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Air Canada Wheelchair Assistance

Is it your first time with Air Canada? Are you wondering whether wheelchair assistance is provided? Then this article will answer all your questions. Air Canada Wheelchair Assistance service is in place by the airline to provide assistance to passengers in need of mobility assistance. Air Canada cares and understands that sometimes everybody needs some help so there are temporary wheelchair assistance available at the airport if its needed and requested by the passengers. Even on board you get wheelchair assistance, so if you are planning your trip with Air Canada then you can go ahead and do it with a ease of mind. This article answers in detail all your queries regarding Wheelchair assistance in Air Canada.

When is Air Canada Wheelchair Service Needed?

If you have questions like how to get wheelchair assistance with air canada? how to add wheelchair assistance in air canada? then read ahead. Passengers can request this air canada mobility assistance if they need it or if you want to know if cancellation happens what you need to do then here is your answer. With the airline you get Air Canada assistance for elderly so you can have peace of mind while making a booking for them. Air Canada has trained staff present at the airport as well as on board and also has staff awaiting you at your destination to guide and help you as per air canada meet and assist service.

Wheelchair Assistance At The Airport

Book Air Canada Wheelchair Assistance at Airport

If you find yourself wondering about whether or not you receive air canada wheelchair assistance or air canada handicapped assistance at the airport then here is your answer.The Airline is ready to provide you with air canada assistance at airport and here is what you need to know about it:

  • Air Canada offers wheelchair assistance to its passengers to and from the aircraft door.
  • You also get assistance regarding transferring you to and from your wheelchair ,your seat in the aircraft.
  • If you bring your own mobility device then you get assistance as a designated boarding area that is close to the gate as per air canada passenger assistance.
  • If you need assistance in flight boarding then Air Canada helps you by providing priority boarding provided you arrive 30  mins prior to check-in time.
  • Otherwise you will have to wait till everyone else is seated and then you will be assisted for the same.

Air Canada On Board Wheelchair Assistance

Air Canada special assistance extendeds to you once you are on board as well.

Assistance with storing and retrieving your carry-on is also provided on board.You even get assistance till washroom door on board but using washroom is your responsibility as per air canada disability assistance.Your concern might be regarding the flight you are on, does it support on board WheelChair or will they have wheelchair-accessible washrooms then here you get a list of aircrafts with said features. 

You will get wheelchair-accessible washrooms in aircrafts that are listed in the table below.

    Aircraft (Air Canada)
Boeing 777-300ER(77W)
Boeing 777-200LR(77L)
Airbus A330-300 (333)
Boeing 787-9(789)
Boeing 787-8(788)

You will find on-board wheelchair assistance on the following aircrafts of Air Canada.

Aircraft TypeOn-board Wheelchair Service
Air CanadaBoeing 777-300ER(77W), Boeing 777-200LR(77L),Airbus A330-300 (333), Boeing 787-9(789),Boeing 787-8(788),Airbus A321-200 (321),Boeing 737 MAX 8 (7M8),Airbus A220-300 (223),Airbus A220-300 (223),Airbus A319-100 (319)
Air Canada ExpressEmbraer E175 (E75),Mitsubishi CRJ900 (CR9),Mitsubishi CRJ900 (CR9),De Havilland Dash 8-400 (DH4)
Air Canada RougeRouge Airbus A321-200 (321),Rouge Airbus A320-200 (320),Rouge Airbus A320-200 (320)

Traveling With Personal Mobility Devices

If you wish to travel with your own Mobility Aids, then you can do that as air canada mobility assistance allows it whether its small assistance devices or your own battery operated aid.It is recommended to call the airline and notify them if you wish to travel with your own mobility device 48 hours prior your Air Canada Flight departure.Here mentioned below in detail is what you need to keep in mind, if you choose to travel with Air Canada with your own personal mobility device.

Small Assistive Device

If you wish to travel with your mobility device then it can be in the passenger cabin with you, only if it can be kept safely on board. Some examples of these kinds of devices are canes, walkers, crutches, AAC devices and braces. If they are not being properly or safely stored in the cabin then they travel as checked baggage. These travel free of charge and as a addition checked baggage.

Battery Operated Mobility Devices

If the Mobility aid you choose to bring is battery operated such as a scooter or wheelchair then there are some things to keep in mind as per Air Canada rules:

  1. It is very essential that you are comfortable and have knowledge regarding the functionality of your mobility aid that you wish to carry with you.
  2. It is recommended to notify Air Canada by calling or emailing them 48 hours prior to your flight departure.
  3. One you reach Air Canada Medical Assistance Desk you need to provide the airline  information like:
    • Height of your mobility device
    • Width of your Mobility device.
    • Weight and Battery type of your Mobility device
  4. This helps airline decide whether your mobility device will fit cargo doors or not
  5. It is recommended to reach airport at least 30 mins prior your check-in time 
  6. If your Mobility device has removable parts then it is advised that you carry then in your carry-on
  7. Also it is important to fill Powered Mobility and Information Form and stick it on your mobility device.

Reassembly, Assembly and Packaging by Air Canada

Air Canada assistance service helps in disassembling your battery operated  mobility device,packing it and reassembling it when you arrive at the destination.In order for this to happen Air Canada insists on bringing a form stating all the information regarding all the steps that will be required in assembling and reassembling your device.If you use any specific tools you may bring them along too.In case battery is removable then it will be secured safely separately.In case your battery is spillable, they are also removed as while storing your mobility devices might have to be tilted in cargo.

Aircraft Cargo Door Size Restrictions

When you choose to travel with your mobility assistance then it is essential to make sure if the flight cargo door will support your device to be carried as a checked baggage.

Below mentioned table states the cargo door dimensions based on aircraft you will be on board:

Air Canada AircraftCargo Door Width (Max)Cargo Door Height (Max)
Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Boeing 777-200LR (77L)2.58 m (101.9 in)1.70 m (67.0 in)
Airbus A330-300 (333)2.44 m (96.0 in)1.70 m (67.0 in)
Boeing 787-9 (789)  & Boeing 787-8 (788)2.69 m (106.0 in)1.70 m (67.0 in)
Airbus A321-200 (321)1.81 m (71.5 in)1.19 m (46.9 in)
Boeing 737 MAX 8 (7M8)1.22 m (48.0 in)0.89 m (35.0 in)
Airbus A220-300 (223)1.18 m (46.4 in)0.84 m (33.0 in)
Airbus A320-200 (320)1.81 m (71.5 in)1.19 m (46.9 in)
Airbus A319-100 (319)1.18 m (46.4 in)1.23 m (48.6 in)

This will give you an idea whether your mobility device will be accepted by Air Canada or not.

Air Canada ExpressCargo Door Width (Max)Cargo Door Height (Max)
Embraer E175 (E75)1.10 m (43.3 in)0.90 m (35.4 in)
Mitsubishi CRJ900 (CR9)0.96 m (38 in)0.81 m (32 in)
Mitsubishi CRJ200 (CRJ)1.07 m (42 in)0.81 m (32 in)
De Havilland Dash 8-400 (DH4)1.24 m (49 in)1.50 m (59 in)

You can plan to bring your own mobility device accordingly based on these dimensions of cargo doors.

Air Canada RougeCargo Door Width (Max)Cargo Door Height (Max)
Airbus A321-200 (321) &  Airbus A320-200 (320)1.81 m (71.5 in)1.19 m (46.9 in)
Airbus A319-100 (319)1.81 m (71.5 in)1.23 m (48.6 in)

Requesting Air Canada Wheelchair Assistance

Air Canada request wheelchair assistance allows you to request for wheelchair assistance by many ways such as you can request it while you are making your bookings with the airline or through My booking tabs online if you have already made your reservations with the airline.Additionally you can also call or mail Air Canada if you or anyone you are traveling with is in need of assistance to and from cabin seat.Air canada cares and empathizes when it comes to the need of its passengers.So the airline has a team of trained professionals who are their to assist you or you family member with utmost care and responsibly as per air canada assistance for seniors.So you can relax and enjoy your travels.It is advisable to notify Air Canada Medical Assistance Desk 48 hours prior your flight departure.Below mentioned information will help you with making bookings for wheelchair assistance:

While You Make Bookings

If you are making wheelchair assistance booking for your Air Canada flight and wish to request for Air Canada special assistance request then this is the right place for you. Below mentioned steps are to be followed when you are making booking online:

  1. First visit the official Air Canada website(
  2. Now start the process of entering details
  3. Upon reaching “Who’s Traveling” section click on
  4. Accessibility service and a box will pop up
  5. Among the options choose wheelchair assistance
  6. Then a pop up window is open with three options to choose from
    • Assistance within the airport
    • Assistance walking up or down the stairs
    • Assistance to and from your cabin seat
  7. Once your selection is done, the process is complete

When Bookings Are Already Made

In case your bookings are already made and you need wheelchair assistance later on then you can request from my booking tabs either online through the official website or through the Air Canada app.Here are the steps mentioned below that can help you do it:

  1. Open the official Air Canada Website and click on My Bookings tab, Now 
  2. Enter your last name and booking reference number and click on find
  3. Now your booking details will appear, now find Accessibility Services
  4. Then choose wheelchair assistance and further choose the type of assistance required.
  5. Now click on update and your assistance is confirmed.

If you need to check whether the assistance is added in your bookings, then you can always do it by later on logging in your account or through my bookings and then under passengers information.

Lost, Delayed or Damaged Mobility Devices

Air Canada cares a lot for its passengers and their luggage but sometimes it might get delayed, damaged or lost. If Air Canada loses, damages or delays your baggage  that is your mobility device and you are wondering what you can do then here is your answer.

If upon arrival at the destination you see that the mobility device or your wheelchair is damaged then immediately you have to file a complaint at the baggage claim area. It is advised that you should be ready with all the supporting documents that will be required to be submitted by the airline to assist you with claims. If it got delayed then you need to file for claims within 7 days of receiving the mobility device for damages caused.

You can either submit a written claim or online. If you wish to apply online for baggage claim then you need to find Baggage Issues and then select mobility aid in the drop down menu and further you need to select Damaged in the new drop down menu. Once done your claim is through. Air Canada provides you with a temporary replacement in case your mobility device is destroyed or lost or delayed till the airline can locate and return your device, repair it or reimburse if incase of losses.

Air Canada has trained professionals on board, at the airport and at your destination who are equipped to help you and assist you in your journey. Not only are you provided with a mobility device if you request it at the airport but you are guided as well. If you wish to travel with your own mobility device then also you are welcomed by the airline. Services like priority boarding, air canada elderly assistance are also provided to passengers in need of wheelchair assistance so that you can store your carry-on and are seated without any worries. This article will clear all your doubts when it comes to requesting assistance and getting it from Air Canada as per air canada wheelchair assistance policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Air Canada Wheelchair Assistance

Are mobility devices accepted by Air Canada?

Yes Air Canada accepts your mobility devices for details you can read about the devices accepted above.

How to get wheelchair assistance with Air Canada?

You can request it when you make initial bookings or later on through My bookings online you can add it to your Air Canada flight.

What happens when my mobility device is lost, delayed or misplaced by Air Canada?

In times when Air canada misplaces, loses or delays your mobility device you can file for claim at baggage claim.

How can I reach the Air Canada Medical Assistance Desk?

You can reach the desk at 1-800-667-4732 for Canada and USA.

How to book wheelchair assistance in Air Canada?

You can book wheelchair assistance with Air Canada by both online means and offline means as well.

Is there air Canada travel assistance for seniors?

Yes there is as Air Canada makes sure to provide a staff member that takes responsibility to escort passengers at the airport, during their flight journey and at the destination airport.

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