Aeromexico Flight Change Policy – Change Date & Time Online

Aeromexico Flight Change Policy

Are you stuck with last minute flight changes? and you are worried about what to do next? Then read ahead. Aeromexico Flight Change Policy answers your query about the flight changes that are made by the airline or the ones requested by the passenger. This article is centered around all the information Aeromexico change flight policy provides. So you can be calm and know what to expect next when any change be it expected or unexpected happens.

What is Aeromexico Change Flight Policy? And why do I need it?

This policy is helpful for passengers that are looking for information needed to make their Aeromexico flight change. Here we are covering in detail aeromexico change flight time policy. So you can make the desired changes or cancellation request without any hassle. Points are mentioned below that will help you understand this policy and its implementation in a better way.

  • The airline allows you to make changes to your fight for free of charge within 24 hours of original flight booking.
  • Once this widow gets expired then a fee is charged for accepting the flight change.
  • The aeromexico change flight date fee is based on the fare difference and the change fee charges for the specific ticket type.  
  • All the flight changes need to be made before three hours to your flight departure.
  • Passengers holding basic flight tickets are not allowed to make flight changes.
  • All the flexible ticket holders are allowed to make changes to their Aeromexico flights that are unlimited in number.
  • A one time change is allowed without paying any fee for non-flexible fare type but this is an exception to basic fare type.
  • For passengers traveling with a premier ticket type and their destinations traveled to are South America, within Mexico, Central America, Canada, Europe and Asia.
  • One time changes are accepted without a single fee charged on ticket fares such as AM plus, classic, premier and this is an exception to domestic flights where change fee is charged up to 700 Mexican dollars.
  • The unlimited changes for free are allowed for Aeromexico ticket fare types that are Am Plus Flex, Premier Flex, Premier Light Flex, Classic Flex and Premier One Flex.
  • If the journey flown is between Mexico and the USA the same rules mentioned above are applicable.

Same Day Flight Change

The airline allows you to make changes to your flight itinerary on all the day of your flight departure for all fare types except for basic fare ticket holders as per aeromexico same day flight change policy. As per this service passengers are allowed to switch to an earlier or later flight for the same destination. Few things to keep in mind while seeking these changes are that you must consider are as follows:

  1. Any changes requested need to be 3 hours prior to the flight departure.
  2. Except flexible ticket holders, others will have to pay additional fees if applicable.
  3. A fare difference between the old ticket and the new one, will be charged as per aeromexico change flight cost policy.

Schedule Change Policy

There are times when Aeromexico might make changes to passengers flight and at those times you might end up asking yourself what can I do Aeromexico Changed My Flight. Here is your answer based on the flight change reason, passenger might end up getting a full refund or a chance to rebook another flight without paying anything extra. As per this Aeromexico Schedule Change Policy, the airline notifies the passengers on time and in advance and also offers alternatives. The Aeromexico airline will provide passengers with alternative flight booking options and it’s up to to the passenger to accept them or not.

Change Flight Fee

If you have queries regarding the aeromexico change flight date fee then read ahead. Below mentioned information is based on the fee charged by the Aeromexico airline based on the fare type.

  • For passengers that have a basic fare ticket, no aeromexico change flight fee is charged.
  • For flexible fare and premier fare ticket holders, no flight change fee is charged.
  • For passengers that have classic ,comfort and AM plus tickets, a flight change fee of $300 is charged.

What are the different ways to change Aeromexico flights?

As per flight change policy you can make changes to your flight itinerary by both online and offline means. Online means include by downloading the Aeromexico mobile app or by opening the official Aeromexico website. Offline means include by calling the customer care line and by visiting the Aeromexico counter at the airport.

Flight Change via Official Website

Aeromexico Change Flight Status Online

This option allows passengers to make changes as per aeromexico change policy by logging on the official website. This process becomes easy by following these steps that are mentioned below for aeromexico change flight online:

  1. Open the Official Aeromexico website (
  2. Login and click on the My Trips tab.
  3. A listing of booked flights will show up.
  4. Choose the flight you wish to change.
  5. Once desired changes are made and a fee charged by the airline is paid.
  6. You will be notified of the same via mail or sms.

Flight Change via Visiting The Airport Counter

Passengers that prefer getting the work done by themselves can always visit the airport counter of Aeromexico airline and request assistance there. The staff present at airport will guide you with aeromexico change my flight assistance that is needed. Just keep your booking details handy with you so that the staff can assist you accordingly.

Aeromexico Flight Change via Calling the Customer Care

Aeromexico has a team of professionals that are trained to assist passengers just a call away.The airline suggests that while you make calls to the customer support line for requesting flight change or aeromexico change name on ticket then be ready with the required paperwork.Just be handy with the PNR and your name as it will make the work of the airline staff member assisting you a bit easy.

Flight Change via Mobile App

Aeromexico change flight dates is also possible by Aeromexico mobile application. It makes the whole process an easy one by accessing the service at the palm of your hands. Following steps can be followed while making flight changes using the airline’s mobile app.

  • Download the Aeromexico app on your device.
  • This app is available on play store as well as app store.
  • Once downloaded login and go to My Trips.
  • Now among the flight bookings, choose the one you want to change.
  • Make the necessary changes and pay the flight change fee, If applied.
  • Once done Aeromexico will notify you.

This article is loaded with information about the aeromexico change flight policy. All the queries centric to aeromexico flight change fee, flight changes be it voluntary or involuntary, how to request flight changes are covered here. Aeromexico aims at making the flying journey with them a memorable one so they have crafted a set of policies be it cancellation or travel to make sure that passengers have no issues while dealing with the airline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to change my flight on aeromexico?

This can be easily done by the means offered by the Aeromexico airline by online means and offline means as well.

How Can I change a flight from aeromexico 24 hours, is it allowed?

As per the aeromexico same day flight change policy passengers are allowed to make changes to their flights within 24 hours of flight booking.

How to change my flight for aeromexico?

If a passenger wishes they can change their flight online or they can call the airline number or reach the airline counter at the airport. 

How much does aeromexico charge to change flight?

The aeromexico change fees that are charged by the airline are mentioned above. You can refer from there.

Can I change my aeromexico flight for free of charge?

If a passenger has basic, premier or flexible ticket type then they can make changes to their flight for no fee charged.

Can I change my flight date with Aeromexico?

As per the aeromexico change flight date policy, passengers can make changes to their flight date.

Can I change my flight on Aeromexico as per same day flight change policy?

The aeromexico change flight policy allows passengers to make changes to their Aeromexico flights on a same day basis.

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