Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy – Change Name on Ticket

Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy

The Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures that passengers must follow when modifying the names associated with their flight reservations. Singapore Airlines, one of the world’s most renowned and respected airlines, has long been synonymous with excellence in service and innovation in the aviation industry. 

However, in the travel world, plans can change, and passengers may need to alter their flight reservations, including changes to passenger names. The Singapore airlines change name policy covers eligibility criteria, associated fees, and the steps passengers must take to request a name change. So, let us move ahead and learn more about the name change policy. 

Overview of Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy

The Name Change Policy is a set of guidelines and procedures governing the process of modifying passenger names on flight reservations with Singapore Airlines. This policy is in place to accommodate various scenarios, including spelling errors, legal name changes, or the substitution of travelers. Here’s a brief overview of the critical aspects of the policy:

Eligibility for Name Changes

Singapore Airlines change name on ticket primarily applies to passengers who have already booked their flights. So, can I change passenger name on Singapore airlines? Well, here are the eligibility criteria for making a name change:

  • The booking must be confirmed: Name changes can only be requested for verified bookings.
  • Domestic and international flights: The policy applies to both domestic and international flights operated by Singapore Airlines.
  • Only certain fare types: Name changes may not be available for all fare types. Some promotional fares or tickets booked through third parties may have more stringent restrictions.
  • Non-group bookings: The policy generally pertains to individual and non-group bookings. Group bookings may have different rules and requirements.

Name Change Fees

Singapore Airlines typically charges a fee for name changes, and the amount can vary depending on several factors, including the route, fare type, and the proximity to the departure date. Fees tend to be higher when changes are requested closer to the departure date. Passengers should check the fees associated with their booking when considering a name change.


Passengers requesting a name change must contact Singapore Airlines customer service or booking channel. They need to provide the correct passenger name and any necessary supporting documentation, such as marriage certificates for name changes due to marriage.


It’s advisable to request name changes well in advance of the departure date, as closer to the date, fees may be higher, and changes may not be possible.


Passengers should ensure they have all the required documentation to support their name change request.

Third-Party Bookings

If the reservation was made through a travel agency or third-party website, passengers should contact them first to initiate the name change process.

Why Name Changes Are Needed?

Name changes on flight reservations may become necessary for a variety of reasons. These reasons can include:

  • Spelling Errors: Mistakes happen, and sometimes, passenger names need to be corrected during the booking process.
  • Legal Changes: Passengers may undergo name changes due to marriage, divorce, or other legal reasons.
  • Traveling with a Substitute: Sometimes, travelers may need to replace themselves with someone else for a flight they can no longer take.
  • Data Entry Errors: Airlines may make errors while entering passenger information, necessitating corrections.
  • Travel Agency Mistakes: When booking through a travel agency, errors can occur, and name changes may be required to rectify these mistakes.
  • Security Regulations: Compliance with security regulations may require that passenger names accurately match their government-issued IDs or passports.

Singapore Airlines recognizes these potential scenarios and has established a name change policy to accommodate passenger needs while maintaining security and operational integrity.

How to Change Name in Singapore Airlines Ticket?

How to Change Name on Singapore Airlines Ticket

You’ll need to follow a specific procedure to change the name on a Singapore Airlines ticket. Keep in mind that the ability to change a name on a ticket may be subject to the airline’s policies, fare rules, and your specific circumstances. Here’s a step-by-step procedure to change a name on a Singapore Airlines ticket:

  • Contact Singapore Airlines Customer Service: Visit the official Singapore Airlines website ( and navigate to the “Contact Us” or “Customer Service” section to find the appropriate contact information.

Alternatively, you can call the Singapore Airlines customer service hotline. Have your booking reference (PNR) and ticket number ready.

  • Explain the Reason for the Name Change: Clearly explain the reason for the name change to the customer service representative. Common causes include spelling errors, legal name changes, or substituting a passenger.
  • Provide Documentation: You may need to provide supporting documentation depending on the reason for the name change. For instance:
    • Spelling Error: If it’s a minor spelling error, you may only need to provide identification with the correct spelling (e.g., passport or driver’s license).
    • Legal Name Change: If the name change is due to a legal change, you’ll typically need to provide legal documentation, such as a marriage certificate or court order.
    • Substituting a Passenger: If you’re replacing a traveler with another person, you might be required to provide a valid ID or passport for the new traveler.
  • Pay the Name Change Fee: Singapore Airlines typically charges a fee for name changes. The amount can vary based on route, fare type, and proximity to the departure date. Be prepared to pay the applicable name change fee as part of the process.
  • Review and Confirm the Changes: Double-check the information provided to ensure accuracy. Confirm that the new name matches the supporting documentation and the booking details.
  • Receive Confirmation: After processing the name change request and receiving payment, Singapore Airlines will provide you with confirmation of the change. This confirmation should include the updated ticket information with the corrected name.
  • Update Travel Documents: Ensure that all relevant travel documents, such as passports or IDs, match the updated name on your airline reservation.
  • Recheck Your Itinerary: Review your updated itinerary to ensure all details, including flight dates and times, are accurate.

Benefits of Name Change Policy

The Name Change Policy offers passengers several benefits, enhancing flexibility and ensuring a smoother travel experience. Here are some of the critical benefits of this policy:

  • The Policy offers flexibility for correcting errors in bookings.
  • Passengers can easily update their reservations to reflect legal name changes.
  • It provides peace of mind during unexpected travel situations.
  • Ensures compliance with security and identification regulations.
  • Preserve ticket value and avoid costly rebooking.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Streamlines the name change process for efficiency.
  • Mitigates the risk of fraud and unauthorized transfers.
  • Helps travelers meet requirements for travel insurance claims.
  • Maintains consistency and high service standards for all passengers.

About Singapore Airlines Name Change Fee

The Singapore Airline Name Change Fee is a charge the airline imposes when a passenger requests to change the name on their flight reservation. This fee covers administrative and operational costs associated with processing the name change. Here are some key points about the Singapore Airlines Name Change Fee:

  • Varied Fees: The exact fee amount can vary depending on several factors, including the route, fare type, and how close the requested name change is to the departure date.
  • Fee Structure: The fee structure for name changes is typically outlined in the airline’s terms and conditions. Passengers can find specific information about the fees applicable to their booking when requesting a name change.
  • Online: Name changes are not allowed through the online platform.
  • Contact Singapore Airlines: If you wish to change the name on your ticket, you can contact Singapore Airlines. This process incurs a fee of 250 USD, and you may also need to cover any fare differences that apply due to the change.
  • Airport: Name changes are prohibited at the counter unless requested up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure. The same change fee of 250 USD would be applied in such cases.
  • Non-Refundable: In most cases, the name change fee is non-refundable. This means that if you pay the fee to change the name on your ticket and then decide not to travel, you will not receive a refund for the cost.
  • Payment Responsibility: The passenger requesting the name change is responsible for paying the fee. This applies regardless of whether the name change is due to an error by the airline, the passenger, or any other reason.
  • Transferring Tickets: In situations where a passenger needs to move a ticket to another traveler entirely, additional fees and fare differences may apply, and it may be subject to specific airline policies.

Specific Rules for Singapore Airlines Name Correction Policy

Singapore Airlines has particular rules and guidelines in its Singapore airline Name Change Policy that passengers must adhere to when requesting name corrections or changes on their flight reservations. Here are some of the critical rules and considerations:

  • Singapore Airlines allows name corrections for minor spelling errors to ensure accurate traveler information.
  • Legal name changes, including those due to marriage or court orders, are generally accommodated with appropriate documentation.
  • Passengers changing marital status can update their names, but documentation may be required.
  • Prefix or title changes can be requested during the name correction process.
  • Singapore Airlines permits passengers to revert to their maiden name after a previous name change due to marriage.
  • For passengers without a last name on their government ID, using the first name as both first and last name is allowed during booking but must be included afterward.
  • Name change fees vary based on route, fare type, and proximity to the departure date.
  • Some name corrections can be made online, while others require contacting customer service.
  • Supporting documentation, such as marriage certificates or court orders, may be needed for specific corrections.
  • Passengers with third-party bookings should initiate name corrections with the booking agency first.
  • In significant name correction cases, passengers may need to cancel, refund, and rebook their flights, incurring additional costs.

Explain the Types of Singapore Airlines Name Correction

Singapore Airlines typically allows passengers to make name corrections or changes for various reasons, and these corrections can be categorized into different types based on the nature of the change. Here are the common types of name corrections or changes with Singapore Airlines:

  1. Spelling Error Correction: This type of correction involves fixing minor spelling mistakes in a passenger’s name. Spelling errors can occur during the booking process due to typos or other input mistakes. For example, if a passenger’s name is misspelled as “Johnn” instead of “John,” Singapore Airlines may allow a correction to the accurate spelling.
  1. Marital Status Change: Passengers who change their marital status, such as getting married or divorced, may need to update their last name to reflect the change. In such cases, the airline may allow a name change to match the new legal name.
  1. Legal Name Change: When a passenger undergoes a legal name change for any reason, such as a court-ordered name change, they may need to update their name on their flight reservation to align with their new legal name. Singapore Airlines typically accommodates such changes.
  1. Substitution of Passengers: In some situations, passengers may need to replace themselves with another person for a flight reservation. This can occur due to unforeseen circumstances or emergencies. Singapore Airlines usually allows this substitution, provided the appropriate procedures are followed.
  1. Title or Prefix Change: Passengers who wish to change their title or prefix (e.g., Mr., Mrs., Dr.) can request this correction. While it may not be as common as other name corrections, Singapore Airlines often permits title changes.
  1. Maiden Name Restoration: Some passengers who had previously changed their last name due to marriage may want to restore their maiden name on their flight reservation after a divorce or other circumstances. Singapore Airlines generally allows such changes.
  1. Singapore Airlines No Last Name: Suppose your government-issued identification doesn’t include a last name. In that case, Singapore Airlines allows you to use your first name as your first and last name when making a reservation, following their name change policy. For instance, if your first name is ‘ABC,’ you can enter ‘ABC’ as your last name during the booking process. It’s crucial to note that the last name must be included once the ticket is issued. In such situations, passengers must follow a specific procedure: they must request the cancellation of the flight, apply for a refund, and then rebook the same flight with the correct passenger’s name to ensure compliance with the airline’s policies.

Essential Considerations When requesting a name change with Singapore Airlines

When requesting a name change with Singapore Airlines, there are several important considerations to keep in mind to ensure a smooth and successful process:

  • Timing is crucial; request name changes in advance to avoid last-minute complications and higher fees.
  • Singapore airlines add middle name is also feasible. 
  • Prepare the necessary documentation, such as marriage certificates or legal documents, to support singapore airlines name on ticket change request.
  • Communicate the correct reason for the change, whether due to a spelling error or a legal name change.
  • Understand and budget for applicable name change fees, which can vary based on factors like route and fare type.
  • Confirm whether the name change can be made online or if you need to contact Singapore Airlines  directly.
  • If you booked through a third party, initiate the name change process with them first.
  • Consider the potential impact on the ticket’s overall price, including fare differences.
  • Always request and confirm receipt of updated ticket information after the name change.
  • Verify that your travel documents align with the updated name on your reservation.
  • Double-check your itinerary to ensure accuracy in flight details.
  • Be aware of non-refundable ticket implications and potential loss of the original ticket’s value.
  • Group bookings may have different name change policies; check with the airline for specific guidelines.
  • Review your travel insurance policy to see if name change fees are covered and follow any insurance-related procedures.

Singapore Airlines name policy, known for its commitment to passenger satisfaction, understands that name changes on flight reservations are sometimes necessary. Their name change policy is designed to accommodate passengers’ needs while maintaining operational efficiency and security.

If you find yourself requiring a name change on your Singapore Airlines booking, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the policy, including eligibility criteria, fees, and procedures. By adhering to the airline’s guidelines and acting promptly, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free experience when making necessary name changes to your flight reservation with Singapore Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you change name on Singapore airline ticket? 

To change the name on a Singapore Airlines reservation, passengers should contact the airline’s customer service through their official website or customer service hotline. They should be prepared to explain the reason for the name change, provide any necessary supporting documentation (such as marriage certificates or legal documents), and pay the applicable name change fee. It’s essential to initiate this process well before departure, as fees may increase closer to the travel date. Passengers should also ensure that their travel documents, like passports, match the updated name on the reservation. If the ticket was booked through a third-party agency, passengers may need to contact the agency first to initiate the name change process.

Is there any Singapore Airlines name change form?

Singapore Airlines name change request form is present on their website. Name change requests were typically processed through their customer service channels, either by phone or by contacting them through their official website. Passengers would need to get Singapore Airlines directly to request a name change, provide necessary details, and follow the airline’s specific procedures and requirements for the name change.

What is the Singapore Airlines name format the passengers must follow?

Singapore Airlines generally follows the standard name format used for international travel, consistent with the name as it appears on the passenger’s government-issued identification document, such as a passport. Passengers must provide their full legal name, including first name(s) and last name, when booking flights with Singapore Airlines. The name supplied during booking must match the name on the passenger’s identification document precisely to avoid any issues during travel, including security checks and immigration procedures.

Does the airline have any issues if Singapore Airlines has no last name on the passport?

Singapore Airlines does allow passengers whose government-issued identification documents, such as passports, do not include a last name to use their first name as both their first and last name during the booking process. However, it’s important to note that the last name must be included once the ticket is issued. Therefore, passengers must enter their names accurately during the initial booking.

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