Finnair Pet Policy – Travel with Pets

Finnair Pet Policy

The airlines has gathered all the information for pet owners who plan to travel with their pets by making a finnair pet policy. The article emphasizes the importance of knowing regulations and requirements before starting a journey. When traveling with pets, it’s important to be aware of the different regulations in each country. Some countries may restrict certain types of animals or require specific documents and vaccinations for entry. To ensure preparedness, check with the nearest consulate or embassy for detailed information about their regulations.

If you’re traveling to certain countries like Great Britain, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates and Australia with your pet, it might be necessary to ship them as cargo. It means they won’t travel alongside you in the cabin or checked baggage areas of the plane. Knowing beforehand what’s required can help ensure a safe journey for you and your pet.

Travel Options for Pets 

As per pet policy, there are several options allowed by Finnair Airlines for passengers to travel with their furry friends, as follows:

Finnair Pet in Cabin

Check Finnair Pets in cabin status

Pets such as cats, small dogs, rabbits, tortoises and hedgehogs can be taken along if they meet certain weight requirements:

  • Maximum. 8kg (17lb).
  • The carrier for your pet must fit under the seat in front of you during air travel.

Assistance and service dogs can fly in the cabin for free on all flights, regardless of size.

Booking flights for Pets in the Cabin

Does finnair allow pets in cabin?, Yes, If you’re planning to travel with your pet and want them to accompany you in the cabin, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when booking your flight.

  • It is advised to book travel plans early. 
  • You can buy transportation for your small pet while booking your flights online. 
  • You will see the Pet in Cabin option during the Travel Extras step if available.
  • You can add your pet to an existing booking and pay the fee online through Manage Booking.
  • Customers flying Business Class on short-haul flights in Europe should contact customer service to arrange pet transportation.
  • For finnair pet travel, you cannot travel in Business Class on long-haul flights due to limited space under the seats.
  • Customers are limited to one pet carrier per person, and most flights allow two customers with pets in the cabin. However, factors such as aircraft type, destination weather or allergic passengers may impact the number of pets allowed on a flight.
  • Airlines have varying pet travel policies, so it’s important to check each one if your ticket includes multiple carriers. Each airline will need to confirm the pet booking for their specific flight.

Pets in Aircraft Hold

Bigger dogs and ferrets can travel in the hold on the same flight as you provided that the combined weight of the pet and carrier does not exceed a certain limit.

  • 75kg (165lb) max on Finnair flights.
  • 50kg (110lb) max on Norra flights.

Booking flights for Pets on hold

  • According to pet policy, It is advised to book your trip early.
  • To bring a pet on a flight, book online at least seven days prior and inform the airline via chat within 24 hours of booking. Provide the carrier’s and pet’s dimensions and weight, and pay through the provided link.
  • Airlines confirm pet bookings within two days of reservation and aim to confirm hold travel for pets to/from the USA at least two weeks before departure. Refunds are available if pets cannot be accepted for requested flights.
  • When traveling with a pet in the hold, a minimum transfer time of 3 hours between flights should be considered when booking.
  • Finnair allow pets on hold on their flights, but limitations may apply due to factors such as aircraft type, destination weather, or allergic passengers. Finnair accepts up to two pets.
  • If your flight ticket includes flights operated by airlines other than Finnair or Norra, you cannot travel with a pet in the hold.

Documents, Vaccination and Quarantines

Countries have different pet transport rules, including required documents, vaccinations and quarantine times. 

  • Inspecting the rules of both departure and destination countries before booking flights is noteworthy.
  • If you are preparing to journey with your cat, dog or ferret between EU countrysides, you require a pet passport which can be received from your veterinarian. 
  • The Finnish Food Authority’s website delivers other details on ferrying pets to and from Finland.
  • When traveling with a puppy, it must be at least eight weeks old and can eat independently after being weaned by its mother.

Assistance dogs

As per pet policy, airlines suggest that if you’re traveling with a service or assistance dog, fill out the special assistance form at least 48 hours before departure.

Shipping Pets as Cargo

Finnair Cargo offers pet transportation as cargo. Interested customers can book this service through a forwarding company.

To cart a pet as cargo, you must fetch it at a cargo airport and rescue it at the terminus. The expense is based on factors such as the size and weight of the pet and its container.

Pet Transportation fees

Passengers must pay a fee for transporting pets, except for guide and duty dogs. The fee can be paid in advance during flight booking or later through Manage Booking. Payment links for pets traveling in the hold are available through the chat service. Below are the pet transportation fees for Finnair flights (operated and bearing a flight number by Finnair).

Fees per flightFlights within EuropeIntercontinental flights*
Pet in the cabin€60€120/$130
Pets allowed in hold with weight limits: 75kg (Finnair) or 50kg (Norra)€120€600/$650
Pet as cargoTo find out about pricing for Finnair Cargo, visit their website (

*Containing destinations in the Middle East

When exiting from India, local tariffs will be counted toward the fee.

Airlines Forms and Pet Policies

According to finnair airlines pet policy, when flying with a pet, knowing the airline’s policies is crucial. Some permit pets in the cabin, and others require them to travel as cargo. The size and type of animal allowed on flights also vary by airline.

Health Certificate

When traveling with pets on airlines, a health certificate from a veterinarian is often required to ensure the pet is healthy and free of infectious diseases. Finnair requires a Health Certificate completed within ten days of travel for pets in the cargo section.

Hot and Cold Weather Restrictions

Finnair has temperature restrictions for pet travel as cargo or checked baggage. Pets may not be boarded when the runway temperature at departure is above 84F (29C) degrees, and an Acclimation Certificate may be required if it’s below 45F (7C) degrees.

Finnair Pet Policy – International

If you want to enjoy finnair flying with pets, then, Certain requirements must be met before traveling with a pet to another country. Finnair and other airlines require all necessary documents and permits to enter the destination country.

  • A Veterinary or Health Certificate is often required to travel with a pet. This document confirms the animal’s health and contains vaccination records, microchip numbers, and overall health status. 
  • Different countries have their regulations for traveling with pets.
  • When traveling with pets, obtaining an Import Permit and a certificate may be necessary. 
  • It’s crucial to verify the specific requirements for pet travel with the embassy or consulate of the destination country.
  • Airlines offer information on pet travel requirements through their websites and customer service, while Pet Travel Store provides detailed instructions and forms for obtaining a pet passport.
  • Traveling abroad with pets requires careful planning and attention to detail. 
  • Fulfilling all requirements beforehand ensures a smooth journey for you and your furry companion.

Tips for Traveling Internationally with Pet

If you’re carrying your pet abroad, keep finnair travel with pets recommendations in mind for a safe and comfortable journey: 

  • Before reserving a ticket with an airline, it is crucial to research their pet guidelines and regulations.
  • To ensure a smooth trip with your pet, it is important to ensure they are comfortable with their travel carrier well before the journey.
  • Give yourself ample time when applying for permits and documents, as some may require several weeks to process.
  • Before traveling internationally with your pet, make sure they have all necessary vaccinations and medications by consulting with a veterinarian.
  • When traveling with pets, it’s important to consider the destination country’s climate and environment. Certain breeds may not be suitable for extreme temperatures or high altitudes.

It is concluded that Finnair has a pet policy that prioritizes the safety and comfort of pets and passengers during air travel. As per finnair pet policy, Passengers should review all requirements and restrictions before booking a flight with their pets to ensure a stress-free journey for their furry friends.

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable flight experience for pets, Finnair recommends booking flights early and informing the airline of any special needs. It’s also important to consult a veterinarian to ensure your pet is healthy enough for air travel. Adhering to Finnair’s pet policy will help ensure a positive experience for the owner and furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is finnair pet policy in cabin?

According to finnair airlines, You can bring small pets such as cats, rabbits, and dogs on flights if their weight and carrier combined is 8kg or less. The pet carrier must fit under the seat in front of you.

How many pets are allowed by finnair airlines flying with pets?

Finnair can typically accommodate two pets in the hold on their flights, but this may be limited by various factors such as aircraft type, destination weather, or allergic passengers. Norra-operated flights only allow for one pet in the hold.

Can dogs walk on planes?

Airlines typically only permit small and light dogs in the cabin, as they must fit under the seat. Large dogs usually have to travel in the cargo hold of the plane.

Are airlines strict about pet size?

When journeying with a finnair pets, you must ensure the carrier can conform under the seat in front of you and stay there for the flight. The highest dimensions for hard-sided kennels are 17.5 inches lengthy, 12 inches broad, and 7.5 inches elevated.

Can dogs sit in plane seats?

Many airlines now allow dogs in-cabin, but you cannot buy a seat for your dog on a plane. According to finnair airlines pet policy, Dogs must travel in a carrier that fits underneath the seat in front of you.

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