Alaska Airlines Infant Policy – Travelling with Kids

Alaska Airlines Infant Policy

The Alaska Airlines Infant Policy is to help all the passengers who are planning a trip with their infants. This content is helpful to all the people who are traveling with their baby or babies. Infants are considered passengers so they are entitled to a policy of their own. This policy is in place to help out the travelers flying with their newborn infants. It could be your first time, your infant’s first time, or both party’s first time. No matter the case Alaska Airlines is prepared to help you along the journey. 

With the help of different policies in place, the airline aims to make air travel easy for you. Traveling with pets then you get a pet policy to simplify your travel concerns. Need to make corrections or changes to your itinerary then there is a name-change policy in place. All of these exist for the sole purpose of making the lives of passengers better.

When is the Alaska Airlines Infant Travel Policy needed?

Check Alaska Airlines Travelling with Kids Policy

Flying is stressful enough if you don’t plan accordingly and adding an infant to the mix can make it more challenging. So having all the help and knowledge about the airline infant policy that you are flying with becomes essential. Knowing Alaska Airlines infant rules will come in handy for you so that you are prepared to travel with the airline. All the paperwork required, the luggage allowed and the seat rules are mentioned here so that you can a trip accordingly with your infant. The Alaska Airlines staff will help you with making infant bookings and with luggage. They will inform you about all the queries you walk in with and will let you know what to do when flights get canceled.

Here are some points to understand Infant travel policy in a better way.

  • Every passenger is allowed to travel with one baby as per the Alaska Airlines infant-in-lap policy.
  • On Alaska Flights 1-9999 only one infant is allowed per row
  • On Horizon Air-operated Alaska Flights 2000-2999, only one infant is allowed on rows 6-21 on each side.
  • On SkyWest-operated Alaska Flights 3300-3499 flight, one infant on the right side of the aircraft on each row is allowed.
  • On Alaska flights 001-1999, infants are not allowed on, behind, or in front rows of emergency exits.
  • With Alaska Airlines Infant on lap do not get separate seats on the plane unless there is a vacancy.
  • Alaska Airlines infant rules state that infants don’t get a baggage policy if they travel with a diaper bag. It will be counted as a piece of carry-on luggage.
  • If you fly with Alaska in First class then your lap infant is not eligible for complimentary meals.
  • If you wish to purchase a separate seat for your infant then you can do that by paying the normal fee for the seat.

Alaska Airlines Infant Age

You might be wondering about the Alaska Airlines infant age restrictions. Then here is your answer. There is no age limit when it comes to flying with your infant. You can show documents stating that your newborn baby is safe to fly and the airline will make it happen. If your baby is 2 years old or will turn 2 on the journey then they are no longer infants. So they have to travel in their own seats and have their own Alaska Airlines infant ticket.

Alaska Airline Infant Ticket Fee

Knowing the fare fee for an Alaska Airline infant ticket is essential when flying with the airline. Here you will get insight on this. Alaska Airlines lap infant age plays an important role in determining the fee charged to fly an infant. When you are flying within the USA then no lap infant fee is charged. But if you are flying from an international location into the USA then you will be charged based on the taxes and fees. Below listed are fees charged as taxes in terms of the international location you will fly from to states.

  • Traveling from Belize: Fee Charged up to $54
  • Traveling from Canada: Fee Charged up to $18
  • Traveling from Costa Rica: Fee Charged up to $50
  • Traveling from Mexico: Fee Charged up to $18
  • Traveling from Nassau: Fee Charged up to $19
  • Traveling from Guatemala: Fee Charged up to $51

Documents Required For Alaska Airlines Infant Travel

Infants are passengers too so paperwork is a must to verify Alaska Airlines infant ID. When you are planning to travel with an infant be sure to bring documents to verify your infant. Here is a list of IDs that you need to carry while you air travel with your infant:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Fit To Fly from a doctor for newborn infants.

Alaska Airlines Infant Seat

When you buy a seat for your infant to travel this information will come in handy to you. Your infant can travel as a lap infant for the entire flight if you wish to buy a ticket for your infant. You can do that and for this purpose, you have to bring a car seat with you. This needs to be air travel approved. Your lap infant will sit next to you on the plane if there is an empty seat available fastened with a seat belt. There are a few rules about where car seat restraints can be placed. Below is a list of seats on the Alaska Flights where car seats are not allowed.

  • On aisle seats
  • Emergency exit rows
  • Seats in front or behind exit rows
  • Seats A on rows 1-4 on E175 aircraft

Furthermore, it gives you a better and clearer understanding of the car seats that you can bring on board the Alaska Airlines flights. Below are the seat width dimensions of the aircraft series that are in the fleet of Alaska Airlines.

Aircraft TypeFirst And PremiumCoach
737 MAX-916.5″ / 17.3″21.3″
737-900ER16.5″ / 17.320.45″
737-90016.5″ / 17.320.45″
737-80016.5″ / 17.320.45″
737-70016.5″ / 17.3″21.3″
Airbus A32116.5″ / 17.3″21.3″
Embraer E17518.2″20″

All the content information available here is regarding Alaska Airlines traveling with infants. So if you are planning to travel with Alaska Airlines along with your infant. Then this information will come in very handy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Alaska Airlines charge for infants within the USA?

Infants travel free of charge within the USA as per the Alaska Airlines lap infant policy. 

How to add a lap infant on Alaska Airlines?

Wondering how to add Lap Infant Alaska Airlines, it is easy you do it while making your reservations or later on by calling the reservations line of Alaska Airlines.

I am planning to travel with Alaska Airlines with my baby. Please let me know the age limit imposed by the airline for infant travel.

Alaska Airlines does not have an age limit for infants traveling with them. 

Will I have to book a different seat with Alaska Airlines when I am traveling with my infant?

No, your baby can fly as an Alaska Airline lap infant on Alaska flights. 

If my baby turns 2 during air travel on Alaska Airlines. Will I have to buy a seat for him?

You need to buy a ticket for your child who turns 2 during air travel as per the Alaska Airlines infant policy.

Is there a fee charged to bring car seats on the flights as per Alaska Airlines infant seat policy?

No there is no charge to bring car seats on the the flights. They fly free as checked baggage with Alaska Airlines.

I need to travel with a newborn baby. Is it possible with Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines traveling with infant policy allows you to travel with your newborn babies. As long as you can show a fit-to-fly certificate issued by a doctor to the airline.

I am traveling with Alaska Airlines this week with my infant. Can I book a separate seat for my Infant?

Yes, you can book a separate seat for your infant while traveling with Alaska Airlines.

Are there bassinets available on Alaska Flights?

As per Alaska Airlines infant bassinet policy, this service is available on select flights with the airline.

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