Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy – How to Change Flight Online?

Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy

Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy are rules to help you understand the flight change policies laid out by the airline. To simplify air travel, airlines have mapped out a set of rules to help passengers. Make necessary changes, corrections, or cancellations to their flight schedule. Be it traveling with pets, a child traveling alone, or an infant traveling on board all of these situations require a policy and you have it. This content is focused on the flight change policy that has been mapped out by Alaska Airlines. And will be beneficial to you while making future plans with the airline.

When is Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy required?

It could be a family emergency, a work emergency, or simply a personal reason that makes you deviate from your plans. No matter your reasons to look for a schedule change Alaska Airlines Change Flight Policy is here to help you. The airline has carefully mapped out a set of rules and named them different policies as per the needs of passengers. Alaska Airlines offers three class tickets to passengers Saver Fare, First, and Main Class. All of these have different rules when it comes to flight changes.

Below are some steps that will help you understand the Alaska Airlines change policy in a better light.

  • As per this policy for Main and First class ticket holders there is no fee charged.
  • You will have to pay the fare difference if any for the new flight date you wish to fly on.
  • Saver Fare tickets are non-changeable tickets.
  • When the check-in window opens for your flight you can make same-day flight changes.
  • Same-day changes have a fee that the airline will charge you.
  • All these changes are done by the airline if the tickets are not from third-party sources.
  • For tickets bought from third parties, you have to contact them for the respective changes.
  • When it is a Group reservation you become eligible for an Alaska Airlines change flight date only when no one from your group checks in.
  • Group reservations are accepted only when there are up to 6 members in the group.
  • To be able to make flight changes via online methods your flights must travel within the USA, Canada, and Mexico.
  • You can only change your flight up to 13 months from the date of purchase.
  • When you book a different flight and you upgrade your seats then you have to pay the fare difference as per the Alaska Airlines change seat policy.

Alaska Airlines 24 hour Flight Change

There are times when you might have to make a change to your flight right after booking a reservation. This flight change comes under the Alaska Airlines 24 hour Flight Change. As per this policy, the best part is that any change that you make to your flight right after you book your reservation within the next 24 hours is free of charge. It will be helpful to keep in mind that this flight change is allowed once only. So be very alert when you are making these changes. This Alaska Airlines ticket change policy is not for Saver Ticket holder passengers.

Alaska Airlines Same Day Flight Change

This facility allows you to make changes to your flight on the same day your original flight is supposed to take off. This means that your plans have changed last minute and you wish to change your flight. So Alaska Airlines Same Day Flight Change policy will make it happen for you. This flight change is requested during the time the check-in window remains open. The catch is that your new flight has to depart on the same day as your original flight was supposed to depart. Also, your flight origin, destination, and connections need to be the same. Passengers flying in groups are supposed to call the Group Reservation Desk of Alaska Airlines to make a flight change. Saver Fare passengers are not accepted for this flight change by the airline. 

Same Day Flight Change Fee

Alaska Airlines change fees charged for same-day flight change vary based on the type of flight. For passengers who are going to travel on shuttle flights and flights within Canada, the change fee charged is $25. Shuttle flights are the ones flying between Seattle and Portland, Seattle and Spokane, and Anchorage and Fairbanks.

For all the other remaining flights the fee charged is $50. This fee is waived for passengers who are flying in or are members of certain clubs. The list is mentioned below:

  • Jclass and Y class
  • MVP members of Gold, 75K, and 100K Mileage Plan
  • American AAdvantage ConciergeKey
  • Executive Platinum
  • Platinum Pro members
  • Refundable Coach And First Class Ticket holders

Alaska Airlines Change Flight Fee

As you know Alaska offers different seat types to its passengers. So here you will get an idea if a fee is changed on the fare types or not. All the fare types are discussed below.

Saver Fare Ticket

This is the most passenger-friendly ticket on Alaska Flights. So making changes is not welcomed by the airline for this fare ticket. If you must make changes then you have to first cancel your flight and then make a rebooking to your desired time.

Main And First Class Tickets

It is good news for these ticket holders as there is no change fee charged by the airline. But if you fall under the same-day change policy then you have to pay a fee. For that, you can read the same-day change policy section. Keep in mind that you will have to pay a fare difference if the new flight is costlier. However, if the fee is less than the original ticket then the airline will refund you your money.

Different Ways To Change Flights With Alaska Airlines

When it comes to making changes to your flights you might be looking for ways to accomplish this task. Alaska Airlines offers its passengers four ways by which they can make these changes. These include offline and online ways. These ways are not only limited to making flight changes but you can also make other request as well. Such as canceling your flights, adding special meals, making last-minute upgrades, and much more. These options are explained in detail below.

Alaska Airlines Change Flights Via Official Alaska Website 

The most common and popular way to make changes as per Alaska Airlines Change Flights policy is by visiting the airline online. You can do this at your convenience from anywhere as long as you have a online connection. The below steps will help you in the process of making flight changes.

  • Visit the official website of Alaska Airlines
  • Login using your last name and PNR
  • Now to My Trips Section and a window will open
  • Now choose the flight you wish to make changes to 
  • If applicable a fee will be charged and 
  • Then you will be notified by the airline of the successful changes

Alaska Airlines Change Reservation At The Airport

Check Alaska Airlines Flight Change Status At Airport

Another way to make flight changes is by visiting the airport counter of Alaska Airlines. The airport staff will help you with all the issues you walk in with related to your Alaska flight. You can request the staff to assist you in making changes to your flight schedule. As per the availability, the changes will be made and you will be notified of the same.

Alaska Airlines Ticket Change Via Alaska Airlines Mobile Application

This option is easily accessible and you can opt for it from anywhere at any time with the presence of the internet. First, you need to download the mobile application of the airline which is available for both Android and iPhone devices. Then you have to open the application and log in with your credentials. Now go to my trips sections and choose the flight you wish to make changes to. After making changes you will get notified of the same.

Alaska Airlines Flight Change By Calling Alaska Airline Customer Care

Lastly, if you wish to make an Alaska Airlines Flight Change then you can call the airline. Keep in mind that your ticket has to be from the original sources in order to request the airline for a flight change. The staff on the line are trained professionals who will assist you with the process. Just stay handy with all of your details to help the staff identify you and it becomes easier for them to assist you.

This content is about the Alaska Airlines schedule change policy. Explained in simple terms to make the policy easy to understand. You can use this when you are in need to make changes to your flight schedule. Safe Travels!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy

Can you change your flight on Alaska Airlines?

Yes, you can and the change flight Alaska Airlines process is very easy and explained above. You can refer to the content above.

How to change flights on Alaska Airlines application online?

The first step is to download the application on your device be it Android or iOS. And then logging in and making the necessary changes. 

I have to make an urgent change to my flight schedule. Can you tell me how to change flight on Alaska Airlines online?

Online ways that are accepted by the airline are by visiting the official website or the via Alaska Airline mobile application. For a better idea of this refer to the content above.

Does Alaska Airlines charge change fees for the flights that I will change the schedule for?

Yes, the airline will charge an Alaska Airlines flight change fee but that depends on your timing of canceling the flight. And also on the ticket type you are flying in.

I have to make a flight change to my Alaska Flight due to some family emergency. It has not been more than 24 hours since the original booking. Will I be charged a change fee?

Alaska Airlines change flight within 24 hours policy allows passengers to make changes to their flights without paying any change fee. But you can only do it once so be careful while making this schedule change.

I am flying with Alaska Airlines on a Saver fare ticket. I have to change my flight date. Is it possible?

Unfortunately, for passengers flying in Saver tickets, no changes are accepted by Alaska Airlines. So if you need to make changes you can rebook your reservation by canceling it first. 

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