Turkish Airlines Infant Policy – Travelling with Kids

Turkish Airlines Infant Policy

Planning to travel with your infant? And wondering what features and services are provided to you? Here in detail Turkish Airlines Infant Policy is explained. All your queries like Turkish Airlines infant baggage allowance, additional services, infant fee, inflight meals, inflight changing area are all covered. Turkish Airlines cares about their flyers so they have outlined a policy for infant travelers. As infants are also little passengers on board so their comfort as well as their accompanied passengers comfort matters. Weather it during flight or at the airport every little step you take with the Turkish Airlines with your infant is taken care of by providing assistance and service.

Infant Policy Rules

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It is essential to have an idea about all the rules an airline has for infant travel with them as it eases traveling with them.For better planning and to make your journey smooth airline has policies in order.So Turkish Airlines Infant Travel Policy rules are listed below as follows :

  • Infants that are newborn babies under the age of 48 hours are not allowed on flights but infants between the ages of 2 to 7 days are permitted on the flight provided a medical report is submitted stating that “There is no harm in traveling by plane”.
  • An infant can be added to the reservation while the initial booking is made by the passenger. There can only be one infant per adult traveling with Turkish Airlines.
  • Infants that are aged between 8 days to 23 months and are  traveling with Turkish Airlines must be accompanied by a passenger aged 18 or over.
  • The infant passenger must be seated on the lap of their companion and fastened with a special baby belt. Both Adult and infant passengers must have their own flight documents.
  • The second infant passenger is provided with a child ticket in a separate seat for a fee.
  • Adult companions may bring their own 40×40 cm car-type baby stroller and request a seat for their infant.
  • Baby strollers can only be installed in the front separators in the Economy and Business class sections of aircraft types that have extra legroom seats.
  • When a seat is requested for an infant passenger, then a discounted Turkish airlines infant price ticket will be issued for the infant passenger with no additional charge for the stroller.

Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy

Turkish Airlines considers infants as travelers and has an infant baggage policy just for them. Be it a lap infant or an infant traveling on a separate seat both are eligible for a Turkish Airlines Infants baggage policy. Here is detail the policy is explained.

  • Infant On Lap: As per infant baggage allowance Turkish airlines, as a handbag passenger can additionally carry a bag up to 8 kg.As checked baggage a 10 kg bag for domestic flights as well as  international flights.Us USA Flights it can weigh up to 23 kg. 
  • Infant on Own Seat: The baggage allowance is similar to an adult passenger.

Strollers can only be transported as checked baggage but, where airport rules allow, can be brought as far as the aircraft entrance, where it must be handed over to Turkish Airlines staff, and delivered upon arrival at the aircraft door.

Seat policy

There are times when you might prefer to have a seat for your infant instead of seating your infant on your lap. In these times there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. You will have to purchase a separate Turkish airlines infant seat and bring your own baby car seat. The car seat brought for infant travel needs to be air travel approved and the dimensions 15.7 x 15.7 in/40 x 40 cm needs to be same. It is highly recommended to place a car seat next to window.

Infant Travel Discounts by Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines provides discounts for infants traveling with them and it depends upon the duration ,date and destination of your flight.For Domestic flights that are direct infant fee charged is $3.66 and for connecting ones fee is $5.14 for economy and for business direct infant fee charged is $5.53 and for connecting ones fee is $7.73. For TRNC Flights that are direct infant fee charged is $5.88 and for connecting ones fee is $9.55 for economy and for business direct infant fee is $9.95 and for connecting ones fee is $15.47.These fee mentioned above are applicable only on Turkish Airlines-operated flights or codeshare flights where Turkish Airlines is the major carrier (MSC).

Amenities available for infants on Turkish Airlines

Amenities and services are provided by the Turkish Airline for infants to make their journey with the airline a pleasant one. Such services provided are mentioned below:

  • Priority Boarding: As per Turkish airlines infant travel policy passengers traveling with infants are prioritized during the boarding process to ensure that they can settle on the aircraft comfortably, safely and quickly.
  • Baby Food On flight: On international flights, you may request a Baby Meal as a special meal for your infant at least 24 hours before departure with Turkish Airlines. However, on flights departing from Istanbul and Ankara, a limited amount of extra Baby Meal is available so you need to make your request in advance with the airline.
  • Changing areas: Sinks with diaper changing areas are available in the bathrooms of selected aircraft so you can check for that.
  • Carrying baby food: Turkish Airlines allow passengers traveling with infants to bring liquid or solid baby food in containers of up to 100 ml on the flight. If the food needs to be warmed while on board, then you can request support from the cabin crew.

Flying with infant Turkish airlines understands can get a bit messy so sometimes a better understanding of airline policies for infant travel can make it an easy, manageable flight for the accompanying passenger traveling with an infant. So here in detail is everything you need to know while traveling with an infant with Turkish Airlines explained. Whether it’s your queries like how much Turkish airlines infant ticket price is? What is Turkish airlines baggage allowance infant? What special services do you get while traveling with an infant? How Flight cancellation happens and do I get my money back? It’s all answered here in a simple manner.so Now you can plan your trip with Turkish Airlines and make it a memorable one as well.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I travel with a new born baby with Turkish Airlines?

As per Turkish airlines infants travel policy newborn babies under the age of 48 hours are not allowed on flights. Infant passengers between the ages of 2 to 7 days are permitted on the flight if you can submit a medical report stating that “There is no harm in traveling by plane”.

Does An Infant require a passport to travel with Turkish Airlines?

Yes as per the new regulations a passport is required for infant travel.

Will I have to pay for my infant to travel with Turkish Airlines?

In Turkish Airlines travel with infant domestically is not free but you need to buy an infant ticket and it can travel on your lap. Fee charged is 10% of an adult fare plus taxes.

Does Turkish airlines offer Bassinets?

With Turkish airlines infant bassinet is available as per request only.

Am I allowed to sit in exit rows along with my infants on Turkish Airlines?

No, the Turkish Airlines does not allow infants on exit rows due to safety reasons as per the Infant policy.

Can I purchase a separate seat for my Infant on board Turkish Airlines?

Yes, if you wish you may purchase a separate seat for a fee for your infant on board provided a car seat is brought that is air travel approved.

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