Singapore Airlines Infant Policy – Travelling With Baby

Singapore Airlines Infant Policy

Singapore Airlines Infant policy renowned for its exceptional service and world-class hospitality, is a top choice for travelers around the globe. Whether planning a family vacation or embarking on a business trip, Singapore Airlines offers services to accommodate passengers of all ages, including infants. 

Singapore Airlines Infant travel refers to the set of rules and guidelines that the airline has established regarding the travel of infants, typically defined as children under two years old. This comprehensive guide explores infant policy, ensuring you have all the information you need to plan a smooth and enjoyable journey with your little one.

Insights About the Singapore Airlines Infant Policy

How to Add Infant Travel Policy in Singapore Airlines

The Infant Policy provides valuable insights into how the airline accommodates and assists parents and caregivers traveling with infants. Here are some key insights and details about the policy:

Age Definition

Infants are defined as children under two years old, in line with industry standards.

Ticketing Options

Under Singapore airlines infant ticket option, parents can choose two ticketing options for infants: “Infant-in-Lap” or “Infant Seat”: 

  • “Infant-in-Lap” tickets are typically more affordable and allow the infant to travel on the parent’s lap.
  • “Infant Seat” tickets involve purchasing a separate seat for the infant, providing added comfort and safety during the flight.


Singapore airlines infant ticket price are usually significantly discounted compared to adult fares. The specific fare amount may vary based on the route and fare class.

Booking Process

Parents can book infant tickets conveniently through the airline’s website, reservation center, or travel agents. Singapore airlines add infant to booking provides online booking  for selecting the preferred ticketing option for the infant. Even you can get cancellation services here. 

Baggage Allowance

Infants typically have their baggage allowance, including carry-on and checked baggage. The Singapore airlines infant baggage allowance may vary depending on the fare class and route.

In-Flight Amenities

Singapore Airlines offers a range of amenities and services to make the journey more comfortable for parents and infants. This includes infant meals, baby changing facilities on the aircraft, and the availability of bassinets.

Tips and Guidelines

The policy provides helpful tips for parents traveling with infants, such as packing essential items, considering feeding schedules during takeoff and landing, and maintaining patience during the journey.

Priority and Consideration

Singapore Airlines strives to prioritize the comfort and needs of parents traveling with infants, recognizing their unique challenges.


Singapore airlines infant bassinets are available for infants traveling in their parents’ laps on a first-come, first-served basis. Requesting a bassinet when booking the flight is recommended due to limited availability.


The airline offers in-flight entertainment options for older infants and toddlers, including children’s programming, cartoons, and age-appropriate movies.

Safety and Comfort

Singapore Airlines strongly emphasizes ensuring the safety and comfort of infants and their caregivers during the flight.

Infant Ticketing and Fares as per Infant Policy

As per the Singapore Airlines Infant Policy, infant ticketing and fares are designed to provide affordable options for parents traveling with infants. Here’s a detailed look at how infant ticketing and fares work:

Infant-in-Lap (No Separate Seat)

Let’s check out its details:

  • Parents can have their infant (child under two years old) travel on their lap during the flight.
  • An infant-in-lap ticket can be purchased at a significantly reduced fare compared to an adult ticket.
  • This Singapore airlines flying with infant option suits short-haul flights or when parents are comfortable holding their infant throughout the journey.
  • Parents are not required to purchase a separate seat for their infant when choosing this option.

Infant Seat (Separate Seat)

Let’s check out its details:

  • For parents who prefer to provide a dedicated seat for their infant, Singapore Airlines allows the purchase of an infant seat.
  • An infant seat ticket is typically priced at a discounted rate compared to adult fares but may be more expensive than an infant-in-lap ticket.
  • Parents choosing this option receive a separate seat for their infant, ensuring greater comfort and safety during the flight.
  • This singapore airlines add infant to booking option is often preferred for long-haul flights or when parents want their infant to have space.

Booking Process

Let’s check out its details:

  • Parents can book infant tickets when making their flight reservations through Singapore Airlines.
  • During the booking process, parents can select their preferred ticketing option for the infant, whether an infant-in-lap or an infant seat.
  • The singapore airlines infant fare for the chosen option will be calculated accordingly and added to the overall booking.

Fare Considerations

Let’s check out its details:

  • The Singapore airlines infant ticket price can vary based on several factors, including the airline’s fare class system and travel route.
  • Infants often travel at a fraction of the adult fare, making air travel more affordable for families.
  • Some fare classes offer additional benefits or flexibility, so it’s a good idea to inquire about available fare options when booking.

Booking Infant Tickets in Advance

Let’s check out its details:

  • It’s recommended to book infant tickets well before the travel date, especially if you have specific preferences or requirements, such as requesting a bassinet or infant meal.
  • Booking early ensures availability and allows parents to plan their journey more easily.


Let’s check out its details:

  • Parents may be required to provide documentation, such as a birth certificate or passport, to verify the infant’s age when booking an infant ticket.

How to add Infant to Singapore Airlines Flight?

Adding an infant to a Singapore Airlines flight involves a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

Plan Your Travel

Before you start booking, have all your travel details ready, including your desired flight dates, departure and arrival cities, and any preferences for your infant’s seating arrangement (Infant-in-Lap or Infant Seat).

Visit the Singapore Airlines Website

Access the Singapore Airlines official website by opening your preferred web browser and typing in the URL:

Start the Booking Process

Once you’re on the Singapore Airlines homepage, follow these steps:

  • Click the “Book a Flight” or “Book” option. This will typically be prominently displayed on the website.

Enter Your Travel Details

  • Fill in your departure and arrival cities, travel dates, and the number of passengers, including adults, children, and infants.

Select Your Flight

  • After entering your travel details, the website will provide a list of available flights for your chosen route and dates.
  • Choose the flight that suits your preferences regarding timing and pricing.

Choose the Infant Option

  • During the booking process, you will be asked to specify if you are traveling with an infant.
  • Select the option that matches your preference:
  • “Infant-in-Lap” (no separate seat) or “Infant Seat” (a separate seat for your infant).

Review Your Booking

  • Carefully review your flight details, including your choice for the infant’s seating arrangement, before proceeding to the next step.

Personal Information and Payment

  • Enter the required personal information for all passengers, including the infant.
  • Provide payment details to complete the booking process. Be sure to pay for the infant’s ticket if applicable.

Confirm Your Booking

  • After entering all the necessary information, review your booking one last time to ensure accuracy.
  • Once you are satisfied with the details, confirm your booking and make the payment.

Confirmation and Travel Documents

  • You will receive a booking confirmation via email, including essential travel information, your booking reference number, and e-ticket details.
  • Save a copy of the confirmation email, as you may need it for future reference or check-in.

Prepare for Your Trip

  • Before your travel date, ensure you have all necessary documents, such as passports and visas, for you and your infant.
  • Pack essential items for your infant, including diapers, baby wipes, formula, baby food, and any comfort items.

Singapore Airline Infant Baggage Allowance

Singapore Airlines baggage allowance for infants provides an infant baggage allowance to accommodate the needs of parents traveling with infants. The infant baggage allowance typically includes both carry-on baggage and checked baggage. Here are the details of the infant baggage allowance as per Singapore Airlines policy:

Carry-on Baggage for Infants

Below are the details: 

  • Infants traveling on Singapore Airlines can generally bring a reasonable amount of carry-on baggage for their immediate needs during the flight.
  • This typically includes a diaper bag or baby bag, which may contain diapers, baby wipes, baby food, formula, baby bottles, extra clothing, and essential baby care items.
  • The diaper bag’s exact weight and size restrictions may vary, but it should be reasonable and not overly large or heavy.

Checked Baggage for Infants

Below are the details: 

  • Infants traveling on Singapore Airlines are typically entitled to a checked baggage allowance.
  • The specific allowance may vary depending on the class of service, fare type, and travel route.
  • As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the general guideline was that infants traveling in all classes were allowed 10 kg (22 lbs) of checked baggage. However, verifying the current baggage allowance with Singapore Airlines when booking your flight is essential, as policies can change over time.

Benefits of Singapore Airlines Infant Policy

The Singapore Airlines Infant Policy offers several benefits to parents and caregivers traveling with infants. These benefits ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey for the infant and their accompanying adults. Here are some of the critical benefits of Infant Policy:

  • The policy offers discounted infant fares, making it more cost-effective for families to travel with young children.
  • Parents can choose between “Infant-in-Lap” or “Infant Seat,” allowing them to select the most suitable option for their infant’s comfort.
  • Singapore Airlines provides bassinets for infants traveling in their parents’ laps, ensuring a comfortable and secure resting place during the flight.
  • The airline offers amenities such as infant meals, baby changing facilities, and entertainment options tailored to young passengers, making the journey more convenient and enjoyable.
  • Singapore Airlines prioritizes the needs of families traveling with infants, ensuring a seamless and accommodating experience for parents and caregivers.
  • Families can expect the same high-quality service and hospitality for which Singapore Airlines is renowned, even when traveling with infants.
  • Singapore airlines business class infant gets more eminent facilities on board. 
  • The policy aims to create a peaceful and comfortable environment for infants and their families, making air travel a more pleasant experience for all.
  • Parents can confidently travel, knowing that the airline provides the necessary support and services to meet their infants’ needs throughout the journey.
  • The Singapore Airlines Infant Policy makes air travel accessible to families with infants, encouraging them to explore the world together.
  • The policy strongly emphasizes the safety and well-being of infants, ensuring a secure and enjoyable flight for the youngest passengers.

In-flight amenities and Services for Singapore Airlines Flying with an Infant

Singapore Airlines provides a range of in-flight amenities and services to make traveling with infants a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for parents and their little ones. Here are some of the in-flight amenities and services you can expect when flying with an infant on Singapore Airlines:

  • Singapore Airlines add infant to booking offers infant bassinets, providing a comfortable sleeping space during the flight.
  • Specially prepared infant meals are available upon request to cater to young passengers’ dietary needs.
  • Baby changing facilities onboard ensure parents can conveniently attend to their infants’ needs.
  • In-flight entertainment includes child-friendly programming to keep little ones engaged.
  • The cabin crew assists parents, including warming bottles and offering helpful guidance.
  • The airline’s considerate passengers and attentive crew create a family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Requesting a bassinet in advance ensures a peaceful journey for both infants and parents.
  • Singapore Airlines provides diaper supplies on board for added convenience.
  • In Singapore airlines business class with infant, parents can expect a range of infant amenities, from baby blankets to specialized headsets.
  • Warm milk can be arranged to make feeding easier during the flight.

What are Some Booking and Travel Tips for Singapore Airlines Infants on a Lap?

Traveling with an infant on your lap can be a rewarding experience, but it also requires careful planning. Here are some booking and travel tips for flying with an infant on Singapore Airlines:

Booking Tips

Below are the tips: 

  • Secure your flight well in advance to have the best choice of seats and to ensure the availability of any special services you may need.
  • If you’re traveling with an infant on your lap and want to make the journey more comfortable, request a bassinet when booking your flight. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited in number.
  • Try to book flights that align with your infant’s schedule. Red-eye or late-night flights might disrupt your baby’s sleep routine.
  • Consider breaking it up with a layover if you have a long journey. This can allow your infant to stretch and play between flights.

Packing Tips

Below are the tips:

  • Pack enough diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, extra clothing, and any comfort items your infant might need during the flight.
  • In your carry-on bag, include your baby’s essentials, such as diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, and a few toys or distractions.
  • A baby carrier can be a lifesaver during airport layovers and boarding. It allows you to have your hands free while keeping your infant close.

Airport and Flight Tips

Below are the tips:

  • Give yourself plenty of time at the airport. Infants can be unpredictable, so arriving early reduces stress.
  • Take advantage of priority boarding if offered. This can provide extra time to settle in and get comfortable.
  • If your infant is bottle-fed, consider feeding during takeoff and landing to help with ear pressure discomfort.
  • Change your baby’s diaper right before boarding to minimize the need for in-flight changes.
  • Have a variety of toys, books, and pacifiers to keep your infant engaged during the flight.
  • Dress your baby in layers, as airplane cabins can vary in temperature. Comfortable clothing is vital for a happy infant.
  • Choose a window seat for more privacy and a quiet spot for your infant.
  • Infants can pick up on your stress, so stay calm and relaxed. Remember that it’s okay if your baby gets fussy; it’s a normal part of flying with an infant.
  • Feel free to ask flight attendants for help or information if you need it. They are usually happy to assist.

What are the Benefits of getting Singapore Airlines Business Class with Infants?

Traveling in Singapore Airlines business class with an infant offers several benefits that can significantly enhance your overall travel experience and make the journey more comfortable for you and your baby. Here are the key benefits of flying business class with an infant on Singapore Airlines:

  • Spacious Seating: Business class seats are more spacious and comfortable than those in economy class, providing you and your infant with ample space to move around, relax, and sleep. Many business class seats can also recline into fully flat beds, allowing you to rest more comfortably during long-haul flights.
  • Priority Boarding: Passengers traveling with infants often receive priority boarding, which means you can board the aircraft early, settle into your seat, and stow your belongings without the rush and hassle of general boarding.
  • Dedicated Cabin Crew: The cabin crew in the business class cabin is trained to provide personalized service and assistance to passengers traveling with infants. They can help with meal preparation, warming baby food, and attending to your needs.
  • Bassinet Availability: Singapore Airlines offers bassinets in the business class cabin for infants on a first-come, first-served basis. These bassinets allow your baby to sleep comfortably during the flight and provide you with more space to relax.
  • Child-Friendly Meals: You can request special child-friendly meals suitable for infants and young children. These meals are designed to meet your child’s dietary needs and preferences.
  • In-Flight Entertainment: Business class passengers, including infants, have access to an extensive in-flight entertainment system with a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games. Some seats also feature personal screens.
  • Privacy: Many business class seats are designed to provide a degree of privacy, which can be helpful when you want to create a quiet and comfortable space for your infant to sleep or play without disturbance.
  • Baby Changing Facilities: Business class cabins are equipped with changing tables in the lavatories, making it more convenient to take care of diaper changes during the flight.
  • In-Flight Assistance: The cabin crew can assist with any special requests, such as warming bottles, providing extra blankets, or helping with infant-related needs.
  • Amenity Kits: Some airlines, including Singapore Airlines, may provide amenity kits specifically designed for infants, including items like baby wipes, diapers, and other essentials.
  • Overall Comfort: Business class offers a quieter and more relaxed cabin atmosphere than economy class, which can be particularly beneficial for infants sensitive to noise and disruptions.

Singapore Airlines travel with infant is designed to cater to the unique needs of parents and caregivers traveling with infants. From booking tickets to in-flight amenities and services, the airline strives to make your journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

As you plan your next trip with your little one, remember the age restrictions, ticketing options, baggage allowances, and the array of services Singapore Airlines provides. By understanding the airline’s policies and being prepared, you can look forward to a stress-free and memorable travel experience with your infant onboard one of the world’s leading airlines. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Singapore Airlines Infant Policy

What is Singapore Airlines infant fare?

Singapore Airlines offers infant fares for children under two traveling on their parent’s or guardian’s lap (lap infants). These fares are generally much lower than those for older children and adults because infants do not occupy a separate seat or require additional in-flight services.

Is there any Singapore Airlines infant meal?

Singapore Airlines offers special infant meals for young passengers traveling on their flights. These meals are designed to cater to infants’ dietary needs and preferences and are typically available upon request when booking your flight or during the flight.

What is the difference when you travel Singapore Airlines business class with infants?

Traveling in Singapore Airlines business class with an infant offers several notable differences from traveling in economy class. The business class provides more spacious and comfortable seating arrangements, often with the option to recline into fully flat beds, offering greater comfort and privacy. Priority boarding allows for a more relaxed boarding process, and dedicated cabin crew are trained to assist passengers with infants, helping with meal preparation, warming baby food, and other specific needs. Bassinet availability enhances your infant’s comfort during the flight, and child-friendly meals are provided. The quieter and more relaxed cabin atmosphere in business class can be especially advantageous for infants, making the journey more comfortable overall.

Is there a fee for reserving a bassinet on Singapore Airlines, and how can I request one?

Singapore Airlines usually provides bassinets free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis. You can request a bassinet when booking your flight or by contacting the airline directly. It’s advisable to make the request as early as possible to secure one for your infant.

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