Aeromexico Infant Policy – Flying with Kids

Aeromexico Infant policy

Are you planning your trip with your infant on Aeromexico airlines? Are you nervous about the journey on board? Then you are at the right place. Aeromexico Infant Policy is in motion by the airline to help you understand and get a clear understanding of what you can bring on board while traveling with your Infant. All the information regarding your infant seat and the fee charged is covered here in detail. So you can plan your trip with a ease of mind with Aeromexico Airline.

Why Is Aeromexico Airline Infant Policy needed?

Check Aeromexico Travelling with Kids Policy

When you plan a trip for yourself and you find yourself wondering if it will be comfortable and safe for your infant, that is when Aeromexico flying with infants comes in handy. This policy is crafted in such a way to keep in mind all the queries a person can come across while planning trip for their infants. Points listed below will help you get a better understanding of the infant policy.

  • It is essential that the infant traveling is always accompanied by an adult.
  • Keep the following points mentioned below in mind while going through the infant policy.
  • Make sure that you are traveling with your child’s passport and a birth certificate with their flight tickets.
  • One infant per adult is allowed to be traveled as an aeromexico infant in lap.
  • If you are traveling with more than one infant then you will have to buy an additional seat with the airline.
  • For domestic flights there is no extra seat or baggage charge applied by Aeromexico airlines as per Infant Policy.

Aeromexico Infant Flight Fee 

So if you have been wondering about the infant flight charge then read ahead. Below mentioned information covers up the fee charged by the airline for infant travel based on the flight destination as per Infant Policy.

  • Flights that are to and from Mexico, the infant charge is $174 MXN.
  • For flights that are to and from the United States,the infant charge is $35.
  • For flights to Asia,Europe and South America, the infant charge is 10% of adult fare.

Aeromexico Infant Baggage Policy

Aeromexico airline considers your infant a passenger just like you so they have an Aeromexico infant baggage policy in action. Aeromexico understands how important it is for parents flying with Infants to make sure that their infants’s flight journey is a peaceful and comfortable one. So Aeromexico Infant Policy in place allows the accompanied passenger to bring extra baggage to their own to tent to the needs of an infant.

So if you have been wondering what you can bring on board and what you can carry as baggage as Aeromexico infant baggage allowance then read ahead.

  • Aeromexico allows two items at no additional cost on board such as diaper bag, bassinet or baby pram.
  • Infants that are traveling as Aeromexico infants in arms of their accompanied passenger then no additional baggage fee is charged.
  • On international flights apart from the two free items allowed an additional baggage is allowed that can be up to 25 kg and dimension can be up to 1.15 m.

Aeromexico Infant Seats

If you are traveling with more than one Infant then as per Aeromexico traveling with infants policy it is advised to buy a separate seat for your other infant. If you infant ends up traveling in a separate seat then you have to carry a car seat for your Infant for its safe travel on board. Things to keep in mind while bringing a car seat on board as per Infant Policy are listed below:

  • The car seat can only be allowed on board Aeromexico if it meant to be used in motor vehicles and on board.
  • The car seats on board Aeromexico flights are to be placed in the middle or in the window seat.
  • Seat that lack certification and the ones that add just height without backrest are not allowed on board.

Cribs or Bassinets

For times when your infant is not traveling as a Aeromexico infant in arms then this Aeromexico infant bassinets or cribs is limited so first come first serve is followed when it comes to allocating the service. Keep in mind the service will be available to Infants who weigh up to 24 lbs. The availability of this service can only be confirmed at the Check-in. Also you need to keep your infants at lap during take off and landing. Also you need to purchase an AM plus seat in order to receive the crib service as per Infant Policy.

This article is centric to the Aeromexico infant travel. All the queries you have be it regarding the Aeromexico infant baggage allowance or infant fee or infant seats all are covered here. Even if you find yourself wondering what happens if flight cancellation happens. The Airline has a policy to cover it up for you. So that you can make a sound decision for your air travels when flying with Aeromexico.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can My newborn infant travel with me on an Aeromexico flight?

No, as per aeromexico infant travel policy, the airline does not allow any newborn infant on board the flight who is less than 6 days old.

Do I need to reserve a seat for my Infant on board the Aeromexico flight?

No there is no need to reserve a seat on board for your infant as they can travel as an Aeromexico infant in lap on flights.

Does Aeromexico allow infants to travel with bags on board?

As per the Aeromexico Infant Policy the airline has a baggage policy and as per this policy you get to bring 2 items for free for your infant additionally to your baggage.

Can My Infant travel alone in Aeromexico?

No as per Aeromexico flying with infants, your infant needs to be accompanied all the time during its travel duration.

My Infant will turn two while on board. Do I need to buy a ticket?

Yes you do need to buy a ticket once your infant turns two as per Infant Policy as your infant becomes liable to a ticket.

Do I get a crib on Aeromexico online for my Infant?

This service on Aeromexico is on a first come and first serve basis as per Infant Policy. So it is advised that once you request for it you need to check-in before time to get the confirmed status on its availability.

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