Air Transat Special Assistance – How to Request Wheelchair

Air Transat Special Assistance

Air Transat assistance helps passengers with mobility needs for a comfortable and seamless travel experience. They prioritize the handling of passenger mobility aids, wheelchairs, and scooters for free. It means that if you need a mobility aid, like a wheelchair or scooter, Air Transat will handle it carefully and give it a top priority during your journey. Whether it’s navigating through the airport or getting settled into your seat on board, dedicated personnel are available to assist every step of the way. Let’s know more about Air Transat special assistance in brief.

Air Transat Assistance Overview

Here is the following information about Air Transat airport assistance such as:

  • Air Transat is dedicated to providing opportunities for all its travellers, including those with disabilities. They acknowledge that each person’s disability and level of self-reliance may vary significantly.
  • In some cases, a traveller may require an escort to travel safely and comfortably, which will be assessed based on their unique circumstances.
  • To ensure that every passenger has a comfortable journey, Air Transat offers special assistance for mobility aids such as Air Transat wheelchair assistance and scooters. 
  • The airline prioritizes handling these items with care and attention at no extra cost to the passenger. However, it is significant to notice that advanced notice is required so appropriate arrangements can be made in advance.
  • By offering this specialized service free of charge and ensuring careful handling of mobility aids, Air Transat strives to make air travel accessible for everyone, regardless of ability or disability.

Air Transat Special Assistance

Know more about Air Transat Special Assistance

There are various types of assistance offered by Air Transat, such as below.

Air Transat Mobility Assistance

If you require Air Transat mobility assistance when travelling, the airline has guidelines in place to ensure that your needs are met. 

  • Canes are accepted as part of your carry-on baggage allowance and should be placed beneath the seat in front of you during the flight. 
  • If you need to travel with a wheelchair or scooter, Air Transat offers special assistance for these items free of charge. 
  • To make sure that appropriate arrangements are made for the handling of your equipment, it is essential to provide advanced notice by completing the Air Transat Request Assistance Form at least 48 hours prior to departure.
  • When travelling with battery-powered mobility aids such as wheelchairs or scooters, there are specific requirements that must be met to ensure safe transportation. 
  • The battery must be disconnected, terminals protected from short circuits, and securely attached to the device without any damaged or leaking batteries present. 
  • In situations where required, electric or battery-powered mobility aids may need disassembly before being packed away appropriately before transport.
  • On arrival at your destination airport (where facilities/Customs regulations permit), Air Transat will unpack and reassemble your personal mobility aid promptly so that it can be delivered directly to you at either the aircraft door or another convenient location.

Air Transat Boarding Assistance

The airline offers prompt and timely Air Transat boarding assistance to passengers with disabilities. They also provide a buy-on-board menu for snacks and beverages, as well as special meals that can be requested 24 hours before departure by contacting the airline directly.

Air Transat Check-in Assistance

Below is the information about airlines check in assistance.

  • When you arrive at the airport, one of the main things you will be required to do is drop off your baggage. You can do this at either the Air Transat Check-in Counter or by using their Self-Service Bag Drop option. 
  • If you’ve checked in online already, just drop off your bags and head straight through security. But if, for some reason, you couldn’t check in ahead of time, don’t worry; you can still check in at the airport quickly.
  • Travellers can check in for domestic and international flights between 24 hours and 2 hours before departure time.
  • The airline also offers Air Transat check-in assistance at the check-in counter for passengers who may find it confusing or daunting. 

Note: Airline Agents are available to offer Air Transat passenger assistance and help with registration and answer any questions or concerns. Passengers who require extra assistance may also be allowed to move ahead in line to avoid delays.

Air Transat Medical Assistance

Air Transat is a great airline that allows you to use your Personal Oxygen Concentrator while on board. It means that if you have any medical conditions or respiratory issues, you can still travel comfortably and safely with them. There are some significant steps regarding Air Transat medical assistance, such as below.

  • Firstly, it is essential to request your doctor complete the Air Transat medical form within one month of your departure. 
  • This form requires to be returned at least 48 hours prior to your flight. Failure to do so may prevent you from departing on your scheduled flight and could lead to further complications.
  • To ensure maximum safety and well-being for all passengers, Air Transat provides oxygen kits as medically required. These kits are available from your departure airport right up until the point where you arrive at your destination airport.

Air Transat Travel Assistance

Air Transat provides special flight services for pregnant women and group travellers.

Air Transat has three travel classes.

  1. Business Class: Air Transat’s Business class, known as Club Class, provides priority airport services and baggage handling. Passengers can indulge in a gourmet Chef’s Menu by Daniel Vézina and select from high-quality wines.
  2. Economic Class: Air Transat’s Economy class provides passengers with a four-way headrest and personal touch screens. 
  3. Option Plus: Option Plus is available as an upgrade, offering a complimentary seat selection, alcoholic drinks, fast-track security, and access to a dedicated check-in desk. All passengers receive a personal amenity kit and special Air Transat travel assistance.

How can I get assistance with Air Transat?

Here are the following guidelines about Air Transat assistance:

Air Transat Assistance in Advance

This is how you can get their assistance services in advance:

  • Air Transat will provide necessary assistance to passengers by noting the required information on their files.
  • Air Transat provides assistance to passengers with disabilities by arranging for an appropriate seat and retaining electronic copies of their documents upon request for future travel.

Air Transat Assistance At departure

An Airline agent can assist you with the following:

  • Check-in registration
  • If you can’t use self-service kiosks or other automated check-in processes, you may be allowed to go to the front of the line at a check-in or ticket counter.
  • Security screening help and moving to the board area.
  • Assistance with transferring between personal and Air Transat mobility aids.
  • Provide Air Transat assistance offered to passengers who require assistance boarding an aeroplane. This service includes priority boarding or helps to board after the other passengers have boarded if the person arrives late.

Assistance Services while Onboard

During the onboarding, you will get the following services:

  • The crew is trained to assist passengers with disabilities by helping them store their carry-on items, transferring from mobility aids to seats, and describing the aircraft layout. They can also safely store walkers or manual folding wheelchairs on board if space allows. 
  • For visually impaired passengers, they will explain the location of washrooms and exits as well as the operating controls at their seats.
  • The passengers will receive personalized safety instructions and be helped with accessing onboard entertainment options.
  • Provide an onboard wheelchair.
  • Passengers who require an onboard wheelchair, support person or service dog to use the washroom should be allowed to access the restroom with the most space, regardless of its location on the aircraft.
  • They offer service that helps individuals move from their passenger seat to the washroom, including assistance with transferring to an onboard wheelchair.
  • The airline assists in opening packages, identifying food items, and periodically checking on the passenger’s well-being. 
  • They also have an accessible lavatory designed for minimal effort use, but passengers must be able to use it independently or with an escort. 
  • Passengers can contact the airline for more details regarding the accessibility of seats and lavatories.

Pre-Assigned Seating

Here are the following points regarding the pre-assigned seating.

  • Air Transat offers pre-assigned seating for passengers with exceptional requirements, including seats with lifting armrests, additional floor area for service dogs, and additional legroom or proximity to washrooms and exits. 
  • Passengers can identify themselves as having special needs and provide relevant details to ensure suitable accommodations are made.
  • Air Transat offers additional seats for passengers with disabilities that require more than one seat. 
  • The seat selection fees may be waived, and a medical letter supporting the request may be required. 

Passengers are encouraged to contact Air Transat directly to discuss their specific requirements.


  • Air Transat requires disabled passengers who need a support person to travel with someone meeting their criteria. 
  • They also require those who are disabled due to obesity to utilize an additional seat.
  • Some travellers with disabilities may be required to travel with a personal care attendant, interpreter for the hearing impaired, or reader/assistant/guide for the visually impaired.

Charges apply with one person one fare approval

Below are different charges for different flight types while getting an fare approval for a person:

Canadian flights

Air Transat provides free airfare and seat selection for support persons accompanying individuals with disabilities who cannot travel alone. 

Interested parties can contact the airline to determine eligibility for the program.

Passengers must pay taxes.

International flights

  • Air Transat is offering free seat selection for people with disabilities and their support persons. Interested parties should contact the airline to check if they qualify for the program.
  • Air Transat has announced that individuals with disabilities who wish to travel under the One Person One Fare policy will need to provide documentation proving their disability and demonstrating their need for a support person.

In Advance

  • To arrange adjacent seating, contact the airline’s agent before or at the time of booking and provide 48 hours’ notice.
  • To be eligible for Air Transat’s support person program, passengers must deliver completed documents at the time of reservation. These include the Air Transat Support Person forms and the One Person One Fare form, which determine eligibility and applicable fees.

Things air transat help with

Below are the services that air transat assists with:

  • Air Transat has outlined its policy for accommodating passengers with disabilities. 
  • The airline will review documentation within 48 hours of receipt and provide written approval or denial, arrange appropriate seating, and retain electronic copies of documents upon request to facilitate future travel. 
  • Final approval may also be based on observations by airport personnel.
  • Arrange for a fare refund after receiving approval.

Things air transat don’t help with

Air Transat is unable to offer One Person One Fare on routes outside of domestic flights in Canada, nor can they provide extra seats for animals or equipment.

Approval Requirements

Let’s learn about the requirements for air transat special assistance:

  • Air Transat has specific requirements for passengers with disabilities who need to travel with a support person or require an additional seat due to obesity. These include meeting criteria set by the airline and completing relevant forms.
  • Passengers with disabilities who require an additional seat are qualified for the One Person One Fare policy. 
  • They may also obtain a personal care helper, interpreter, or reader/directory as needed. 
  • Passengers who are visually or hearing damaged must provide proof, such as a CNIB card.

If you plan to fly soon and need special Air Transat assistance due to a mobility issue or disability, consider choosing Air Transat for your next trip. They prioritize passenger needs and provide exceptional service at no extra cost. Air Transat offers assistance to passengers with special needs, including wheelchairs and airport staff support during check-in. Passengers can choose the service that best suits their needs by contacting customer care directly. Passengers who require support services, such as expectant mothers, parents of unaccompanied children, and differently-abled individuals, can contact customer care directly. The airline suggests that all passengers with support service concerns contact them 24 hours prior to their flight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to add wheelchair assistance in Air Transat?

Air Transat provides excellent service for passengers with mobility aids, including priority handling and free assistance. The flight crew is friendly and helpful, making for a pleasant travel experience overall.

How to book special assistance with Air Transat?

To receive special assistance when flying, it is recommended to contact the airline either before or at the time of booking. It’s crucial to provide completed forms for eligibility and fee applicability during reservation.

How to book wheelchair assistance in Air Transat?

To receive wheelchair assistance during air travel, call the airline at least 48 hours before your trip and request it. The customer service representative will add a note to your reservation record and inform all airports involved in your journey.

What is the Air Transat bag limit?

Passengers are permitted to bring one bag and one personal item on board, with assistive appliances and outermost garments excluded from the count. The carry-on luggage must fit either in the overhead container or beneath the seat.

Does Air Transat provide drinks free of charge?

Air Transat provides favourable bar assistance with soft drinks, juice, coffee, water and tea on their flights. On flights from Europe, they offer a free hot meal, while light meals, snacks and alcoholic drinks are available at affordable prices.

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