Air Canada Name Change Policy – Change Name on Ticket

Air Canada Name Change Policy

Made a mistake in your name while making your bookings with Air canada? Looking for ways to rectify your mistake? Then read ahead. Air Canada Name Change Policy is in place to help passengers who make an error while making reservations. Air Canada understands that sometimes a system error can also lead to an error while making bookings. So a policy is in place to help and guide the passengers regarding their next step. So if you have question like can you change name on Air canada ticket? How does Air Canada name correction on ticket happen? Do we need Air Canada middle name on ticket? Can I use Air Canada’s first and middle name together? How to make Air canada change name on booking? All of these are answered in detail in this article.

When is the Air Canada Name Change Policy needed?

Are you questioning the need for having the correct name on your Air Canada flight tickets? Is it necessary? Do I have to make that misspell go away? Well yes it is. It all comes down to identifying you. How will the Airline really know it’s you flying with them? They need to verify and for that your name is must. Hence the importance of having the correct name that matches with the identification  that is issued by the government to you is very necessary. If you fail to do so, The Airline has the right to reject you from boarding and flying with them.

Sometimes you might make errors while inputting your name could be a misspell ,a missing name or legally changed name. Now the question arises of what you can fix and how much is the fee charged? And how does change name on ticket happens? That is where the Name Change Policy comes in handy. As per name change Air canada there are certain guidelines you need to remember while requesting a name change.

  • As per Air Canada Name Correction Policy you can make changes to your name if you have minor spelling mistakes.
  • You need to provide proof of the requested changes to the Airline.
  • If you make a request for name change within 24 hours of bookings then you can make the changes free of charge.
  • If you are making corrections to your name up to 3 characters then there is no charge

Air Canada Middle Name Correction

Check Air Canada Name Change on Ticket Status

Middle names are not common hence it is not necessary that you have a middle name on your ticket. So Air canada middle name correction is not needed. Your first and last name are enough and they should match the one on the passport. If you wish to have your middle name mentioned on the Air Canada flight tickets, you can do it. Just add first and middle name together and that will do it. Just be careful to enter Air canada first and middle name together

it is in the right format. For example If your name is “Rita Smith Jones” and you wish the same to appear on your fight tickets then you need to enter RitaSmith in First name place and Jones at last name. As it is very important to to make sure you have Air canada correct name on ticket.

Requesting Name Change

Do you have a question that goes like this Air canada wrong name on ticket, how to fix it? then read ahead. It’s always better to know all the steps to get Air canada name change on ticket.Air canada change name on ticket allows you to make changes or corrections to your name online as well as offline. Online methods include visiting the official Air Canada website, by visiting the Airport counter or by calling the Air Canada customer care line. Air Canada has a team of trained  professionals ready to assist you with Air canada flight name change if you wish to give them a call they are always ready to help. So if you find yourself wondering how does Air canada change passenger name works then read ahead.

Given below are detailed ways you can request and the steps that are required for Air canada change name on flight:

Name Change via the official Air Canada Website

Passengers can easily make changes or corrections to their name online through the official Air Canada website.Below listed steps will help in making the process of name change easy for you:

  • Open the official website ( and click on My Bookings
  • Now enter Last Name and Booking Reference Number  
  • Click on find and choose the flight changes are required for
  • Now make the desired changes you need and click on save
  • If eligible you can pay the fee charged now 
  • Once done you can download or print the final boarding pass

Name Change by calling Air Canada Customer Care

If you wish to talk to someone regarding the name change or correction required then you can call the Air Canada Customer care number. Air Canada has trained professionals available at just a call away who are there to provide passengers with the required assistance. By calling 1-888-247-2262 you will connected to a trained Air canada professional and you can state your details such as last name and booking reference number to them so that they can identify you and help you. Once done with the changes you will get confirmation in the mail.

Name Change request At the Airport Counter

If you wish to visit the Airport counter of Air Canada you can do that and request the desired changes or correction on your ticket. You will be greeted by the Air canada Airport staff who are trained professionals and they will guide and assist you regarding the correction you need. The airline advices you to arrive at the Airport counter with all the required documents necessary to give details to the staff person assisting you in support of the name change.

Air Canada Name Change Fee

If you are wondering about the charges Air Canada charges or have questions like regarding Air canada name change fee then here is your answer. If you make changes to your name within the 24 hour window of your booking then you can make corrections or changes free of charge. If you miss the window then there is a fee charged by the Airline. Table listed below has fee listed changed by the Airline.

Fare TypeCanadaUSA – Canada
Tango$100No Charge
LatitudeNo ChargeNo Charge
Business Lowest$60$60
Business FlexibleNo ChargeNo Charge

What Documents are required to make Name Change?

It is very essential to make sure that you have the same name on your tickets as you have on your passport.So to request for the name change you need to make sure that you carry the right documents and submit them to the Airline as required.Below listed are the list of documents that are required:

  1. Request Application form for name change
  2. Passport for reference
  3. Boarding pass you need to make changes too
  4. Id proof showing your full name and address
  5. Incase of last name change documents like marriage certificate

Be it a human error or system error that causes a misspell it becomes important to fix the issue. And Air Canada understands how critical this mistake can be. It can cause passengers their chance to fly with Air canada as they will be denied boarding if the name on the pass doesn’t match with the one on the passport. To avoid the hassle and make desired changes this policy is crafted in such a way that answers all your concerns. Even if you are looking for cancellations, Air canada cares and has policies listed to help you with same. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I make name changes regardless of the ticket fare type?

Yes for travel within Canada you can make name changes to your flight ticket.

How to change name on Air Canada ticket?

The ways of name correction Air Canada include either making changes by calling the customer care number, visiting the ticket counter or online by visiting the official Air Canada website. 

Is there a charge on name change if I do it within 24 hours of bookings?

No charge is applied if you make changes to your name within 24 hours of your bookings.

Is there a limit to the number of name changes that can be done to my Air Canada ticket?

Yes there a limit as you can only make changes one time per ticket so you need to be careful while doing so.

What are the documents needed to make changes to Air Canada flight tickets?

Any document in support of your real name such as id proofs are welcomed by the airline.

Are changes to name possible using the Air Canada mobile application?

It is possible to make desired corrections to your name using the Airline mobile app.

Are middle names necessary on flight tickets while making bookings with Air Canada?

As per the Air Canada name change policy only first and last names are essential on the flight tickets. But if a passenger wishes then they can add their middle name.

If the name on the Air Canada ticket is misspelled or is wrong then what can be done?

When this happens then due to the identification mismatch, a passenger is not allowed to board their Air Canada flight.

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