Eva Air Pet Policy – Travelling with Pets in Cabin

Eva Air Pet Policy

EVA Air strives to give its travelers an evergreen experience and make sure they leave with smiles on their faces. EVA Air pet policy helps in making the journey of travelers and their furry friends a safe and comfortable. So if you are wondering Does Eva air allow pets? And what happens when flight cancellation happens? Then look no more. Regarding animal transportation EVA Air is one of the airlines with minimal regulations. This article will give you a clear overview on the Eva air international pet travel policy so that you can make your arrangements and plans accordingly. So you can stop worrying about well being of furry friend.

Overview of Eva Air Pet Policy

Just like any other airline EVA Air too has policies regarding travelers who wish to travel with their pets.But unlike other airlines Eva Air has minimal rules regarding pet travels with them.

So if you have an emotional support animal and you worry about its safety or about traveling without it and worry no more.This article will clarify your concerns and queries related to your pets safety and comfort while traveling so that both you and your furry friend can enjoy a stress free journey with EVA Air.

Allowed pets to travel under Pet Policy

Are you wondering whether your pet is allowed in EVA Air? Is your dog breed  allowed to travel in the airline? If these are the questions that are in your mind then this will help you get the answers you need. EVA Air allows cats, dogs and rabbits to travel with them in carriers. Emotional support/service animals are allowed to travel in cabins free of cost as per Eva air pet in cabin policy.

Emotional support and service animals

According to EVA Air pet travel policy , pets that satisfy the standards, and are completely trained service /emotional support animals can travel in the cabin with no charge. Eva Air in cabin pet policy states that travelers have to make sure that all essential documentation have been prepared for bringing from and shipping to all nations on the itinerary, such as the nations to which you will be moving with your beloved furry friend. Below are some points to be considered by passengers traveling with support/service animals:

  • Your emotional/ service animal needs to be more than four months old.
  • Emotional/ Service animals are considered pets, so eva air pet travel guidelines for regular pets apply.
  • Your emotional/ service animal  has to be rabies-vaccinated, never been subjected to rabies, clear of pests and illnesses that might risk other travelers and cabin crew’s health  or other pets’ health.
  • Your emotional/ service animal needs to be fastened, leashed, or otherwise restrained, and a replacement mask should be handy.
  • Your emotional/ service animal has to be hygienic and well-behaved. They should be trained to act appropriately in public and to obey their handler’s commands. They should not be allowed to run freely through the terminal, around the airport, or on the airplane.
  • Your emotional/ service animal ought to be able to be accommodated on the handler’s lap or inside the handler’s foot room on the flight.
  • Your emotional/ service animals are not permitted to sit on an exit row. Invade or obstruct aisles or rows, Take a seat or dine from the tray tables.
  • To fly with your emotional/ service animal inside the cabin, you must have the necessary documents and need to submit them to the Special Assistance Station at least 48 hours prior to your departure.  

Breed Restrictions

According to EVA Air international pet travel policy following brachycephalic dog/cat breeds and any “mix” will not be accepted for carriage from Apr 1 to Nov 30 at Northern Hemisphere points and from Oct 1 to Mar 31 at Southern Hemisphere points.And Traveling to/via/from Southeast Asia are prohibited throughout the year.

Dogs breed that are restricted are by EVA Air are Affenpinscher,Boston Terrier,Boxers (all breeds),Brussels Griffin,Bulldog (all breeds),Bull Terrier,Pug (all breeds),Chow Chow,Dogue de Bordeaux,English Toy Spaniel,Japanese Chin/Japanese Spaniel/Chin Chin,Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,Lhasa Apso,Mastiff (all breeds),Pekingese,Presa Canario,Shar Pei,Shih Tzu and Tibetan Spaniel

Cats breed that are restricted by EVA Air are Burmese,Himalayan,Persian (e.g. Chinchilla) and Exotic short-haired cat.

Dangerous Dogs

Under eva air pets policy there are certain dog breeds which are considered dangerous breeds and their cross-breeds are not permitted during the whole year by EVA Air such as American Pit Bull (Terrier),American Staffordshire,Terrier Fila Brasileiros,Japanese Tosa,Pit Bull Terrier,Dogo Argentino (Argentine Mastiff) and Cane Corso.

Country Embargoes

Certain Southeast Asian countries are prohibited to transport brachycephalic (snub-nosed) dogs and cats for the whole year.This list contains countries like Cambodia,Indonesia,Malaysia,Philippine,Singapore,Thailand and  Vietnam.

Aircraft restrictions

There are certain restriction based on Aircrafts and they listed below as such:

  • Pets are not permitted onboarding if the passanger’s itinerary contains code-sharing portions and are only permitted on foreign flights operated directly by EVA Air and UNI Air.
  • Excluding A321 and B787, each flight is permitted five Carriers. Some itineraries and airplane types do not allow pets as checked baggage or even have restrictions on the number of pets that may be transported.
  • IN A321 pets can not be checked as baggage.
  • IN B787 pets can not be checked as baggage on long trips like Oceania, North America, and Europe.Two cages are accepted on short flights.

Travel Options Available by EVA Air

Eva Air allows your pet to travel with them in the passenger cabin as well as checked baggage. They are further explained in detail below.

Book Eva Air Pets in Cabin

In cabin

As per EVA Air in cabin pet policy transportation of pets is not permitted by EVA air only service/emotional support animals with medical certification are allowed to travel in the cabin. Travellers need to contact Eva Airlines a minimum of 48 hours prior to their flight departure.

Passengers need to submit the proper paperwork  to Eva Air more than 48 hours prior to their flight departure.Documents required to be submitted are letter from licensed mental health professional on their letterhead dated within 12 months stating that the passenger is under their care, the passenger has a mental or emotional disability recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, that the passenger must have the dog to address this disability during the flight or at the destination. Information must be provided regarding the physician’s license. 

Emotional support dogs must be well behaved.Only one emotional support dog is accepted per passenger.Emotional support dogs are only accepted on flights to or from the United States.

As Checked baggage

As per EVA Air pet carry on policy pets can travel as checked baggage. For the entire flight duration, Passengers are supposed to keep their pets inside their carrier that are made of material which should also be leak, claw and escape proof. Pets carrier should have holes for ventilation and the carrier needs to be spacious enough for the pet to be able to make necessary movements. Passengers need to keep in mind that the weight of carrier with pet combined should not be more than 70 lbs.

Pets that are pregnant and are less than 4 months of age are not permitted by the EVA airlines as checked baggage.

Container requirements

Wondering about the carrier you would have to carry for your pet?Then below mentioned points are going to help you make an informed decision:

  • As per IATA, a pet carrier used while air travel needs to have only one door for entering and exit.
  • A pet carrier needs to have holes for air passage on more than one side. It should be easily recognizable as a pet carrier. Bottom floor must be covered with sheets that can hold moisture and are leak proof.
  • Pets should be able to move  freely so that they can rest or sleep properly.
  • The carrier is supposed to be equipped with food and water
  •  It is important to have a pet carrier of the right dimensions for pet travel for comfortable  flight for your furry friend.While choosing the right carrier keep in mind that:

Carrier Height should be enough so that your pet can stand freely and there should be space left above so that your pet is not touching the top.

Carrier Length should be from the nose to the tail, plus half the elevation from the floor to the lateral epicondyle.

Carrier Width  needs to be twice the size of your pets width for free movements inside the carrier.

Number of pets allowed per create

Under eva air pet carry on policy numbers of pets allowed in a single carrier is based on the weight of pet and carrier combined.If combined weight exceeds 14 kg then only single pet is allowed in the carrier.If the weight is up to 14 kg and the age of the pet is up to 4 months two pets are allowed in a single carrier.Between the two pets the carrier’s size should be proportional to the tallest one. Also the carrier must be three times the size of the tallest pet. 

Documents Required 

Being prepared and ready will help travelers to travel smoothly with their pets with EVA airline. Here is what you need to know regarding the paperwork that is required for pet travel with Eva air. Travelers are advised to fill and submit the “Passenger’s Declaration for Live Animal” form .Travelers flying with support animals must provide the required paperwork and certification to the airline. EVA Airline staff reserves to reject  transportation of your pet if they fail to meet transport requirements.

Pet Travel Fee 

Wondering about the pet travel fee charged by EVA Air? Here is an insight about travel fee EVA air charges to travelers. Your pet and its carrier are considered as extra baggage. For passengers who need service animals/emotional support pets such as, hearing-aid dogs are transported free of charge.

As per Eva air pet policy international there are countries that check weight before allowing pets on board to travel with them.If you are  traveling to or from the USA and Canada, Countries in  Central and South America certain things to keep in mind for pet travel are :

  • If the weight of the carrier is up to 32 kg  then the baggage fee rate of 2 units of baggage is applied.
  • If the weight of the carrier is more than 32 kg and up to 42 kg then the baggage fee rate of 4 units of baggage is applied.
  • If the weight of the carrier is more than 42 kg then baggage fee rate of 6 units is applied.
  • If the weight of the carrier is more than 50 kg then it must be authorized by the Airline prior to departure. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Eva Air allow pets in the cabin?

Except for service dogs carried by disabled persons EVA Air  doesn’t allow pets in the cabin while flying with them.

What is the criteria for Eva air pet travel?

To travel with EVA Air travelers must be aware that pregnant pets and younger than 4 month pets are not allowed. The pet policy does allow cats ,dogs and rabbits to travel with them.

Does Eva Air allow emotional support/service animals in the cabin?

Yes, EVA Air allows emotional support animals in the cabin traveling with passengers provided credible documents are submitted with the airline.

What travel options does EVA Air provide for pets?

As per EVA Air pet policy only service/emotional support animals are allowed in cabin and others can carry their pets as checked baggage.

What kind of pets are allowed in EVA Air?

Under EVA Air pets dogs, cats and rabbits are included. Also its 1 animal per crate and needs to be less than or equal to 14 kgs.

How to add a pet to my flight on Eva Air?

You can do this by either informing EVA Air while making your booking or by letting them know 2 days before your flight ,if you have already booked your ticket.

How much does Eva Air charge for service dogs?

For Service dogs there is no charge by EVA Air.

What kind of pets are not allowed in EVA Air?

Pets that are pregnant and are less than 4 months of age are not permitted by the airline.

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