RyanAir Name Change Policy – Change Name On Ticket?

RyanAir Name Change Policy

When we talk about air travel, your identity matters. But what happens when you realise there’s an error in your ticket? Fear not, as you are covered with the very convenient Ryanair name change policy. We’ve all experienced those moments when we realise we misspelt our name accidentally. They know this, and they’ve simplified the process of correcting/changing them. This straightforward policy allows you to correct any mistakes or change passenger name. Whether it’s a simple typo or a change in your travel companion, its flexible approach ensures that you can update your ticket with ease. Say goodbye to the stress of rigid policies and expensive fees. With this policy, you can travel confidently, knowing that your journey is customised to your needs. But before requesting to change or correct your name, there are some guidelines that you must know about. So, sit back, relax, and know everything about this policy.

Guidelines For Ryanair Change Name On Flight

The airline knows the fact that the travel plans can sometimes require adjustments. They go with the need for flexibility when it comes to passenger information. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to change a name on your flight ticket. Ryanair change flight name guidelines will make it smooth for you. These guidelines provide you with the necessary steps to ensure your travel details are accurate and up to date. Here are the key points to keep in mind when navigating this policy:

  • The name change policy applies to all bookings made directly through the website.
  • The policy covers both misspelled names & changes in personal circumstances.
  • Name changes must be requested at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure.
  • It may require supporting documentation to validate the name change request.
  • To initiate a name change, contact customer service. 
  • Give the accurate details regarding the name change/correction.
  • They may charge a fee for processing Ryanair change name on flight.
  • Fees are subject to change, so it’s best to confirm the current charges with customer service.
  • If you have travel insurance, check whether name changes are covered under the policy.
  • Some insurance providers may offer coverage for name changes, alleviating any additional expenses.
  • Once the name change request is processed and approved, you will receive an updated ticket. Ensure that you carefully review the revised ticket to confirm the accuracy of the changes made.
  • You not only can change name but can also change your flight or can even cancel your flight.

Types Of Ryanair Name Change Requests

Check RyanAir Name Change Status

The airline is very well aware & understands of the mistakes that happen when it comes to passenger names on tickets. That’s why they have developed a name change policy to accommodate various types of name change requests. Explore the different scenarios in which passengers may need to request a name change. It ensures a hassle-free travel experience.

Misspelled Names

One common reason for a name change request is when a passenger’s name is misspelled on their flight ticket. Misspellings can occur due to various reasons. It concludes reasons such as typographical errors during the booking process/differences between the name provided & the official identification document. Passengers should follow the steps outlined in Ryanair change booking name policy to rectify the mistake. By contacting customer service and following instructions, passengers can ensure that their names are corrected on their flight tickets. They can avoid any potential issues during travel. 

Legal Name Changes

Another scenario that may require a name change is when a passenger’s legal name has been officially changed. This can happen due to marriage, divorce, adoption, or other legal processes. The name on the flight ticket to match the passenger’s identification to comply with airline regulations. Passengers undergoing a legal name change should provide the required documentation. It includes a marriage certificate or court order, to support their request. Initiate the name change process well in advance to allow for processing and ensure a smooth travel experience.

Name Changes for Travel Partner/Friends

It may also be necessary when a passenger needs to modify the details of their travel companions on a ticket. This can occur if a person initially booked a flight for themselves &  a friend. But later needs to change the friend’s name due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, passengers should refer to the name change policy & request the necessary changes. Providing accurate details and supporting documentation, if required, will help facilitate the process. It’s important to note that name changes for travel companions may be subject to availability and additional fees.

Incorrect Passenger Details

Sometimes, passengers may discover errors in other passenger details on their ticket. Errors include the date of birth or passport number. These errors can occur due to oversight during the booking process or changes in personal information. To ensure that the information on the flight ticket aligns with the passenger’s identification documents, request a name change. Follow all the steps as per policy and give all the required documentation. Pay any applicable Ryanair change flight name fee. By following all that you can ensure that all your details are accurate and up to date.

Name Changes for Infants

When travelling with an infant, passengers may need to make a name change request for the child’s ticket. This can happen if the infant’s name was not provided at the time of booking. It can also happen if there are errors in the name on the ticket. You must get it correct to ensure a smooth travel experience. It is important to submit the necessary documentation, such as the infant’s birth certificate, to support the name change request. By following the appropriate steps, passengers can avoid any potential issues during their journey. 

How To Change Name On Ryanair Flight?

Changing the name on a flight can be done through various options. The options are online, over the phone, or through a travel agent. Here’s a guide on how to change the name using each method:

Ryanair Change Booking Name Online

You can change/correct your name online via a website. Follow the steps below to get a smoother experience:

  • Visit their website(www.ryanair.com) and go to “My Bookings”.
  • Enter details like- booking reference number & the email address used during the booking process.
  • Follow the instructions thoroughly to make the necessary changes.
  • Note that online name changes may have specific limitations and Ryanair name change cost.

Request To Change Name Via Phone

For a more direct approach, you can call the customer service directly. Follow the steps below to get you name changed or corrected:

  • Contact customer service helpline. The number can be found on their website.
  • Provide your booking reference number.
  • Explain to them the reason for the name change.
  • You must then do as they instruct you.
  • Provide any necessary documentation or pay applicable Ryanair change flight name cost during the call.

Ryanair Change Flight Name Through Travel Agent

There are many passengers who book their tickets via a travel agent. Then you must get your name changed or corrected by them as well as per Ryanair name change policy. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Contact them directly for assistance with the name change.
  • Give them your details related to booking details & also tell them your reason for the change.
  • The travel agent will guide you through the necessary steps and coordinate with the airline on your behalf.
  • Be aware that travel agents may charge their own service fees for handling name changes.

Ryanair Name Change Fees

When it comes to changing names for flights, there are fees associated with the process. These fees vary depending on whether the name change is done online or through an agent. In the following table, you’ll find the breakdown of the Ryanair name change fee mentioned below:

EventOnline Name ChangeName Change Via Travel Agent
Ryanair Name Change Cost€/£115€/£160

Note: By opting for self-service online, the name change fee amounts to €/£115. On the other hand, if you choose to contact an agent to process the change, the fee increases to €/£160.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Ryanair Name Change Policy

Can you change name on flight once booked?

Yes, you can change the name on the flight once booked. You must read the guidelines of Ryanair name change policy once to get everything sorted.

Does Ryanair charge to change name?

Yes, the airline charges Ryanair change flight name cost to change the name. They charge €/£115 for online name change and €/£160 for name change via travel agent.

What if my middle name is spelled wrong on my airline ticket?

If you got your missile name spelled wrong, then you can get it corrected. For that you need to contact the airline immediately.

Can you Ryanair change name after check in?

Yes, you can Ryanair change name after check in. But for that you will be charged a fee. You need to check the fees and guidelines first.

How much does it cost to change name on Ryanair?

When you want to change your name, the airline charges a fee. They charge €/£115 for online name change and €/£160 for name change via travel agent.

How to change name on Ryanair flight?

You can change your name for a flight ticket via different mediums. The mediums include websites, phone calls, and travel agents.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else’s name?

Yes, you can transfer your ticket to someone else’s name by changing the name on the booking. Remember that there may be Ryanair change flight name fee associated with this process.

Can I change the name on my Ryanair booking at the airport?

No, name changes cannot be done at the airport. You must make the necessary changes online or by contacting customer service before your flight.

Is there a deadline for changing the name on my Ryanair booking?

Yes, it requires name changes to be made at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight.

What documents are required for a name change on a Ryanair booking?

You will typically need to provide a valid passport/national ID card for the person whose name is being changed. Also any additional documentation that is requested by the airline.

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