Turkish Airlines Special Assistance – How To Add Wheelchair

Turkish Airlines Special Assistance

Turkish Airlines is known for its customer-friendly policies that assist passengers with special needs. The airline has clear rules and principles for pregnant women, children, infants, and passengers with disabilities. If you need special assistance during your journey, inform Turkish Airlines’ customer service when booking or days before travel. Turkish Airlines professionals are committed to offering maximum comfort for patients, travelers with disabilities, and those with limited mobility. They understand the need for extra attention during travel and strive to make them feel comfortable without restrictions. If you’re considering making a reservation with Turkish Airlines under such circumstances, it’s essential to know about Turkish Airlines special assistance. 

Turkish Airlines Assistance Rules

The airline has customer-friendly Turkish Airlines assistance for passengers who require special assistance, including pregnant women, children and infants, and those with disabilities. Passengers should communicate their needs to the airline’s customer service when booking or in advance of travel.

Expectant Mother

Pregnant women can fly without a Fit to Fly certificate up until 27 weeks, but those between 28 and 35 weeks require certification from a doctor. Women over 35 weeks pregnant are not allowed to fly. 

Multiple pregnancies or complications require certification from 28-31 weeks, in either English or Turkish, with clearance obtained no later than seven days before the flight.

Hearing or Visually Impaired

Passengers who are visually and hearing impaired must be accompanied, but those with only one of these disabilities can travel alone. Service dogs for disabled passengers are allowed in the cabin if properly identified and restrained.

Locomotor Disability

The airline requires that individuals who have difficulty moving or using the lavatory must be accompanied by an adult. Those needing Turkish Airlines disability assistance or stretcher should inform the airline 24 hours in advance, and some medical equipment is available on board. Passengers may also use their own equipment during the flight.

Does Turkish Airlines offer Wheelchair Assistance?

Flying with Turkish Airlines is a hassle-free experience for passengers with reduced mobility, including those who use wheelchairs. The airline ensures that all passengers are treated equally and provides the best conditions for those who cannot leave their own seats.

Rules for Wheelchair Passengers

There are several rules for Flying with a wheelchair, such as below:

Wheelchair can be carried in the hold

Turkish Airline wheelchair assistance offers a narrow onboard wheelchair that can fit through airplane aisles. Passengers who need Turkish Airlines assistance handicap getting on and off the wheelchair will need to travel with an attendant, but the airline provides a free device at the airport and on board for those who can use it independently. The airline also allows passengers to check in their own wheelchairs without worry.

Pre-plan air travel

If you are traveling by air in a wheelchair, it is important to plan ahead and be aware of the rules and regulations of both the airline and airports involved. This will help prevent unexpected situations that could cause problems during your trip.

To ensure a smooth trip on board the plane, it is recommended to contact your airline in advance and inform them of any special needs or devices required. This can be done by calling the Turkish Airlines special assistance contact number provided.

Check-in for a passenger who uses a wheelchair

An airline requires passengers to indicate if they require Turkish Airlines airport assistance with walking or climbing stairs when making their reservation. This information is used to provide appropriate guidance at the airport.

  • Passengers using wheelchairs should arrive at the airport at least two hours before their flight to allow ample time for preparation and check-in without stress.
  • If you want to drive yourself to the gate, tell them when booking. Your wheelchair will be checked in as baggage and put on hold at the gate.
  • The airport and Turkish Airlines agents take measures to protect your wheelchair from damage during travel. It is advised to keep loose parts in hand luggage to prevent loss or damage.
  • The airline provides loaner wheelchairs to passengers with reduced mobility who request Turkish Airlines mobility assistance at the airport. Passengers personal wheelchairs will be transported free of charge in the hold.

Transport an electric wheelchair

When transporting an electric wheelchair, it will be collected at check-in and must meet certain dimensions. The maximum height for legal transportation on European flights is 86 cm, while on intercontinental flights, it’s 119 cm due to the space in which the wheelchair is loaded in the hold.

How to add wheelchair assistance in Turkish Airlines?

Get to know more about Turkish Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Turkish Airlines offers excellent customer service for passengers who require wheelchairs or Turkish Airlines elderly assistance. To receive this service, follow the provided steps.

Turkish Airlines Wheelchair Reservation Guidelines

Here are key points to consider when booking a flight with an airline and requiring special assistance.

Flight Boarding Restrictions

Turkish Airlines has restrictions on allowing certain patients to travel on their flights in order to comply with international flight regulations and prevent health risks.

  • Turkish Airlines allows passengers without contagious health issues or travel restrictions to fly, but they must provide a medical document within ten days of their departure for Turkish Airlines special assistance request and wheelchair services. 
  • Passengers with limited mobility can board alone or with a companion, depending on their condition.

Travelling With Companion

  • Turkish Airlines requires physically and mentally handicapped passengers who cannot handle their personal needs to travel with a companion during the flight. 
  • Passengers with hearing or visual disabilities must also travel with a companion, except for those who are only hearing-impaired and have medical documentation.

Medical Equipment

  • The airline offers essential medicines and medical equipment, including special assistance in UK, on its flights.
  • Passengers can also bring their own approved equipment and medications. However, bringing personal oxygen tanks is not allowed due to security measures.
  • Airlines can provide oxygen tanks with medical certificates and supplies based on passenger reports, but inquiries must be made within 48 hours of departure. 
  • Passengers using personal respiratory devices must ensure FAA approval.
  • Turkish Airlines allows passengers to bring their own wheelchairs on flights, with guidelines in place for safe transportation. Passengers can also use their own devices except during take-off and landing.

How to book wheelchair assistance in Turkish Airlines?

To make a reservation for Turkish Airlines passenger assistance, follow all the necessary steps during the booking process.

  • To access the official website of Turkish Airlines on your device, you have to launch your browser and navigate to their website.
  • Navigate to the reservation section and enter necessary information such as destination city, arrival city, and dates in order to search for reservations.
  • Passengers should choose the best flight available with all the necessary information, and they can also add additional services if desired.
  • After that, Review flight details and input them into the traveler’s information.
  • Then the user can view and make payments online or offline after entering the necessary information.
  • After making the payment, the user will obtain an information email at their registered email address.
  • Passengers requiring special assistance must request a stretcher or wheelchair through reservation channels 48 hours prior to their flight. Disabled passengers and those needing special services will be given priority during check-in, passport control, and boarding.

So the above-mentioned steps provide instructions on how to book special assistance with Turkish Airlines for disabled persons. If there are any issues, users can call the special assistance phone number of Turkish Airlines to speak with a representative who will assist in resolving the problem.

Turkish Airlines Child Assistance

Get to know more about Turkish Airlines Child Assistance

There is special Turkish Airlines child assistance for comfortable travel.

  • Turkish Airlines provides comfortable travel for children and infants. Two types of fruit and vegetable baby foods are available in glass jars, which must be requested before the flight. Additional baby food is also available on board but is limited.
  • Parents are allowed to bring enough baby food for their child during a flight, with liquid in containers no larger than 100 ml. 
  • A baby seat can be used for infants up to 11 kilograms and children aged 2-12 may fly with an adult companion. 
  • Child passengers receive the same baggage allowance as adults on discounted flights, and special meal requests can be made at least 24 hours before international flights.

Unaccompanied child passengers

Children between the ages of 2 and 12 can travel with a guardian or unaccompanied, but those aged 2-6 must be supervised by cabin staff. 

  • Turkish Airlines can provide a travel companion for your child if you are unable to travel with them and don’t have a guardian, as long as you pay for the full cost of the companion’s flight.
  • The airline provides a staff member to accompany and assist children during their flight, ensuring their safety and meeting their needs. Upon arrival, the child is handed over to a designated adult.
  • To request a companion for a child passenger, the parent or authorized person must do so at least 48 hours before the flight. 
  • The individual handing over the child to airport staff must be their parent or legal guardian with a notarized document confirming their authority.

Does Turkish Airlines offer discounts for Senior Citizens?

Turkish Airlines prioritizes the comfort of senior citizens but does not offer discounts to most of them when booking flights. Discounts are instead offered to students.

The airline offers Turkish Airlines assistance for elderly on certain international flights. To access these discounts, seniors can contact customer service or visit the fare rules page and call the airline’s call center.

Ways for senior citizens to get discounts when flying with Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines offers senior discounts on flight tickets. Passengers can easily and quickly access these discounts through various methods.

  • Utilise promo codes: Turkish Airlines provides promo codes for discounted flight ticket fares for senior citizens. These codes can provide passengers with 30-50% off or the option to buy now and pay later.
  • Payment discount: Turkish Airlines gives a payment time discount for customers booking their itinerary, allowing them to obtain the best deals without difficulty.
  • Reward Points: Turkish Airlines offers reward points that can be earned through frequent travel and used for discounts on future bookings.

How to obtain Senior Citizen discounts for Turkish Airlines?

Below is the information on how to obtain and utilise senior citizen discounts when booking tickets with Turkish Airlines. 

  • To book a Turkish Airlines flight, go to their official site and enter your travel details on the booking page. 
  • Now input travel details such as dates and number of passengers in a specific location.
  • To book a flight, enter traveler contact details such as full name, phone number, and email after selecting the ticket. Also if any query related to Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy, you can visit official website.
  • To apply discounts during payment, select the discount tab and use promo codes, reward points, or payment time discounts.
  • After selecting a flight fare type and clicking “apply,” senior citizens will receive a confirmation email with details of their discounted booking.
  • To get more help with Turkish Airlines book special assistance or senior citizen discounts, contact customer services via phone, live chat, or social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Turkish Airlines has customer-friendly policies for passengers who require special assistance, including pregnant women, children and infants, and those with disabilities. Passengers should communicate their needs to the airline’s customer service when booking or in advance of travel.

Turkish Airlines offers special assistance to passengers requiring a stretcher or wheelchair. Passengers must request this service at least 48 hours before their flight through the airline’s reservation channels. The airline offers Turkish Airlines special assistance with wheelchair reservations and provides solutions to queries or feedback through their reservation center. Travel experts are available to help customers with any concerns they may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Turkish Airlines Assistance

How can get assistance in Turkish Airlines?

To receive special assistance from Turkish Airlines, call their contact number at +1 (800) 874-8875 or +1 888 675 7794 and select your preferred language. Then choose to speak with customer support to be connected with a representative who can assist you.

How can get assistant in Turkish Airlines?

To access the Turkish airline’s website, open a browser and navigate to their site. To contact customer support at Turkish Airlines for special assistance, call their designated phone numbers and choose your preferred language.

How to request wheelchair assistance Turkish Airlines?

Passengers with approved wheelchair requests can use a complimentary service but must submit the request at least 48 hours before the flight. Other requests are evaluated on site.

How to manage Turkish Airlines bookings online?

Turkish Airlines allows customers to check in online and manage bookings through their website. Wego offers alternative routes and flight dates for Turkish Airlines.

Is it allowed to bring my own wheelchair?

Customers with disabilities are allowed to bring their own manual powered wheelchair up to the aircraft door, where it will then be stored in the baggage hold area.

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