Austrian Airlines Name Change Policy – Correct Name on Ticket

Austrian Airlines Name Change Policy

The airline has an Austrian Airlines name change policy for changing or correcting names on air bookings, as getting the wrong name is undesirable. Incorrect passenger name details on flight bookings can cause major issues for airlines and passengers, as they violate aviation regulations. The Airlines can cause frustration if they send a booking confirmation with an incorrect name. Austrian Airlines can cause frustration if they send a booking confirmation with an incorrect name. Knowing the correct steps to take can save you time and money, whether it’s due to a spelling mistake or a change in legal documents. In this article, we will clear every piece of information related to the name change policy of Austrian Airlines.

Austrian Airlines Name Change Policy Overview

Passengers must ensure that the name on their flight booking matches their passport and official ID to avoid issues when flying. 

  • First-time flyers are more likely to provide false names during ticket reservations, which can cause problems.
  • Passengers must be careful when entering their booking details to avoid harsh consequences for their itinerary due to incorrect information.
  • Commuters must ensure that the name on their booking matches their passport and government-issued ID as per aviation industry rules.
  • If your name needs to be corrected on your flight ticket, it may result in the termination of the laws and prevent you from boarding the flight.
  • To be eligible, correct any incorrect names within the given timeframe.
  • Make sure to double-check the name on your flight ticket and make any necessary corrections within the given time frame, or risk having your ticket canceled.

Guidelines for Austrian Airlines name change policy

If you’re flying with Austrian Airlines, don’t worry about incorrect names on your booking. They allow visitors to make necessary changes to their reservation details. This airline has specific conditions for name changes.

  • The carrier has a rule against ticket transfers, meaning that passenger names cannot be changed.
  • Only small changes can be made to personal information without completely altering it.
  • Customers who make reservations directly with the carrier, either online or offline, are eligible to modify their bookings.
  • You can only fix 3 characters in your full name, including first, last, and middle names.
  • The Airline allows customers to change their last name after marriage or divorce by submitting a legal document as per Austrian Airlines name change policy.
  • Passengers may be required to pay a fee for modifications, especially if requested after the reservation is confirmed.
  • To make corrections or changes to your flight, do so at least 48 hours before departure.
  • If you require to make changes to tickets booked through third-party agents or travel companies, there is a specific process that must be followed.
  • If you cancel a ticket with changing personal details, you will not receive a refund.
  • The carrier only accepts payments for changes or corrections in their accepted mode.

How to Change Name Austrian Airlines?

Austrian Airlines has a customer-friendly name correction policy to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. They offer legitimate and approved methods for changing the name on bookings under critical scenarios.

Austrian Airlines Name Change Online

As per Austrian Airlines, name change policy, you can also change your name online. To change your name online, check the following steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Austrian Airlines (, which can be found at
  2. Explore the “Manage Booking” section.
  3. To complete the booking process, users must provide their booking reference code and family name in the designated fields.
  4. On the next page, choose the appropriate booking from the list provided.
  5. Now, you can change the name by using suitable options.
  6. Carefully review new name details, and make sure to double-check them.
  7. Pay the service fee if they are eligible according to the name correction policy.
  8. Austrian Airlines will send you a confirmation email.

Austrian Airlines Name Change Offline

Check Austrian Airlines Name change status at airport

Austrian Airlines offers alternative channels for customers who dislike using the internet or perceive it as unreliable. 

  • These channels allow customers to voice their complaints and grievances through means other than web technologies, such as flight management procedures or concerns about fraud and scams.
  • For getting any information, contact- (1-877-563-0127) for a customer help desk number at an airport ticket counter.

Email for Direct Bookings

The Airline offers a straightforward option for Austrian Airlines change name on ticket

for direct bookings through email. This method is convenient and simple, requiring only a few steps and saving time. Customers can directly contact the airline via email to modify their booking details. See below for the procedure.

  • First, Open your registered email account.
  • Compose an email to
  • Include “Name Change” in the subject section of a message.
  • Provide a clear reason for requesting a name correction, such as a spelling error or last name change.
  • Provide flight details such as PNR number, reference code, and ticket number, along with personal information like full name.
  • Attach identity proofs like a passport or voter ID in case of a misspelled name and a marriage or divorce certificate for legal changes.
  • Send an email after verifying the details.
  • The Airlines will modify your details according to Austrian Airlines change name policy and contact you soon.
  • You can send the change fee online or as directed by the carrier.

Contact Customer Care for Travel Agency Bookings

To request a passenger name change for Austrian Airlines booked through a travel agency, customers cannot use email. Instead, they must contact customer care services, who will respond promptly and address any questions or concerns, making it particularly helpful for legal name change Austrian Airlines.

  • Contact the Austrian Airline customer service number, which is +43-5-1766-1000, to connect with agents and receive assistance.
  • Tell them which agency you used to make your reservation.
  • Inform them if there are any errors in your name.
  • Provide specific details such as flight ticket number, full name, and reference code when prompted.
  • The agents will use the change name option for Austrian Airlines once they approve your documents.
  • To pay for airline fees, you may need to make a payment.
  • A new ticket will be issued and sent to your registered address with the correct PNR and name.
  • Download and print tickets later.
  • You can contact the airline directly or have your travel agent do it for you to make a request, and it will be processed either way.
  • When making indirect bookings, you cannot modify your middle title.
  • Austrian Airlines’ policy prohibits changes to titles on tickets, including additions and deletions.
  • Hyphenated surnames can only be changed for legal reasons when making indirect bookings.
  • If you need to make Austrian Airlines change ticket name that fall under certain categories, such as the passenger name or flight date, you will have to cancel your present booking and create a new one with the correct information.

Austrian Airlines Name Change Fee

As per name change policy, the airline normally charges additional fees for doing corrections or changes to bookings.

  • The Airline takes fees for Austrian Airlines passenger name change, but the fees will be charged based on factors like class, service, and destination.
  • The fee charged for a service may be impacted by the time request.
  • The fees for changing names depend on numerous factors, involving the Airline’s policy and the way of the booking.
  • The Airline takes a flat amount of an estimated EUR 30 or USD 31 for every passenger, disregarding age.
  • The fee charged is non-refundable and can’t be refunded even if the ticket is canceled after making payment.

Lastly, The Airline has an Austrian Airlines name change policy to assist travelers with modifications, corrections, and additions. It is crucial to ensure that your passport name matches the details on your flight ticket in order to avoid any boarding issues. Even a minor discrepancy between the two can lead to ticket cancellation, which can be quite inconvenient and costly. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you review the airline’s policy regarding name changes before making any corrections. 

In particular, if you are flying with Austrian Airlines, it is important to familiarize yourself with their specific policy regarding name changes. By reviewing these policies beforehand, you can save yourself time and money by avoiding errors when correcting names. Hope you will be clarified about the name change policy of Austrian Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change my name on Austrian Airlines tickets?

Austrian Airlines offers a passenger name change feature for correcting details on tickets booked directly with the airline or through travel agencies. Corrections must be made at least 48 hours before departure.

Are name changes by third parties allowed on Austrian Airlines?

You can change your information on Austrian Airlines even if you booked through a travel agency. Contact customer support and submit the required documents to make a name change request.

What documents are needed for Austrian Airlines if your name is misspelled?’

To correct a misspelled name on Austrian Airlines, passengers need to submit a copy of their passport and Voter ID. Legal changes require the submission of marriage or divorce certificates, and sometimes birth certificates may also be necessary.

How can I change my name on Austrian Airlines online?

There is no specific online option to change your name on this airline. However, you can email them with your concerns and include your name, ticket number, and the error. Additionally, attach a copy of your passport or voter ID as proof of identity. Your name will be changed promptly.

Can names be changed on Austrian Airlines?

Austrian Airlines allows passengers to correct misspelled or wrong names, but complete name changes are not allowed, and tickets cannot be transferred. Only changes to 3 letters in the name are permitted, with some additions to the last name also allowed.

How can I change the name on an Austrian Airlines flight ticket?

Austrian Airlines offers two ways to change your name on a reservation: through email or by contacting customer care. Email is available for direct reservations, while the toll-free number can be used to speak with an agent and make the request.

What’s the name change fee for Austrian Airlines?

Austrian Airlines charges a non-refundable fee of about USD 31 or EUR 30 for name corrections, applicable to infants, children, and adults. No discounts or offers are provided on the name change charges.

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