Air Canada Cancellation Policy – Cancel & Get Refund Online

Air Canada Cancellation Policy

Life is unpredictable and sometimes last minute changes make us change our plans. Air Canada Cancellation Policy is in place to give travellers a peace of mind when there is a change in their plans due to change is plans, due to mechanical issues or due to weather issues. This article is a one stop for passengers who are looking to understand Air Canada’s Cancellation policy. If you have questions in your mind regarding air canada flight cancellations, air canada flight cancelled, air canada cancelled flights, air canada cancelled flight compensation, air canada refund policy and much more are answered in detail here. So you can feel relaxed and find the required answers and make the necessary changes.

What is a Cancellation policy and why is one needed in the first place?

There are times when after you make your flight bookings, your flight might get cancelled or you might have to cancel it. This can be done by a set of rules and regulations listed by the airline. These rules are known as Cancellation policy. Air Canada flights Cancellations Policy is grouped by the airline that states all the policies you would have to refer while making cancellations with the Air Canada Airline. It becomes easier with this policy to get required answers for the travellers and know what to expect while cancelling their Air canada flight and to know the right means to do it.

Air Canada 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

24 Hours Cancellation Policy revolves around the window of 24 hours right after you make your flight bookings with Air Canada. If passengers request a cancellation of their Air Canada ticket within this 24 hours window, then the airline will provide give you your money back as per air canada 24 hours cancellation policy. Once 24 hour window is missed then a air canada cancellations fee is charged by the airline. You can either get you money back or can get travel vouchers depending upon the type of flight ticket that was purchased with Air Canada. Passengers waiting for their their money will get it within 7 to 8 days as per air canada cancellation policy. At the same time, payments made by debit cards or any other mode of payment will be credited within 18-20 days. So to summarise, cancelling your Air Canada flight within 24 hours of booking means you get your full money back without any cancellation fee charged.

Air Canada Cancelled Flight Policy

If you find yourself wondering what happens if air canada cancels my flight? then you are at the right place. There are times when airline cancel flights, it could be due to multiple factors such as weather conditions, maintenance issues,security reasons,connecting flight difficulties. Then as per air canada flights cancelled policy you become eligible for air canada flight cancellation compensation offered by the airline. For example if your Air Canada flight is cancelled by the airline, then the airline will book another flight at no additional cost for you. If you are unhappy with this and do not need another booking then simply you are entitled for air canada compensation for cancelled flight from the airline. For instances when air canada cancelled flights has happened due to weather difficulties then airline is not entitled to give you any compensations but you can get a full refund.

Air Canada Cancellation Fee

Ever wonder if Air Canada will charge you a cancellation fee? Or how much? Or can I get the cancellation fee waived off? Then here are all the answers you need. As per air canada cancellation fees policy fee charged is based on the ticket fare and here is what you need to know about the fee charged:

  • Basic Economy: As per air canada cancelled flight policy you cannot cancel your basic economy ticket unless you do it within the window of air canada 24 hour cancellation of booking.
  • Non-Refundable Tickets: Air Canada charges $200 as air canada cancellations fee for these kinds of tickets. The unused value of your ticket can be applied for future bookings. Tickets such as Standard, Flex, Comfort, and non-flexible business or premium economy fares are Non-Refundable Tickets. In the event of the death of the passenger or passengers travelling companion or because of military orders, If supporting documentation is submitted you can get a refund.
  • Refundable Tickets: These can be cancelled anytime before your flight departure and refund will be initiated for the same.
  • Award Tickets: If the air canada 24 hour cancellation window  is over then a fee of $125 is charged for online cancellation and $150 by calling Air Canada customer care.
  • Diamond Status: Travellers who have a diamond status with the Airline are charged cancellation fee of $100 by calling customer care and $30 is for online cancellations.
  • Super Elite: For these travellers o cancellation fee is charged.

Table listed below gives an idea about the cancellation fee charged by Air Canada based on seat fares.

Ticket TypeAir Canada Cancellations Fee Charged
Basic FareNon-Refundable
Standard Fare$200
Comfort Fare$200
Flex FareNo fee if cancelled more than 2 hours prior flight departure,else $100
Latitude FareNo fee if cancelled more than 2 hours prior flight departure,else $50

How Can I Cancel Air Canada Flight?

This article answers your question about how to cancel a flight with Air canada? As per Air canada cancellation policy you can make air canada ticket cancellation either online or by offline means. Online means include by visiting the official Air Canada Website or by airline’s mobile app and offline means include calling Air canada’s customer service line or by visiting the airport counter of Air canada and asking for assistance form the Air Canada Staff present. Air Canada has trained professionals all over to help and guide the travellers in the best way possible. Here you will find answer for how to cancel air canada flight.

By visiting official Air Canada Website

For those who prefer comfort can cancel their air canada ticket cancellation online by official Air Canada website. Below are the steps that you can follow for making air canada cancel flight easy:

  • Go to the official Air Canada website “” and select My Booking option
  • Now enter your booking reference number and your last name on the window in front of you
  • After that click on find, on the page that opens in front of you look for the flight you wish  to cancel
  • And then Click on Cancel Bookings
  • Then after paying the cancellation fee if applicable, click on confirm Cancellation
  • Once done you will be notified by the airline either by message or mail.

By Calling Air Canada Customer Care 

Air Canada understands that human touch is preferred by some travellers. A reassuring voice makes travellers feel understood so they have a team of trained professionals ready to help over the call. Travelers can call 1-888-247-2262 for seeking assistance from Air Canada Staff member and get the desired changes done. It is recommended to be ready with your booking reference number and your complete name to give the airline staff so that they can identify your booking and proceed with helping you. Once Done your will get confirmation in your mail.

Through Air Canada Mobile App

This allows you to cancel your Air Canada Flight through the Airline’s mobile app. In order to do flight Cancellation using this method you need to follow the step given below:

  • Download the Air Canada mobile app on your device
  • Open the app and go to My Bookings tab
  • Now enter your booking reference number and your last name and click on Find booking
  • Now choose the booking you wish to cancel and click on cancel bookings
  • Pay any amount you are eligible for pay and click on Confirm.
  • Once done you will get an email notification confirming the same.

By visiting the Air Canada Airport Counter

Check Air Canada Cancelled Flight Status at Airport

If you prefer face to face resolutions to your queries then this option is for you. Air Canada has trained staff at their Airport Counter waiting to provide you with the assistance you need with Flight cancellation. Once you reach the airport counter you can ask for assistance from the staff present and they will happily guide you. Make sure to keep your booking reference number handy. Once done you will get notified of the changes through your mail.

Air Canada Refund Policy

Do you find yourself asking questions like Am I eligible for refund? How Can I get a refund from air canada? how to get a refund from air canada? How long does air canada refund take? How to cancel air canada flight and get refund? then you are at the right place. As per the Air Canada flight cancellation policy, your fare type determines if you can get a refund for your Air Canada flight. Below mentioned steps can help you get a better understanding of it:

  1. By a passenger’s ticket type, it can be determined whether it is air canada refund flight or not. 
  2. As per the Air Canada 24 hour refund policy, the airline provides a complete refund if flight is cancelled within 24 hours of flight booking.
  3. After 24 hours a cancellation fee is deducted from your ticket fee and rest is refunded based on your ticket type.
  4. Refunds for non-refundable flights are credited to the passenger’s account and can be used by the passenger to book a new flight ticket with Air Canada
  5. Once Air Canada issues a refund, it takes around 5 to 20 working days to complete the procedure.
  6. You may contact the agent only for an Air Canada refund request. In case your Air Canada ticket is booked by a third party.
  7. Flex, comfort, and standard economy are not eligible for refunds. 


Air Canada offers credits to those who are eligible for a refund as per air canada cancellation and refund policy. Air Canada offers two types of credits to its passengers such as travel vouchers and Aeroplan miles.

  • Travel vouchers: When you cancel a non-refundable Basic fare, you become eligible for a travel voucher. This voucher can be used towards a future Air Canada flight and is valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • Aeroplan miles: When you cancel a refundable fare, you become eligible for a refund in the form of Aeroplan miles. These miles can be used towards a future Air Canada flight or towards other rewards offered by the airline.

It’s always better when you have all the information needed and that is why Air Canada has the Air Canada Cancelation Policy in place. This policy lists all the information that passengers might need while looking for making cancellations or looking for a fee charged by the airline for the same. This article is a one stop for all your queries regarding the air canada cancelling flights and refund policy in place by Air Canada. So if you are planning a trip or looking to make changes and cancellations, you can do it freely with a peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can Air Canada waive off my cancellation fee?

Only if you provide a valid reason and documents in support of your flight cancellations made by you. It may include reasons like immediate family member’s death or sickness, or military orders. 

What happens when I Cancel my Air Canada flight within 24 hours of bookings?

If you cancel your Air Canada Flight within the window of 24 hours after your booking then you will get a full refund and no air canada flight cancellation compensation fee is charged regardless of your fare type.

How long does it take to get a refund when Air Canada Flight Cancelation happens?

Once eligible for a refund, it is credited back to you within 7 to 10 business days.

Can i cancel my flight with air canada?

You can cancel your Air Canada Flight online by visiting manage my bookings, by calling Airline’s customer care and asking for assistance for the same or by visiting the Air Canada airport counter and asking the Airport staff for the assistance.

What happens if Air Canada cancels my flight?

When Air Canada cancels your flight then you become eligible for getting compensation or they book another flight at no additional cost for you.

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  1. Hi I would like to refund for my money the ticket that I didn’t use it I think someone used my ticket I made a refund but I couldn’t come to Beijing to get my money but now I can able to get my refund which I didn’t use it but they said my ticket was used which I did never fly with the ticket

  2. Unfortunately had to cancel my Air Canada flight, but their cancellation policy is one of the best I’ve encountered. Easy to understand, and the customer support team was prompt and helpful.

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