Air Transat Name Change Policy – Change Name on Ticket

Air Transat Name Change Policy

Air Transat has a stress-free and economic name change policy for passengers who make mistakes during reservations. This ensures a safe and enjoyable journey without unnecessary hassle. Making minor errors in names during reservations is common, but they can cause significant problems during check-in or security checks. Air Transat name change policy is very flexible and helps ensure smooth travels.

Air Transat allows passengers to correct their names for free on their website in case of minor errors like misspellings or incorrect order of first and last names. This article covers the name change policy.

Air Transat Name Change Policy Overview

Air Transat Airlines enforces a strict no-name-change policy but allows for corrections of misspellings. The airline aims to offer affordable and comfortable travel services.

  • Air Transat’s name correction policy allows customers to make minor corrections themselves if their name is misspelled on their ticket, avoiding any confusion or panic.
  • Air Transat offers various options to correct name errors on PNR tickets, demonstrating their dedication to customer service. Clients can easily make corrections through the airline’s website( or by phone.
  • Air Transat has a strict no-name-change policy for passengers but allows minor spelling errors to be corrected on tickets. The airline offers multiple options for correcting these errors easily and efficiently.

Terms and Conditions of Name Change Policy

Air Transat has guidelines for passengers requesting a name change, including means, rules, and conditions to keep in mind. Some important guidelines are outlined.

  • Air Transat does not allow full name changes, except in cases of legal name changes.
  • Travel agents are allowed to make corrections to misspelled names on booked tickets.
  • The airline allows passengers to make one name change or correction request per person.
  • Air Transat only allows name changes for unused tickets.
  • Passengers are not permitted to transfer their tickets to another person as it is non-transferable.
  • Air Transat allows passengers to request a name change before receiving their boarding pass.
  • Passengers are required to correct or change their bookings 24 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • To change your name on an existing PNR, you will need to make alterations. If you want to completely change your name, it may require purchasing a new ticket.
  • The US Department of Transportation allows modifications to be made based on their guidelines.

Documents needed for Name Change Request

In order to receive help from an airline for name changes or corrections, passengers are required to provide their travel and legal documents.

  • Passengers have to provide documents such as a passport/visa, identity proof, marriage certificate, divorce decree/legal agreement, or other travel documents.
  • A fee receipt for the name change request is also required.

Various types of the name change that Air Transat permits

You can request an Air Transat change name on ticket with the airline. Note that some corrections may take longer to process than the others.

Legal Name Change Requests with Air Transat

For Air Transat legal name changes, the following applies:

  • Legal name changes are permitted for gender change, adoption, marriage, and divorce.
  • Passengers must provide legal documents in addition to their name change request to complete the process.
  • To change your name due to marriage, you must provide proof of marriage and an earlier government-approved ID.
  • To change your name after a divorce, you need to submit necessary documents such as a divorce decree, certificate, and legal notice.
  • If you change your name due to adoption or gender, you will need to update all of your government-issued documents and obtain legal proof.

Name corrections allowed with Air Transat Airline

Air Transat allows customers to request name corrections for their reservations as follows:

  • You may modify your names by changing up to 3 characters in the first, middle, and last name.
  • Air Transat’s guidelines state that middle names are not necessary on tickets.
  • Changing tiles or prefixes/suffixes such as Mr, Mrs, and Ms is not considered a valid reason for requesting a correction to one’s name.
  • Name corrections are permitted for nicknames or inverted names when changing or correcting a name.

How to Change name on Air Transat?

Check Air Transat Name Change Status

Air Transat offers various offline and online methods to change or correct passenger names on tickets, with a smooth and effective process. Follow the steps for making corrections and changes under the Air Transat name change policy.

Air Transat Online Checkin Name Change

Air Transat passengers can easily request to change their name or make corrections to their ticket through the airline’s website in the Manage Booking section. See the steps below for instructions.

  1. To manage a booking on the official website, simply locate the “Manage Booking” section on the top right corner of the homepage.
  2. Use Air Transat Manage Booking for seat selection and baggage requests.
  3. To submit flight details and personal information, click on the icon and fill out the required fields, including the passenger’s first name, last name, confirmation number, and departure date, on the new page.
  4. Enter details and choose “Continue.”
  5. The user can retrieve their booking or choose which reservation they want to modify the name on.
  6. To make changes or corrections to an AirTransat airline ticket, click on the name change request option.
  7. Follow website guidelines in order to complete a process.
  8. If you need to change the name on an Air Transat booking, you will likely have to pay a fee for the name change.
  9. The airline will deliver you a new confirmation email after they finish processing your request for changes.

Phone Air Transat to change/correct names

Air Transat customers can contact the airline’s customer representative to address concerns or request corrections related to the Air Transat policy change name. The process involves following a set of steps provided by Air Transat.

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Click on the “Contact us” button located on the home page.
  3. Select “Contact us by Phone” for assistance with baggage policy, website bookings/purchases, customer relations, and more.
  4. Air Transat’s customer care unit can be reached via phone using the provided numbers as follows:
ConditionsPhone Numbers
Passenger’s assistance at DestinationLocal Phone Number: +1-514-906-5111Canada and USA: 1-855-333-1101Mexico: 800 265 1064Colombia: 005 800 88 81 02 22Jamaica: 1-800-204-0020
Booking and Buy on the Website and through Contact CenterLocal Phone Number: +1-514-636-3630Canada and USA: 1-877-TRANSAT (872-6728)
Booking and Purchase in a Travel AgencySelect the right agency to connect with the appropriate agent.

Ask Air Transat at the airport counter for name changes

The airport help desk is the best option for the Air Transat name change policy. They can assist with the other issues like check-in and boarding as well.

  • Please arrive at the airport counter before their scheduled departure time.
  • The agent must be informed to change a name on an Air Transat ticket, and the airline’s name correction policy must be followed. The reason for the name change should also be shared.
  • When communicating with a travel agent, it is crucial to provide both the booking reference number and ticket confirmation code.
  • Submit requested details to agents, which may involve flight and personal information.
  • An agent will analyze shared details, check availability, and document validity before responding to passengers.
  • Airport staff may need more time to address passenger requests for minor or major corrections/changes.
  • To submit legal and relevant documents, complete the request.
  • To change the name on an Air Transat flight reservation, submit a request or pay the required fee and fare differences.
  • Passengers can obtain a revised ticket with the correct information or proceed to the boarding area with their boarding pass.

Air Transat Name Change Fee

Air Transat charges a fee for passengers who want to change or correct their names on a ticket. The amount of the fee depends on factors such as fare type, seat type, departure destination, time of request, and extent of correction.


The airline has specific rules for passengers who want to change their names.

  • Passengers have the option to request a free name correction within 24 hours of booking.
  • Air Transat offers a name correction policy for passengers, but it is not available for those with an Eco Budget fare type.
  • Prices and fees may vary depending on the selected travel route and destination.
  • Passengers can make free name changes or corrections on their bookings.
  • Fees may be charged in specific situations.
  • Here is a breakdown of the fare types or name change allowances as follows:
Fare TypeBudgetStandardFlex
Club ClassNilNo fee for a name changeNo fee
Eco ClassNo changes permittedChanges without feeNo fee

Note: Contact the airline directly to find out about fees for name changes or corrections under certain circumstances.

This airline offers a well-designed policy for Air Transat change passenger name online and offline at no cost. This hassle-free mechanism saves time as well as effort. Passengers can also contact the airline for other services, such as their pet policy.

Contact Information

If you need assistance with your booking, the Customer Service team is always available to answer any questions and concerns. They can help you with Air Transat name correction policy, cancellations, and modifications and provide information about their website and services. You can contact them by phone at 1-877-872-6728 or +1-514-636-3630 or through an electronic form on their website.

Air Transat is an airline that prioritizes stress-free or economical travel for passengers. They offer a name change policy that allows travelers to make changes without extra costs or hassle. Mistakes in the name on travel reservations are common, with people often entering incorrect letters or even the full name. 

Having an incorrect name on your airline ticket can cause problems with your itinerary due to aviation rules. To avoid cancellation, it is essential to modify the name within the allotted time and ensure that it matches the name on your passport. Above mentioned information can assist you in giving you knowledge about the Air Transat name change policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the name be changed at check-in?

If you require to change the name on a flight ticket, contact your airline or travel agent immediately, as there is often a deadline for making changes. Most airlines allow name changes up to 24 hours before the flight.

How long does it take for Air Transat to process a name change?

Flight ticket name changes can be made up to 24 hours before the flight, but it may take that long for the change to go through.

Are there any rules and regulations for changing the name on an Air Transat reservation?

Air Transat’s policy allows for one change per passenger, limited to name corrections and unused tickets.

Is it good to check in at the airport or online?

Checking in online for your flight can save you time by allowing you to bypass long lines at the airport. It means you can skip waiting to check in and potentially avoid a second line to check your luggage, heading straight to security instead.

Is it necessary to print the boarding pass?

To board a flight, you may be required to show either a mobile boarding pass or a paper one that can be printed by you or obtained from the check-in desk, depending on airport regulations.

Is there a fee associated with changing the name on an Air Transat ticket?

Air Transat does not have a fee for correcting or changing names in many cases. However, for more information, consumers should contact the airline to inquire about any potential fees for particular name change requests.

How to change/ correct the spelling mistake on the Air Transat ticket?

To change or correct the name on the airline ticket, you may communicate with the airline through several options, such as their website, by calling, or also at the airport counter.

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