Delta Airlines Infant Policy – Your Infant’s Travel Guide

Delta Airlines Infant Policy

The Delta Airlines Infant Policy will help your infant safely travel on Delta Flights. Delta Airlines considers infants their smallest passengers, so just like other passengers, they have a travel policy to ease their journey. This policy is more to help you ensure your infants’ safety on board.

Air travel is a hassle on its own, and when you are traveling with infants, it can be a lot. Delta understands how hectic it could be for passengers traveling with infants. Hence, they have mapped out this policy to help you plan a trip with your infant. This blog will give you an insight into Delta’s infant policy.

What Does Delta Infant Policy Offers?

Delta Airlines has a very simple to the point policy regarding infants traveling with them. Here discussed are the rules, fees and baggage allowance an infant flying with Delta gets. The airline cares for your infant’s safety, so they have thought of everything to make the journey comfortable for you and your infant. Whether traveling with a single or two infants, Delta Airlines has got you covered. In case your Delta flight gets canceled, you will be notified in advance. This Delta infant policy simplifies the process of traveling with an infant for you.

Delta Airlines has certain age restrictions and rules when it comes to infants flying with them. The points listed below will help you understand this policy better.

  • Infants less than seven days old can only travel with Delta Airlines if you present a doctor’s note stating that your infant is fit to fly.
  • The infant that is less than two years old gets to travel as a Delta Lap Child or on an air travel-approved child seat.
  • One passenger can travel with one lap infant with Delta Airlines.
  • If you are traveling with more than one infant, then you need to buy a seat for the other infant.
  • For traveling with The US, your lap infant travels for free. You need to add your infant is under two years of age on your ticket.
  • For international travels, Delta Infant lap Ticket charged is 10% of an adult fare plus taxes.
  • You need to hold your lap infant in arms while the Delta flight is landing and taking off.

Choosing the right seat for travel makes half of the journey comfortable. Especially when traveling with an infant, this will determine how comfortable you will be throughout the journey. So, As per the Delta infant policy, the seats you should not use for your infant when you are using a safety seat are listed below:

  • The Aisle seats
  • Seats on emergy exits.
  • Bulkhead seats.
  • On Aircrafts A330-200 or A330-300, the flatbed seats are in the Delta One area.

Child Seats or restraints not permitted by Delta Airlines are booster seats and vest and harness-type child restraints as per the Delta Flying with lap infant policy.

Delta Airlines Infants Baggage Allowance 

Check Delta Airlines Travel with Infant Policy

If you are wondering what Delta Airlines’ infant baggage allowance is onboarding the Delta Flight, read ahead. The Delta Lap infant flies for free; hence, they don’t get any baggage allowance. Any item you carry for your Delta infant in arms will count against your baggage allowance.

There is no charge for the strollers or the child safety seats, which don’t count towards the seated infants allowance. The infant flying on their seat gets to bring a checked bag weighing upto 10 kg.

Amenities Offered Delta Infants On Flight

Delta Airlines has been in the air industry for a long time, and they understand the needs of a passenger flying with their infants. Hence, they provide certain amenities on the flight to make the journey smooth for the infant and the accompanying passenger. Below are the amenities you can expect when flying with Infants on Delta Airlines.

Skycots Or Bassinets

Delta Airlines offers its infant passengers Delta infant bassinet service on some international flights.

These are also known as skycots and are for infants weighing upto 9 kg and 26 inches long. You can request this Delta airlines infant bassinet service by calling Delta Airlines’ reservation line. This service cannot be promised as only two available bassinets per aircraft. This service is free of charge.


Delta Airlines is pro-breastfeeding. Delta understands how important it is for you and the infant to breastfeed. So, As per Delta infant in lap policy airline supports breastfeeding, meaning you can breastfeed your infant on Delta flights and facilities. Breast pumps are allowed on the flight.

The information mentioned here is related to the Delta Infant policy. This will help you with your Flight with Delta Airlines when flying with your infant or infants. Safe Travels!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you add an infant, which is a newborn, to the delta flight?

Yes, you can fly with a newborn infant on Delta flights if a doctor’s note indicates the infant is fit to travel.

How do I add a lap infant to my Delta flight ticket?

It is easy to add an infant to your flight ticket. You can do it while making bookings or later on by calling the reservation line.

Is there a baggage allowance for infants that fly with Delta Airlines?

Yes, if your infant is flying on a ticketed seat, they have a baggage allowance with Delta.

I am traveling with my Infant on Delta Airlines. Can I bring the diaper bag for free on the flight?

You can bring an infant item, such as a diaper bag, for free if it fits under your seat as a carry-on and your infant has its own seat. This will be counted as a part of your luggage for a lap infant.

What amenities are offered when traveling with infants on Delta Airlines flights?

The amenities offered by Delta Flights for infants on board are bassinet service and breastfeeding.

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