Eva Air Flight Change Policy – Change Flight in 24 Hours

Eva Air Flight Change Policy

Last minute flight changes can be a hassle and make travelers sweat. Luckily EVA Air flight change policy helps travelers in these times so that they can make required changes to their flights smoothly. EVA Air cares and they understand that life can be unpredictable at times and plans can change. Their policies are laid out in a manner such that it makes it easy for travelers flying with EVA Air to make changes to their respective flights easily. With different modes be it online and offline EVA Air is equipped to give guidance and clarity to all its passengers with the help of a dedicated policy.

Overview of Eva Air Flight Change Policy

Wondering what flight change policy consists of? How much the changes costs? Where can you seek assistance for it? Can I make changes online? Can I make changes by visiting the physical office? Can I change my Eva air flight? What are Eva air change flight date costs? How to make changes and cancellations if required? All of these questions are answered here. Eva Air offers assistance to travelers in every step  for  making changes in their Eva Air flight tickets be it with the help of its 24/7 ready customer service team or through its official website. Certain things need to be made sure of such as the ticket must be booked directly from the authorized center of Eva Airline before applying Eva air change policy ,all the types of tickets be it refundable or non refundable must fulfill the law made by the airline and once the flight has departed no change is possible.

Eva Air Flight Change Policy Rules

Wondering how to change flight Eva air has a policy to answer this. Here is a detailed laid out overview of the Eva air change flight policy. Please refer to the points given below:

  • If the traveler makes changes within 24 hours of the bookings made of EVA Air flight ticket then no change fee is charged
  • If the traveler makes changes after the 24 hour window expires then a change fee is charged by the airline depending on the fare type and route of the destination.
  • If the traveler notifies the airline in advance about the changes then the change fee may be waived off by the EVA airline
  • The traveler has to pay a fee when the changes are made at the airport ticket counter
  • If the travelers upgrade their class then they won’t have to pay any flight change fee but are required to pay a fare difference.
  • Group tickets and award tickets used for travel do not qualify for the flight change policy 

Eva Air Same Day Flight Change Rules

EVA Air cares about you and understands when changes are required and makes it easy for passengers to make them. The Same-day flight changes can be made by travelers with the help of different options provided by The Airline be it online or offline.As per EVA air same-day flight change service travelers will however have to pay a fee between $50 and $300 depending on the route and fare type.The change fee charged may be waived off in some cases by the airline when the traveler has a refundable ticket or membership ticket.

Below mentioned are the points to consider while going for EVA Air same day flight change policy:

  • EVA Air schedule change policy states that the traveler will have to pay a flight change fee for making the same-day flight changes 
  • Keep in mind that the different flight booked must depart within 24 hours from the same airport to the same destination
  • The different flight booked must have the same stops within the same scheduled airports as per the real booking made
  • If a traveler wants to make bookings for any other flight but not with EVA Air then the flight booked needs to be with any member of Star Alliance 
  • For making the same day change, the different flight booked must be departing 3 hours after the change request form is submitted
  • When the flight is canceled by the airline, then the traveler will not be charged any flight change fee and new bookings will be made without paying any fee.

EVA Air Change date policy

Wondering how to change flight date, eva air has a policy crafted to answer this.For travelers looking to make a date change to their flight tickets as per eva air change date policy the airline charges a Eva Air Change Date fee.The traveler has to pay 50 USD to 400 USD depending upon the fare type and the reason for change.EVA Air change date fee is not applicable on the same day of reservation if the flight departure is 7 or more days before the booking date.

EVA Air Flight Change Fee

If you are wondering what Eva air change fee is? then read ahead. The Airline offers its passengers two types of tickets such as Refundable tickets and non-Refundable tickets. And flight change fee charges are based on the fare types of these tickets and the reason provided by traveler. EVA Air flight change fee policy states that the Traveler will not be charged any change fee when the flight change is made within 24 hours of the original booking date and the scheduled departure date of the EVA Air flight is at least 7 days away. Also EVA air will not impose a change fee on the traveler  if the flight gets canceled by them.

Refundable tickets

For refundable tickets holders with EVA Air, the flight change fee will be waived off by the airline if the changes are made for certain reasons such as, death of an immediate family member of the traveler , due to an illness to traveler, pregnancy, government statement, or judiciary law. The flight change fee applicable will however depend on the method of change and the reason for the change mentioned by the traveler. 

Non Refundable tickets

Passengers that have non-refundable tickets with EVA air are charged change fee when making changes after the expiry of 24 hours window. The airline will charge around $50 to $400 as per the Eva Air Ticket Change Fee policy.

No Fee charged  

As per Eva air ticket change policy,the airline will not charge any flight change fee when the flight is canceled for the following reasons such as Strike of pilots and  cabin crew members, due to technical error or natural calamities.

Different modes to make changes to your Eva air flight

Check Eva Air Flight Change Status

EVA Air cares and understands that the last minute flight changes can be hectic for travelers, so it  provides the flexibility to make changes or corrections through different methods be it online or offline to its travelers to make desired changes to their EVA Air flight tickets. Additionally, travelers can also change their Eva Air flight reservations by visiting  the EVA Air ticket counter at the airport. Below mentioned are the different ways you can make your flight changes with the help of.

 Eva Air Flight Change Online Via The official Eva Air Website

Travelers can make changes to their flight ticket online by visiting the official EVA Air website. Here is a detailed process on how you can do it:

  1. Visit Official EVA Air Website (www.evaair.com).
  2. Click on Manage My Trip Tab on the website.
  3. Enter your Last Name and The Reservation Code. 
  4. Then choose The Ticket and Select “Change Flight” .
  5. Make the required changes here and then.
  6. Check once before submitting the changes.
  7. Then pay flight Change Fee and.
  8. Now you can download or print your boarding pass.

Change Eva Air Flight Over the call

You can always  make changes to your flight tickets by calling the 24 hours customer care of EVA Airline. Here is a detailed process on how you can do it:

  1. First call in the Eva Air customer support number at +1-877-563-0127.
  2. Confirm your identity by providing name, departure date, reservation number, and other credentials.
  3. Then you will be provided with the possible options available.
  4. You let them know what date you prefer and request the agent to rebook the trip.
  5. The EVA Air agent will ask to pay the Eva air change flight fee if needed.
  6. Then you can request the agent to send the boarding pass in your mail.

Change Eva Air Flight By Visiting Their Ticket Counter At Airport

You can always visit the airport and seek assistance regarding Flight changes by the EVA Air staff present. Here is how you do it:

  1. Visit the EVA Airline Ticket counter at the airport and then
  2. Seek assistance for your flight change request and an Eva Air staff member will help you.
  3. You can explain your problem to them.
  4. The staff member will decide whether you can make changes and let you know the same.
  5. You need to pay EVA Air change flight fee is required and then.
  6. The Eva Air staff member will print the boarding pass or mail the pass to your registered Email and phone number.

Change Eva Air Flight Via Self-service KIOSK Tower

For the independent passengers there is always a KIOSK Tower they can use to make changes to their flights at the airport. Below mentioned point is how you do it:

  • You need to visit the self-service kiosk tower and.
  • Enter information required such as their booking date, booking number, and passenger name.
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions given and make the necessary changes required.
  • Now you need to pay the Eva air change flight cost and then
  • Print or download the boarding pass and the same will be notified via sms. 

What is realized is that EVA air has a well thought out policies for its travellers. Travelers can make changes to their flights without sweating easily as EVA Air has a dedicated policy for it. Weather traveler is looking for a date change, flight change or time change everything is explained under eva air schedule change policy. What makes EVA Air a popular choice among travelers is that it’s cheaper so these changes can be made easily by paying minimal fee by traveler while traveling with EVA air.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Are there any penalty for changing flight date with EVA Air?

Eva air change flight cost depends upon route and reason provided by the traveller. Fee charged could be around 50$ to 400 $ by EVA Air.

Can flights be changed within 24 hours while flying with EVA Air?

Yes travelers can make changes to their EVA Air flights within 24 hours as per their policies.

Is 3 hours enough to change flight with EVA Air?

Yes Eva air allows changes to be made to their flight tickets 3 hours prior to departure time..

Does Eva Air charge a change date fee on the same day as the reservation?

As per Eva air change date policy there is no Eva air change flight cost, If scheduled date is less than six days away from the booking date.

Does Eva Air offer non-refundable customers the option to alter flights?

Yes Eva air schedule change policy allows  non-refundable customers the option to alter flights their EVA Air flights.

Can I change flight time on my EVA Air flight ticket?

Yes, as per Eva air change flight policy travelers are allowed to make changes to their time.

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