Breeze Airways Name Change Policy – Change Name on Ticket

Breeze Airways Name Change Policy

Breeze Airways Name Change Policy is crafted by Breeze Airways to help you when seeking assistance with name corrections. Breeze Airways aims towards making their passengers life easy so they have very simple policies laid out. To help and assist you regarding any changes or corrections you are seeking.

What is the need of Breeze Airways Name Correction Policy?

Breeze Airways understands a mistake can be made while making bookings. So they have this breeze airways name correction policy, to lay out the steps that needs to be followed. Once a correction or last name changes are requested by the airline. As it is very essential that you name on the ticket matches with the one on your passport. Failing to do so Breeze Airways has the authority to deny you boarding. So to avoid the hassle or any delays at the airport during your journey. It is recommended to make sure your details mentioned on the Breeze Airways flight ticket are correct.

Mentioned below points will give you clarity into the Breeze Airways change passenger name policy.

  • Passengers are allowed to make corrections to their name, only if the changes made don’t change the passenger on the ticket.
  • Passengers are allowed to make changes to their name, if it doesn’t match with the one on the Passport.
  • Passengers seeking changes in their last name need to show the documents as proof. These documents can be marriage documents, divorce documents or birth certificates.
  • Under no circumstance does breeze allow the person on the ticket by changing their name.
  • If any name change or correction request is made within 24 hours of the original Breeze Airways flight booking. Then there is no breeze airways name change fee charged by the airline.
  • Once the window is passed then a correction fee is charged by the airline based on the change or correction requested by the passenger.
  • If bookings are made from third party sites or from a travel agent. Then for name change you have to contact them only.
  • If you are seeking name change or corrections up to 3 characters, that can be done online.
  • Passengers seeking last name change need to call the Breeze Airways call center. Alternatively can also visit the Airport Counter and seek assistance there.

Breeze Airways Name Change Fee

Wondering how much you have to pay for a last name change or correction, then read ahead. As per the Breeze Airways change passenger name policy, If you make corrections within 24 Hours of original booking. Once the 24 hours window passes then a correction fee is charged. This fee starts from $75 and can range up to $400 depending upon the changes needed.

Different Ways To Request Breeze Airways Name Change

How to Change Name on Ticket Breeze Airways

If you have been wondering about the different ways to request name change with Breeze Airways. Then you are at the right place. You can either approach Breeze Airways online or there are offline ways available as well. Be rest assured that your queries will be answered and solved by Breeze Airways. As Breeze has all these policies laid as per your needs. Below mentioned are the ways by which you can seek assistance for name change.

Requesting Name Change Via Official Breeze Airways Website

This is the most convenient way to request changes. You can open the official Breeze website on your device from the comfort of being anywhere. Try following the steps given below in order to try for Name corrections:

  • First visit the official Breeze Website (
  • Now login with the PNR number and last name.
  • Click on My Trips and the booking information will appear.
  • Now make the name corrections needed.
  • If needed, pay a fee and click on submit. Once done you can print or download a new boarding pass.

Requesting Name Change Via Breeze Airways Customer Care

Another way is by giving a call to the customer care line of Breeze Airways. The staff members are just a call away ready to help you with your queries. Keep in mind that it’s better to have all the information handy with you before calling Breeze Airways. As it helps the staff member to identify you and start assisting you as soon as possible. One done they will mail you the new boarding pass. 

Requesting Name Change Via Breeze Airways Mobile App

Another comfortable way to make corrections to your name is by doing it with Breeze Airways mobileApp.First step is to download this app if you don’t already have it.Once done open the app and login using your details.Now the booking details will be visible on the screen.Go ahead and make necessary corrections as soon as breeze airways name change request form opens up.Once done a new boarding pass will be generated and you can either print it or download it.

Requesting Name Change Via Airport Counter

Lastly you can visit the Airport office of Breeze Airways and seek assistance with name corrections or changes needed. It is advised to visit the airport prepared with all your paperwork handy. Also the documents that might be required as a proof also needs to be present as well. The Breeze staff present at the airport is very well trained to serve the needs of passengers seeking assistance. The staff will help you with Breeze Airways name change form and notify you once changes are done.

This article is centered with information regarding requesting a change name on breeze airways tickets. All of your queries regarding name change fee, documents needed are covered here. So you can make informed decisions with the information provided. Even if somehow your flight gets cancelled, Breeze Airways is ready with all the answers needed by you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Breeze Airways Name Change Policy

Can I change passenger name on Breeze Airways after bookings are made?

Yes breeze airways change name on ticket is allowed after you have made your bookings and you realize you made a spelling mistake.

Can you change name on Breeze Airways ticket after you get married?

Just be ready with the legal documents in support of your name change before requesting a Breeze Airways name correction with the airline.

How to change name on Breeze Airways ticket? Are there different ways to request name change with Breeze Airways?

This service of breeze airways change passenger name can be availed by both online ways as well as offline ways.

Is it possible for me to make changes or corrections to my name on Breeze Airways Flight ticket?

Yes you can it is very easy as the breeze airways name change policy allows you to do it for free of charge within 24 hours of booking.

Is it possible for me to change my name to a different person on my Breeze Airways ticket?

No you cannot transfer your Breeze Airways flight ticket by changing your name on the tickets.

Do I need to enter a middle name while making reservations with Breeze Airways?

It is not necessary to use your middle name for making a booking with Breeze Airways as per the breeze airways middle name policy.

Can I make name corrections on my Breeze Airways flight ticket free of charge?

Yes as per Breeze Airways change name policy, the airline charges no fee for making name corrections on your Breeze flight tickets if you do it within 24 hours of flight booking.

I just made my reservation with Breeze Airways and realized I missed my last name while making my booking. Will there be a problem during Boarding?

As per the Breeze Airways add middle name policy, there is no need to add the middle name. Just make sure your first and last name are correct on your Breeze Airways flight ticket.

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