Eva Air Name Change Policy – Change Name on Ticket Online

Eva Air Name Change Policy

Made a mistake while making your travel booking? No worries luckily EVA Air change name policy helps travelers make the necessary changes or corrections they need to make to their EVA Air flight ticket. EVA Air understands the gravity of this situation and allows passengers to make necessary and needed changes. While making multiple bookings traveler or travel agent might end up making a mistake be it a minor spelling mishap or wrong name entries. EVA Air has a dedicated policy in times like this, to give traveler a clear idea of what can be done next.

This article gives a clear understanding on the matter and solution provided by EVA Air.

Guidelines for Eva Air Name Change

Are you worrying about an error you made in your name in your flight ticket? Are you wondering what can be done now? How many times can you edit your flight ticket? Can you change your last name on your ticket? How to proceed with cancellations and make relevant changes? Do you need your middle name in your flight ticket? How much is the fee charged for correction and first and last name changes by EVA Air? If you are wondering all this then Worry no more and read ahead to get the answers you have been looking for.

Given the gravity of the situation, Eva air change name on ticket policy allows travelers to make necessary changes and solve the crisis at hand. Weather it’s a misspelling in your first or last name or you need to change your last name, EVA Air has certain guidelines that allows  corrections and changes to be made to the original Flight ticket. According to Eva air name correction policy passengers can make any necessary modifications and changes to their name.

Some key points to keep in mind while Eva air name change are:

  • Alteration to both first and last name or few character modification is allowed 
  • There is no charge for name changes that are made within four hours of booking EVA Air flight
  • There is a charge for changes made after four hours of booking your flight for name corrections
  • eva air name correction can be done online or offline by the passenger

When name change is not allowed

Through EVA Air change name policy travelers can make changes/correction to their original EVA air flight tickets but there is a condition where you can not make any correction or changes to your original EVA Air flight ticket.The EVA Air name correction policy does not allow name changes or corrections on a flight ticket if the ticket is an open ticket meaning it can be used by someone else. This is in regards with IATA’s regulations and applies to all the airlines. However, if a traveler’s name contains typographical errors, then they are allowed to make name corrections—but only once too their original flight tickets. 

Name Changes allowed by Eva Airlines

Mistakes are made and while making air ticket bookings an error can be made by system,traveler  or travel agent.Weather its a silly error in your name or changing your last,middle name.Eva air name correction allows following changes to be made by travelers:

  • Slight alterations: Policy on Eva air change name on ticket states that minor changes such as simple spelling errors in first, second or third name can be made easily by passengers as no formal or legal documentation is required.
  • Changes in surname: A legal binding document issued by the government that shows both previous and new names of passengers is required to be presented to EVA Airline under  eva air change passenger name policy.

Middle Name changes/correction in EVA Air

Check Eva Air Ticket Name Change Status

EVA Air middle name policy states that as long as first and last name matches on the traveler’s passport with the name mentioned on the ticket they are carrying while traveling there is no need for mentioning middle name on the flight travel ticket. Middle names are not common among people in the world. Though EVA Air does not require travelers middle name while making flight ticket bookings with them. It’s totally optional you can choose to add your middle name while booking your flight ticket to travel with EVA Air. Only thing for you to remember is your name mentioned on ticket needs to same as on your passport both first and last name respectively.

Making changes to your name Online Via EVA Air Official website

Travelers can make required changes they are seeking by visiting the official EVA air website from Anywhere. under eva air change name policy easily from the comfort of their homes travelers can make necessary first and last name change to their tickets  by availing online service by EVA Air.Below are the steps that you can follow while making changes online:

  • You can visit the official EVA Air website(www.evaair.com) on your desktop or laptop or mobile devices and go to MY Bookings once page is loaded
  • After that enter you need to enter your “Title Name” and “PNR”
  • Then select Find My Trip and a page pops up that contains your trip summary 
  • On that page you have to choose Personalize your Trip after that
  • You can make changes/corrections to your first and last name on your original plane tickets
  • Then select on Save Changes button on this page ,then
  • If required you can make payments regarding fees applicable in your case and then review your information before submitting it.
  • Once done revised E-ticket will be available now on your screen 
  • You will also be notified via email or sms for the respective changes or corrections made to your original flight ticket by EVA Air.

Making changes to your name Via EVA Air Customer Care

Unable to make name changes online? Worry no more. For times when travelers are unable to make changes online or lack the means of doing it. EVA Air has a dedicated customer care line for travelers to ease their worries and guide them through the process and make necessary changes. EVA Air has a dedicated team of professionals just a call away ready to happily be of assistance to travelers. EVA Air has dedicated toll free line +1-877-563-0127  that can be reached for any assistance required. Although it is recommended that travelers should have all the necessary documents with them while they call seeking assistance for first and last name change on their EVA air flight ticket.

Making changes to your name At EVA Air Ticket Counter 

Travelers can always reach out to EVA Airlines Ticket counter in need of assistance for their query. EVA Air has a team of trained professionals who are equipped to help travelers with their problems and are happy to do so. At the airport ticket counter of EVA Air travelers can ask support staff to help them with the necessary first and last name changes/correction required to their original flight ticket. With all the government approved IDs that support name change/correction request and their original EVA air flight  tickets travelers can go to the EVA Air airport ticket counter and ask for required assistance.

Fee Charged For Name Change/Correction

Here is an overview of what and how much EVA Air charges for first and last name change/corrections.As per eva air change name policy Eva Air charges a fee to travelers for first and last name change/correction under different scenarios.For instance if a traveler makes changes to their ticket within 4 hours of ticket purchase ,no fee is charged by EVA Air.Once 4 hour window has passed then a change/correction fee is charged by  the Airline.

EVA Air Name Change Fee of $50 to 100$ is charged by the Airline for name changes once the 4 hour window is passed. EVA Air does not include discounts for infants and children for name change charge on flight tickets which are non refundable.

Importance of Correct name on your flight ticket

Ever wondered why is it important to have the correct first and last name on your flight tickets? Why cant you leave it with silly misspellings  and errors? Well it all comes down to your identification. How can the Airline know it’s really you who is traveling with them? Proof of who you are ,what your name is, it is all very important while traveling. So if your first and last name doesn’t match with government provided id proofs then you won’t be allowed to board your flight. So to avoid any mishaps and confusion it is very important that your name on your flight ticket matches your issued government ID for easy verification at the airport.

We all make mistakes, they are a part of life. While making bookings sometimes errors are made, it could be a system error that might cause it or human error. No matter what the cause EVA Air understands the seriousness of the situation that traveler might be facing. EVA Air provides guidance with the help of EVA Air name correction policy and Eva Air name change policy. Policy is designed in such a way to give travelers a clear view of what needs to be done and how it can be done and implemented. Travellers are suggested to keep their government provided IDs handy while applying for first and last name correction/changes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On Eva air how to change name on ticket for free?

No Eva Air name change fee is applicable if changes/corrections are made to original flight tickets within a window 4 hours after ticket purchase.

Is there a fee charged by EVA Air for name change on the flight ticket?

Once you miss your 4 hour window after booking your flight then EVA Air charges you for name changes/correction that you require.

What documents are required while making changes to EVA Air flight tickets?

Travelers are requested to bring government provided documents in support of name change on their original flight tickets.

What are the different modes that can be used for name change to my EVA Air flight ticket?

Travellers can make changes to their ticket by calling customer care, visiting official website and visiting the ticket counter.

Can i make changes on my EVA Air flight ticket using a mobile app?

Yes you can easily make changes to your original EVA Air ticket on your phone using their mobile app.

How to contact EVA Air for a name change on my original flight ticket?

EVA Air has a dedicated toll free helpline number which is available 24 hours at the traveler’s disposal. You can call the toll free number and make the necessary changes.

Can I make name changes to my flight ticket at Eva air airport counter?

Yes you can as EVA Air has a dedicated team of professional staff that specializes in helping flyers with their queries.

How many times can I make changes to my EVA Air flight ticket?

Only once changes are allowed to your original flight tickets so travelers need to be very careful while making changes/corrections.

Can i make name changes/corrections to open flight tickets?

No changes are allowed on transferable tickets by the EVA airline.

Is middle name mandatory in EVA Air flight tickets?

No, middle name is not required on flight tickets only first and last names are required. However if you wish to add you can happily do so.

Does it matter if my name is wrong on my EVA air Flight ticket?

You won’t be allowed to board your EVA Air flight if your name doesn’t match as the name on your passport.

Can you change the name on your EVA plane ticket at check in?

EVA Air does not allow any changes to be made to flight tickets at check in.

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