Southwest Airlines Infant Policy – A Helpful Guidebook For Times When Traveling With Your Bundle Of Joy

Southwest Airlines Infant Policy

Many details/information are vital when planning/booking an air journey along with your little bundle of joy. Southwest Airlines Infant Policy is skim to enlist the details that answer/cater to all the infant/baby requirements, such as baby seats/strollers, proper placement of the infant seat, breast pumps, correct paperwork, and more.

Whether you or your infants are flying internationally or domestically with Southwest Airlines, knowing the terms and conditions of this policy will be helpful. This blog is a guidebook for all the parents/guardians worried about making the journey from the airport to the destination for their little ones a pleasant one.

What Is Southwest Airlines Infant Policy?

You might be wondering why we need a Southwest Airlines Infant Travel Policy. This policy is in place/exists to specify the rules that must be adhered to when traveling with infants/babies. Babies can travel with Southwest as a Lap Infant or in a separate seat. Refer to these rules that simplify the policy so parents/guardians can plan travel:

  • An infant should be of appropriate age to travel with Southwest Airlines.
  • An infant less than 14 days old can not travel with Southwest Airlines.
  • Someone like a parent/gaurdian should always accompany an infant traveling.
  • The personnel attending/traveling with an infant must be 12 years old and above.
  • Southwest Airlines Infant On Lap policy states that only one infant can travel on a lap per person.
  • When traveling with more than one baby/infant, the parent/guardian must book a separate seat for the second/other infant.
  • The other/second infant travels in a seat attached to a child safety/restraint seat, which should be air travel and safety-approved.
  • Infant safety/restraint seats can only be at the window and middle seats.
  • Exit row/aisle seats and rows directly forward or aft are not for placing an infant safety/restraint seat. 
  • There is a recommendation for guardians/parents traveling with an infant that weighs less than 20 kg that infant safety/restraint seats face toward the back of the plane.
  •  Another recommendation for guardians/parents traveling with an infant that weighs more than 20 kg and up to 40 kg is that infant safety/restraint seats must face forward.
  • Lap infants traveling on domestic routes travel without a fee.
  • There is a fee for lap infants traveling to international routes based on the route distance and international taxes.

How Old Should Your Baby/Infant Be To Travel With Southwest Airlines?

Check Southwest Airlines Infant Travel Policy

This question is the first thing that comes to a guardian/parent’s mind when booking/making reservations. Having the correct details just eases the entire stressful process of trip planning. A baby/infant must be over 14 days old and less than two years of age to board the flight, as Southwest Airlines Lap Child Policy suggests. 

What Documents Do I Have To Carry To Travel With My Infant?

Traveling with a baby/infant can be stressful, and you might sometimes wonder what paperwork/documents are required for your infant to travel. Well, here is your answer. Since babies also travel on board with their guardians/parents, they must also produce proof of identification/verification. Southwest Airlines flying with infant policy guidelines for infant travel documents are as follows:

  • First and foremost, the infant’s proof of age(passport/government-issued ID/birth certificate) is essential. 
  • These age proofs are acceptable in original/photocopy format and should always be with the parent/gaurdian during the journey/travel.
  • Countries have different infant identification document rules, so check with the airline staff and prepare accordingly.
  • A separate boarding pass is essential for babies traveling in their seats.
  • A BVD (Boarding Verification Document) is essential for a Southwest Airlines lap child.
  • BVD is available on the day of traveling at a kiosk or the Southwest airport counter for international travel.
  • For domestic travels, Southwest Airlines infant on lap must be added by gaurdian/parents to their reservation as BVD is not essential. But it is important to carry proof/document of age.

What Baby/Infant Items And Baggage Is Allowed On Southwest Flights?

Just like us, babies/infants have their own needs and require a lot of stuff to function. Southwest understands that certain essentials are necessary to meet an infant’s needs, so changing stations are available at lavatories on board. Here is all the critical information about what infant items are acceptable to bring on board.

  • Southwest Airlines Infant on Lap is not eligible for a free baggage allowance.
  • In addition to the carry-on allowance of the guardian parent, they can bring a bag with diapers, breast pump/milk.
  • Remember that carrying a cooler separately from the one attached to a breast pump is now allowed under the Free Baggage Allowance per Southwest Airlines Lap infant policy.
  • In addition to the carry-on allowance, parents/guardians can check the baby stroller or the child’s safety/restraint seat.
  • The airline staff checks strollers at the counter, curb, or boarding gate.
  • Southwest offers a reusable stroller or car seat for a fee of $17 at the counter.

How Do I Book/Add An Infant To A Reservation? 

Are you pondering How to add/book or cancel an infant to Southwest Airlines Reservation? Well, here is all you need to know. As per Southwest Airlines Add Infant Policy, the airline allows booking for infants on international and domestic routes. Listed here are the many ways a guardian can add an infant to their booking or make bookings.

Book Southwest Airlines Lap Child Reservation Online

Traveling with Southwest Airlines infant on lap? Then, book a reservation online and add an infant. Check out/Follow the steps listed:

  • First, Open a browser on your preferred Android or IOS device.
  • Now go to the official Southwest website and Click Book A Flight.
  • Enter your details and click the Passengers Tab/button.
  • A drop-down window appears; you can choose how many people and infants travel.
  • Click on Continue and enter the infant details.
  • Choose the infant seat and review/check the details.
  • Now click on the continue button and pay the fare amount.
  • An automated mail with the ticket details will appear directly in your mail.

ADD Southwest Airlines Infant Via Kiosk

Southwest Airlines traveling with an Infant Policy suggests that certain perks/services can be available at the airport Kiosk. Here are the options available at the Kisok:

  • Guardians can easily add an infant to an already booked reservation using the Kiosk machine.
  • In addition to guardians’/parents’ flight check-in, infant check-in is possible.
  • Corrections related to infant name, birth date, and gender are also available.
  • Lastly, A BVD is also available to print at the Kiosk.

Call Reservation Line To ADD Southwest Airlines Infant 

Another method/way to add an infant to an already booked reservation/booking is by calling the reservation line. Mention your booking and infant details to the on-call airline staff/employee so that the entire process moves swiftly. Once done, guardians or parents will get a confirmation mail. 

Book Southwest Airlines Lap Child Reservation At the Nearest Office

As per Southwest Airlines traveling with infant policy, travelers/visitors can visit Southwest Airlines’ city office and seek help adding infants to their booked itinerary. Also, they can request the staff/team to book a flight. Bringing along all the essential infant and your paperwork will make the trip to the airline’s office hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Southwest Airlines Infant Policy

How to add an infant on Southwest Airlines at the last minute?

Walk to the airport counter, and the staff will add your infant to your reservation.

Does Southwest Airlines charge for infants?

Yes! There is a ticket fee for lap infants on international routes and infants traveling in their seats.

Do infants fly free on Southwest Airlines on domestic flights?

Yes! Lap infants traveling on domestic routes travel for free. 

Will my infant need a boarding pass when flying with Southwest Airlines?

Yes! If your baby travels in a separate seat, they need their boarding pass.

If my infant travels on my lap, does it need a separate boarding pass?

No! Southwest Airlines infant on lap needs a BVD document, available on the day of travel via kiosk service or at the airport counter.

Can I check with the Kiosk at the airport when traveling with my infant?

Yes! Infant check-in is possible with Southwest Airlines at the self-service airport in Kiosk.

Are there diaper changing stations available on the Southwest Flights?

Yes! Diaper changing stations are available in the lavatories on the flight and at the airport.

Can a stroller/child safety seat service be provided by Southwest Airlines at the airport? 

Yes! Southwest Airlines offers a paid stroller/child safety service for $17 at the airport. 

Who qualifies per Southwest Airlines Lap child policy to travel with the airline?

Babies over 14 days old get to travel with the airline.

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