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Aeromexico Wheelchair Assistance

Aeromexico Wheelchair Assistance is in place, so that the airline can make sure that the passengers gets the assistance needed or requested. Aeromexico understands that a little help is needed at times, so it offers this service to make the air travel  journey a pleasant experience. So if you are traveling with Aeromexico then be rest assured that your disability wont be an issue and you air travel experience will be a memorable one. The airline offers wheelchair assistance when a passenger requests for it as a Aeromexico special assistance policy.

When is Aeromexico Assistance needed?

If you find yourself wondering, Will I get wheelchair assistance with Aeromexico airline, then here is your answer. The airline offers you this assistance at the airport, during your journey and at the arrival airport as well. the well trained and empathetic staff is always present to help you and guide you if any assistance is needed by the passenger. Your disability will never come in the way of your air travel plans. This article covers all the information regarding the wheelchair assistance Aeromexico provides. Additionally all the ways you can request wheelchair assistance are also covered here.

Wheelchair Assistance At the Airport

How To Add Wheelchair Assistance In Aeromexico

If you are wondering how to seek wheelchair assistance  for you at the airport then this is the right place. Aeromexico offers assistance at the airport to the passengers who have requested it. The airline offers you this assistance during your entire journey with the airline. Few points to keep in mind while making requesting assistance at airport are mentioned down below.

  • Passengers get wheelchair assistance from the check-in counters at departing airports till you’re seated in the Aeromexico aircraft.
  • Once you arrive at the destination, you are escorted to the connecting flight. It doesn’t end here assistance is also provided with claiming baggage as per Aeromexico meet and assist service.
  • If you are flying in aircraft 190 or Boeing 737,767,777 then Aeromexico provides two types of wheelchair assistance.
  • First is to assist you from the aircraft door to your seat on board and other is to assist you from your seat to the lavatory.
  • Aeromexico insists that you use their wheelchair assistance if you have a connecting flight.

Bringing Your Own Wheelchair Assistance 

If you wish to travel with your own wheelchair for air travel then it is allowed by the aeromexico airline.Few points to keep in mind while bringing your own Wheelchair assistance. 

  • You need to check your wheelchair during baggage check-in.
  • It is advisable to attach a piece of paper stating any information that might be needed while storing your wheelchair in the baggage department.
  • If the battery or power source is removable then it is removed before storing your wheelchair device.
  • Once the wheelchair is checked-in, then passengers are offered the wheelchair service present at the airport.
  • If your wheelchair has accessories such as footrests, seat pillows that are removable then these travel in the baggage compartment. 
  • Any mobility device that is fitting vertically through the baggage compartment door of the airline that uses a battery that drains does not require to be disassembled.

Seats Assigned

Aeromexico puts extra care into assigning the passengers with disability seats so that they have a comfortable journey. Seats with mobile armrests are assigned to disabled passengers so that they can move easily from their seats. You are provided with the option of making this selection on your own. It is advised that you make the reservations as soon as possible to get these seat to enjoy the comfort of this life.

Baggage Allowance

In addition to the baggage allowance the passengers with mobility devices get to bring their mobility devices such as crutches, canes, walking sticks and walkers. All of this is allowed on board free of charge. As part of Aeromexico meet and assist service the staff also assists passengers with baggage claim.

Different ways to request Aeromexico Special Assistance

This wheelchair assistance Aeromexico service can be requested both online and offline as well. One you have access to the assistance form you can submit it both online and offline as well. Online ways include by using the Aeromexico mobile app or by visiting the official Aeromexico website.

Online Method 

Below mentioned steps will help you in putting a request for wheelchair assistance with Aeromexico airline.

  • Visit the official Aeromexico website ( and make bookings.
  • Or if the bookings are already made then go to
  • Special Assistance tab and look for.
  • Aeromexico Special Assistance Request Form (available in both pdf form and online form)
  • Fill the details and submit the form.
  • Once done you will be notified of the same.

Offline Method

Another way is to reach the customer care line for Aeromexico and seek assistance from the staff member. This service is free of charge so the staff member will inform you of the same and help you in making reservations for you. 

This article is centric to the Aeromexico special assistance service of wheelchair for the passengers. All your concerns regarding the assistance offered on board, at the airport or during the flight are covered here. No matter who you are booking this service for be assured that Aeromexico will take care of the matter. No need to worry if flight cancellation happens as Aeromexico takes care of the passengers and stays with them as part of Aeromexico meet and assist service. As the empathetic staff of Aeromexico airline is there to guide and assist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get wheelchair assistance at airport Aeromexico?

In order to get aeromexico wheelchair assistance at the airport you can request it at the airport or while bookings make the request for the same.

If I have a temporary need for wheelchair assistance, Can I get it at the Airport?

Yes wheelchair assistance Aeromexico is provided to passengers who need it temporarily by requesting assistance at the airport.

Is there a charge as per Aeromexico special assistance for requesting a wheelchair for disabled persons?

No charge is there for wheelchair assistance that is provided to disabled passengers by Aeromexico airline.

Can I request wheelchair assistance online?

Yes it possible to request for Aeromexico special assistance online while you make bookings or later on by visiting the official website.

Can I bring my own wheelchair for air travel with Aeromexico Airline?

Yes you are allowed to bring your own mobility device on board as long as it meets the requirement on the airline and you can read above for a better idea about it.

Do I need to request wheelchair assistance in advance with Aeromexico Airline?

No you don’t have to request this service in advance with the airline.

How many kinds of wheelchair assistance is provided by the Aeromexico airline?

The airline offers three kinds of wheel assistance to its disabled passengers as per their request.

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