Qatar Airways Infant Policy – Travel with Baby

Qatar Airways Infant Policy

Traveling with an infant is an extraordinary adventure that requires careful planning and consideration, and Qatar Airways infant policy understands the unique needs of parents and their little ones. As a leading global airline renowned for its commitment to passenger comfort and convenience, Qatar Airways has established a comprehensive infant policy to ensure that families can confidently embark on their journeys. 

In this article, we will explore the intricacies of infant policy, providing insights into booking procedures, seating arrangements, Qatar airways baggage allowances, and the services available to parents traveling with their precious bundles of joy.

Overview of Qatar Airways Infant Policy

Qatar Airways recognizes that traveling with an infant requires special considerations, and its well-defined infant policy reflects the airline’s commitment to ensuring a comfortable and convenient journey for families. Here are some critical insights into Qatar Airways’ infant policy:

  • Booking Options: Qatar Airways offers three main booking options for parents traveling with infants:
  • Infant on Lap: Parents can choose to have their infant travel on their lap throughout the flight. However, this option is subject to availability and may only be available on some aircraft.
  • An infant with Seat: Parents can purchase a separate seat at a reduced child fare. This provides extra space and allows parents to secure an FAA-approved car seat for added safety.
  • Bassinet: Qatar Airways provides bassinets for infants weighing up to 11 kg (24 lbs) and measuring 71 cm (28 in) in length. These can be requested when booking and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Qatar Airways Infant Ticket Price: Infants traveling on an adult’s lap usually travel for free on international flights, while a nominal fee may apply on domestic flights. A child fare will be applicable if parents opt for a separate seat.
  • Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance: Infants traveling on a parent’s lap typically do not have a checked baggage allowance. However, parents are allowed an extra carry-on bag for essential items like baby food and diapers. Infants with a separate seat are entitled to the same baggage allowance as a child.
  • Qatar Airways Infant Bassinets and Seating: Bassinets are available for long-haul flights and can be requested during booking. These provide comfortable sleeping spaces for infants, contributing to a more restful journey. Families traveling with infants are often given priority when selecting seats, allowing them to choose the most suitable seats for their needs.
  • In-Flight Amenities: Qatar Airways ensures that parents and infants have a comfortable experience on board:
  • Baby Food and Formula: Parents can bring baby food, formula, and breast milk in reasonable quantities to sustain their infant’s needs during the flight. The cabin crew can also provide hot water for formula preparation.
  • Diaper Changing Facilities: Lavatories on Qatar Airways’ aircraft are equipped with changing tables to facilitate diaper changes.
  • Entertainment: The airline offers children-friendly entertainment options on select flights, including cartoons and shows, to keep parents and infants engaged.
  • Travel Tips: To make the most of Qatar Airways’ infant policy, consider these tips:
  • Plan: Choose flights that align with your infant’s sleep schedule and plan for layovers and connecting flights.
  • Pack Smart: Bring essential items such as diapers, wipes, and baby food. Pack a small bag with in-flight necessities.
  • Documentation: Ensure you have all necessary travel documents, including your and your infant’s passports and visas.

What is the Process for Qatar Airways add infant?

Adding an infant to your Qatar Airways booking before traveling involves a few straightforward steps. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free process, follow these guidelines:

  1. When booking your flight online through the Qatar Airways website( or app, indicate that you will be traveling with an infant. This will prompt the system to guide you through the necessary steps to add your infant to the booking. This will help with cancellation if needed. 
  2. During the booking process, you will be presented with the three main infant booking options:
    • Infant on Lap: If you choose to have your infant travel on your lap, select this option.
    • An infant with Seat: If you prefer a separate seat for your infant, choose this option. The system will guide you through selecting the appropriate child fare.
    • Bassinet Request: When requesting a Qatar airways infant bassinet, indicate this during the booking process.
  3. You will need to provide essential information about your infant, such as their name, date of birth, and any special requirements they might have. This information ensures that Qatar Airways can cater to your infant’s needs during the flight.
  4. Qatar Airways often gives priority to families traveling with infants when it comes to selecting seats. You can choose seats that best suit your family’s needs during the booking process. If you’ve chosen the “Infant with Seat” option, you can also select a seat for your infant.
  5. If you want to use a bassinet during the flight, request it now. Bassinets are subject to availability, so the earlier you request, the better your chance of securing one for your journey.
  6. Carefully review all the information you’ve entered, including your infant’s details, booking options, and seat selections. Once you’re satisfied, proceed to confirm your booking. You might need to provide payment information if you’ve chosen the “Infant with Seat” option.
  7. If you are thinking, “can I add an infant after booking Qatar airways” then you just need to contact Qatar Airways’ customer service. They will assist you in adding your infant to the booking and making any necessary arrangements.
  8. If applicable, ensure you have all the required travel documents for your infant, including passports and visas. Check with Qatar Airways or your relevant authorities for the documentation needed for your journey.

How Should a Parent Plan to Travel with an Infant on Qatar Airways? 

Traveling with an infant requires careful planning and preparation to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how parents should plan to travel with an infant on Qatar Airways:

Booking the Flight

  • Decide whether you want your infant to travel on your lap, have a separate seat, or request a bassinet. Select the option that suits your family’s needs.
  • Book your flight well to secure the desired seats and special arrangements, like bassinets.


  • Ensure you and your infant have the necessary passports and visas for your destination. Some countries require infants to have their passports.
  • Carry a copy of your infant’s birth certificate as proof of age, especially if your infant travels on your lap.

Baggage and Essentials

  • Prepare a comprehensive checklist of essential items your infant will need during the journey, including diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, bottles, pacifiers, extra clothing, and medications.
  • Pack a separate carry-on bag with all the essentials for your infant. This makes it easy to access items without digging through your larger bags.

Seating and Bassinets

  • During the booking process, choose seats that provide convenience and comfort for your family. Consider proximity to restrooms and any amenities you may need.
  • If your flight is long-haul and offers bassinets, request one during booking. Bassinets provide comfortable sleeping space for your infant.

In-Flight Comfort

  • Dress you and your infant in comfortable layers for the changing cabin temperature.
  • Keep your infant’s requirements within easy reach in your carry-on bag.
  • Carry enough baby food, formula, and snacks for the journey. Qatar Airways provides hot water for formula preparation.

Security Check and Boarding

  • Arrive at the airport early to account for security checks, boarding procedures, and any unexpected delays.
  • Be prepared for additional security checks for baby items like formula and baby food. Familiarize yourself with the airport’s regulations.

During the Flight

  • Use lavatories equipped with changing tables for diaper changes.
  • On select flights, Qatar Airways offers child-friendly entertainment. Bring along toys and activities to keep your infant engaged.
  • Nursing or bottle-feeding during takeoff and landing can help ease ear pressure for your infant.

Post-Flight Arrangements

  • Have transportation arrangements ready upon arrival to minimize stress for you and your infant.

Emergency Supplies

  • Pack a small kit with essentials like baby pain relievers, adhesive bandages, and prescribed medications.
  • Keep a list of emergency contacts, including your pediatrician’s number.

Stay Flexible

  • Be prepared for unexpected changes and delays. Maintain a calm and flexible attitude to manage any challenges that may arise.

Benefits of Qatar Airways Infant Policy

Qatar Airways’ infant policy offers several benefits that cater to the unique needs of families traveling with infants. These benefits make the journey more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable for parents and their little ones. Here are some key benefits of Qatar Airways’ infant policy:

  • Booking Flexibility: Qatar Airways flying with infant allows the parents to choose the most suitable arrangement based on their preferences and their infant’s needs.
  • In-Flight Comfort:
    • Bassinets: Qatar Airways offers bassinets on long-haul flights, providing comfortable sleeping space for infants. This allows parents to rest while their baby sleeps comfortably.
    • Priority Seating: Families traveling with infants often receive priority when selecting seats, ensuring parents can choose the most convenient seats.
  • Qatar Infant Baggage Allowance:
    • Carry-On Essentials: Parents traveling with infants can carry essential items like diapers, baby food, and formula in an extra carry-on bag, ensuring they have everything they need during the flight.
    • Separate Seat Allowance: Infants with a different seat are entitled to the same baggage allowance as children, which can be especially useful when carrying additional supplies for the baby.
  • In-Flight Amenities:
    • Formula and Baby Food: Qatar Airways allows parents to bring baby food, formula, and breast milk in reasonable quantities, and cabin crew can provide hot water for formula preparation.
    • Diaper Changing Facilities: Lavatories on Qatar Airways’ aircraft are equipped with changing tables, making it convenient for parents to attend to their infant’s needs.
  • Child Fare:
    • Reduced Fare for Separate Seat: Parents choosing to purchase a separate seat for their infant can benefit from reduced child fares, making it more cost-effective to provide additional comfort and space for their baby.
  • Priority Services:
    • Priority Boarding: Qatar traveling with infants allows the travellers to often enjoy priority boarding, allowing them to settle in before the rest of the passengers.
  • Child-Friendly Entertainment:
    • In-Flight Entertainment: On select flights, Qatar Airways offers child-friendly entertainment options, including cartoons and shows, to keep parents and infants engaged during the flight.
  • Customer Support:
    • Assistance: Qatar Airways’ cabin crew is trained to provide service to parents traveling with infants, ensuring that parents feel supported throughout the journey.
  • Safety and Comfort:
    • Safety Measures: Qatar Airways ensures that parents can secure FAA-approved car seats for infants traveling in their seats, enhancing safety during the flight.
  • Peace of Mind:
    • Clear Policies: Qatar Airways’ clear and well-defined infant policy helps parents understand the options and benefits available, providing peace of mind when traveling with their infant.

Traveling with an infant doesn’t have to be daunting, especially when you clearly understand Qatar Airways’ infant policy. By choosing the right booking option, being aware of the amenities provided, and following helpful tips, parents can embark on a memorable journey with their little ones, confident that their needs will be met by a world-class airline that values their comfort and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Qatar Airways Infant Policy

Is there a fee for traveling with an infant on Qatar Airways?

Infants traveling on an adult’s lap usually travel for free on international flights. However, a nominal fee might apply on domestic flights. A child fare will be applicable if parents purchase a separate seat for their infant.

Under Qatar Airways policy, is there a specific age limit for infants?

Infants are generally considered children under two years old for Qatar Airways’ infant policy. Beyond this age, children are typically charged child or adult fares, depending on the airline’s pricing structure.

Can I request a special meal for my infant on Qatar Airways flights?

Qatar Airways offers baby meals for infants. You can usually request these special meals when booking your flight or by contacting the airline’s customer service in advance.

Can I bring breast pumps and related equipment on Qatar Airways flights?

Qatar Airways generally allows passengers to bring breast pumps and related equipment on board. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the airline’s guidelines for carrying medical equipment or devices.

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