, it’s essential to consider the possibility of needing to cancel and change your flight. Understanding airline cancellation policies before booking can save you time or money.
  • When cancelling an Air Tanzania flight, it’s essential to be aware of the Air Tanzania cancellation costs, which can differ based on factors like how close you are to the departure date or what type of fare you purchased.
  • It is always best practice to check with the Airline what their specific fees are before making any cancellations.
  • If you do decide to cancel your flight with Air Tanzania, it’s crucial that you determine if you’re eligible for a refund after any applicable cancellation charges have been applied. Some fares may be non-refundable altogether, while others may offer partial refunds based on specific conditions set forth by the Airline.
  • Air Tanzania may waive cancellation fees or provide accommodations in situations like medical emergencies or military deployment. It is recommended to contact the Airline directly for further discussion of options.

Air Tanzania 24 hour Cancellation Policy

Customers can receive a full refund for their ticket if they cancel within 24 hours of purchase and the departure date is at least seven days away. 

  • The Airline offers an Air Tanzania 24-hour cancellation policy that allows passengers to cancel any flight and receive a full refund if the flight departs at least seven days later. 
  • The policy applies to all fares, but those who cancel within seven days of travel or more than 24 hours after purchasing their ticket will be charged a fee.

Important Note:

  • The Tanzania Reporting Corporation (ARC) follows a 24-hour cancellation policy for tickets booked from the United States.
  • provides data from various sources but cannot guarantee policy changes from Air Tanzania. Customers are advised to contact the official phone number- 255 0222113248 directly for assistance.

Air Tanzania Cancelling Flights due to weather

Air Tanzania has a cancellation policy for weather conditions. Passengers can either be rebooked on the next available flight or receive a refund, depending on the circumstances of the cancellation.

  • Air Tanzania will contact passengers if their flight is cancelled due to technical issues or weather conditions and offer the option to book a new flight or receive a refund.
  • Tanzania Airlines will rebook passengers on the next available flight or provide accommodation nearby if no flights are available.
  • Before cancelling due to weather, it’s crucial to verify Air Tanzania cancellation policy or procedures, as they may differ based on the situation.
  • To get the latest information, contact customer service or visit their website.

Cancel Air Tanzania flight

Air Tanzania offers multiple options for clients to cancel their flights. All ways of cancelling are listed.

Air Tanzania Cancellation Online

If you need to cancel your Air Tanzania flight, there are several options available to you. 

  • The first option is to do it online. To do this, simply log into your account on the Air Tanzania website at and navigate to the “My Trips” section. 
  • Once you have found the flight that needs to be cancelled, click on the “Cancel Flight” button and follow the prompts until the cancellation process has been completed.

Cancel Ticket Via Phone

Another option for cancelling your flight is over the phone. 

You can call Air Tanzania’s customer service hotline and provide them with your reservation number as well as any other relevant information needed in order for them to assist you with cancelling your flight.

Cancel Ticket at Airport ticket counter

Passengers can cancel their flight with the help of the airport ticket counter.

  • If you happen to be near an Air Tanzania airport ticket counter or kiosk, then cancelling in person may be a good option for making last-minute changes to your travel plans. 
  • Simply approach one of their representatives, who will guide you through the process of cancelling your flight.

No matter which method of cancellation works best for you, make sure that all necessary steps are taken so that everything goes smoothly without any hiccups along the way!

Air Tanzania Refund Policy

The Airline does not offer refundable fares to keep prices low, but refunds are available with a cancellation fee. A complete Air Tanzania refund is possible in certain circumstances, such as below:

  • If you want to cancel your flight, you can do so if it’s at least 60 days before departure.
  • You can cancel the flight within 24 hours if it departs at least seven days later.
  • Your flight has been cancelled by the Air Tanzania airline.
  • If the flight is delayed by 2+ hours.
  • Your flight has been changed to a different time, but the new schedule doesn’t fit with your plans.
  • If you need to cancel your flight due to reasons such as serious illness, death or jury duty, it is possible if you can provide the required documentary evidence and the Airline agrees.

How to Get a refund from Air Tanzania

Here are the steps for obtaining a refund for an Air Tanzania flight, listing the necessary steps as follows:

  1. Visit Air Tanzania Official Website.
  2. Access the “My Trips” option on a website.
  3. Enter the last name and confirmation code on the following page.
  4. To proceed with a reservation, click on the “Continue” button located at the bottom of the page. This action will redirect you to the Reservation Summary page.
  5. Choose Cancel Reservation.
  6. The page displays the refund amount along with cancellation fees on its final page.

Contact information for Air Tanzania

Air Tanzania has launched multiple ways for passengers to contact the Airline in order to ensure their needs are met and questions are answered. Passengers can utilize these options for communication with the company.

  • Air Tanzania has a toll-free cancellation phone number available 24/7, which can be reached at 255 0222113248.
  • The Airline offers a chatbot on its website to assist customers with questions or issues.

Air Tanzania Cancellation Fee

The table is provided outlining the cancellation charges for flights in Tanzania, which vary depending on the fare type and timing of the cancellation.

Cancellation TimeCancellation Fee
If purchased 7 or more days before departure, refundable within 24 hours of purchase.USD 0
More than 60 days prior to departure.USD 0
31 to 59 days prior to departureUSD 69
7 to 30 days prior to departureUSD 99
6 days to 1 hour prior to departureUSD 119

Air Tanzania Flight Compensation

There are the following details regarding Air Tanzania Flight Compensation:

  • Air Tanzania passengers whose flights were cancelled may be eligible for compensation under EU law EC 261/2004. The Airline is required to provide meals, alternative transportation, and accommodations if necessary.
  • Passengers may also receive up to €600 in financial compensation.
  • Air Tanzania passengers may be eligible for compensation up to €600 for cancelled flights depending on factors such as flight distance, notification of cancellation and delay in arrival at the final destination.
  • If your Air Tanzania flight was cancelled within the EU, left from the EU or landed in the EU and you were informed less than 14 days before departure about the cancellation, you may be eligible for compensation under EC 261/2004. However, this only applies if your alternative flight arrives at your final destination more than 2 hours late.
  • Claim24 is a service that helps air passengers get compensation of up to €600 for cancelled flights from Air Tanzania or any other airline. 
  • They have a 98% success rate with Air Tanzania and offer a risk-free, no-win-no-fee service to save passengers stress and paperwork.

Air Tanzania has a 24-hour cancellation policy that lets passengers cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking without extra fees or charges and receive full refunds as long as the flight hasn’t departed yet. Air Tanzania offers a generous policy that allows passengers to change their travel arrangements without financial penalties. This shows the Airline’s dedication to customer service and provides peace of mind for travellers. 

To use this Air Tanzania cancellation policy, simply contact Air Tanzania’s customer service team within 24 hours of booking your flight. They’ll guide you through the cancellation process and ensure a prompt refund. With this information, cancelling an Air Tanzania flight has never been easier!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Air Tanzania Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel my Air Tanzania flight and get a refund?

Customers can only cancel and get a refund for bookings made directly on Air through the Manage My Booking feature. If the booking was made through Air Tanzania Direct Office or Contact Center, refunds must be processed at local offices.

Can I pay for someone else’s ticket if they’re travelling from another country?

Yes, You can book a flight for someone else travelling from abroad, but if you pay with credit or debit cards, the card used for booking must be presented at check-in.
If the cardholder is not travelling, a copy of the card and an authorization signed by them should be provided. The verification is necessary to avoid being refused carriage or paying the total ticket cost at the airport.

Can I get compensation for a 2-hour delay on Air Tanzania?

If your Air Tanzania flight is delayed or cancelled due to the Airline’s responsibility and it causes a delay of 2 hours or more in your arrival time, you are entitled to compensation. If the cancellation occurs less than 14 days before departure, you are also eligible for compensation.

Is there any possibility of getting a full refund when cancelling a flight?

Yes, If your flight is cancelled, you are entitled to a full refund of the airfare within seven days. You can also opt to reschedule your flight or claim a full package holiday refund if applicable.

Can we reschedule the flight which has been cancelled?

You can reschedule or cancel a flight, but there may be fees depending on the airline and ticket type.

How can I Air Tanzania for a flight to Kilimanjaro?

To get shuttle services from Arusha to Kilimanjaro Airport, visit the sales offices on Boma Road or call +255 272 545 296 for more information.

Can I pay online in my preferred currency?

The Airline offers prices in either Shillings or Dollars but suggests using Dollars if booking from outside Tanzania. When booking with a different currency from your card, be aware that your financial institution may apply different exchange rates and additional charges. Check with them before making the booking to avoid surprises.

Whether a person can modify their flight or not if it was booked through a travel agent or another website?

Air Tanzania allows customers to modify their bookings online through Manage My Booking if the booking was made directly from, Air Tanzania direct offices, or preferred travel agents.
If you need a refund for a flight that was purchased through a travel agent or third-party website, you will need to contact the respective travel agent for assistance.

Is it possible to cancel the flight at the last minute and receive a refund?

According to Air Tanzania cancellation policy, If your flight is cancelled at least two weeks before the departure, you can receive a refund for your ticket. Otherwise, you will be offered an alternative ticket.

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