Spirit Airlines Infant Policy – Travelling with Baby

Spirit Airlines Infant Policy

Are you taking your infant on a trip with Spirit Airlines? You may be wondering about Spirit Airlines infant policy. We’ll explain everything, from how to easily add your baby to your reservation to what you can bring onboard for their comfort (think diapers, wipes, etc). We’ve got you covered for car seats and stroller check-in concerns. Besides, you will also get information about the infant lap child policy & any fees associated with flying with your baby. By learning all this information, you can be confident & prepared for a smooth trip.

Can I Carry an Infant On Lap for Flight with Spirit?

Per the guidelines of Spirit Airlines lap child policy, passengers can carry their infants on their lap for free, but only under certain situations. Here’s what you need to know about the Spirit lap child policy:

  • If your infant is between 7 days and 2 years old (23 months), they can fly for free on your lap. Only one lap child is allowed per adult passenger 15 years or older.
  • Even though lap travel is an option, you can buy your infant a seat if you prefer more comfort or space.
  • Be prepared to show proof of age (birth certificate, passport) for your child under 2 years old if the airline requests it.
  • There are some limitations for lap travel and car seats onboard:
    • Infants under 7 days old cannot travel.
    • Infants requiring life support systems cannot travel.
    • Lap children and car seats are not allowed in emergency exit rows or nearby rows for safety reasons.
    • Lap children and car seats cannot be in seats with inflatable seatbelts.
  • Depending on your destination, taxes and fees might apply to your infant.
  • According to a Spirit lap infant policy, you can easily add a lap child during online booking or through other Spirit reservation channels.
  • If you need to make changes or cancel the flight, you can also get it done.

Note: Once your child turns 2, he/she will require an individual reservation to fly.

How To Add Infants To your Flight Reservation?

Check Spirit Airlines Travelling with Baby Status

There are two methods to add your lap child to your Spirit Airlines booking: online and via phone, as mentioned below:


You can add your lap infant to your booking online by following the steps below:

  • Visit the official website & select  “My Trips”.
  • Enter your last name & confirmation code to access your booking details.
  • Look for a section titled “Passengers” or “Guest Information.” There should be an option to edit the number of travelers.
  • Select the dropdown menu & choose the number of passengers, including your infant.
  • Enter your infant’s date of birth in the provided field.
  • Review your changes and follow the instructions to save the updated reservation.

Call/SMS/Text On WhatsApp

If you prefer directly getting in touch to add your infant, you can get a contact number by following the instructions below:

  • Visit the homepage of Spirit Airlines website .
  • Click on “Contact Us”.
  • Now you see a section “SMS/Whatsapp. Click on it.
  • After reaching the page, you will see many contact information, including the WhatsApp number. 
  • Call the number as per your region & explain to the representative that you’d like to add a lap child to your reservation.
  • Follow the instructions and get your infant added to the booking.

Child Car/Stroller Seat Requirements on Flight

According to Spirit Infant policy, you can bring car seats & strollers onboard for free, but there are some things to remember to witness a better trip without hassle. The details are mentioned in the section below:


If the baby will be traveling in a stroller:

  • Bring one stroller per child for free. The staff will check it for you at the ticket counter or gate & return it upon arrival at your destination city.
  • You can bring a double stroller if traveling with twins or multiple little ones.

Car Seats

For those passengers bringing car seats for infants:

  • You can bring your child’s car seat onboard if approved by the FAA as per Spirit’s infant policy. But remember, you’ll need to purchase a separate seat for your child.
  • Sometimes, the car seat gets too spacious for a standard seat. In that case, the airline will do its best to relocate you to an open seat with a regular seat belt.
  • Not all car seats are created equal. Double-check the dimensions of your car seat before.
  • For safety reasons, car seats cannot be placed in exit rows or the rows immediately before or after them.
  • If a seat has an inflatable seat belt, it’s not compatible with car seats. You can use a seat belt extension in these seats to secure other baggage.

Other Essential Aspects To Keep in Mind

Apart from the information mentioned above, there is some other additional information you must know, discussed below:

  • Big Front Seats with extra legroom are a separate purchase.
  • Rear-facing car seats with a height exceeding 25 in. might not be accommodated on all flights.
  • Some seats on Spirit have inflatable seat belts, which aren’t compatible with car seats. If you’re planning to use a car seat onboard, avoid these rows:
    • Airbus 319– Rows 1, 4, and 5 (seats D, E, and F)
    • Airbus 320 & 32A– Rows 1, 3, 12, and 13
    • Airbus 321 & 32B- Rows 1 and 3
    • Airbus A321 NEO (32Q)- Rows 1 and 30D
  • If your or your child’s name is wrong on the booking details, then you can get your name changed on your booking details by contacting the airline team.

Airport Security for Passengers with Infants

A trip with an infant can feel challenging, but knowing about airport security doesn’t have to be stressful. Get the knowledge of the latest child restraint systems approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for in-flight use. Along with it, know about the security procedures to ensure a smooth & safe journey for you & your baby.

Installing a Forward & Rear-Facing Car Seat on a Plane

Ensuring your infant child’s safety on the plane is a top priority. Below are the points that will help you securely install your forward-facing car seat for a smooth flight:

  • Verify your car seat has a label indicating it’s FAA-certified for aircraft use.
  • Be familiar with the car seat’s installation instructions specific to airplane seats.
  • After arriving at the airport, adjust the car seat’s recline to be similar to how it sits in your car.
  • Aircraft have designated belt paths for child control. Look for these markings or ask a flight attendant for assistance.
  • Thread the airplane seatbelt through the car seat’s forward-facing belt path. 
  • Fasten the airplane seatbelt buckle and tighten the belt firmly using the airplane’s tightening mechanism. 
  • Ensure the car seat is secure by pushing it down and wiggling it.
  • Fasten your child’s harness snugly according to the car seat’s instructions.

How to Install a Car Seat in Flight 

Here are some additional tips for passengers traveling with infants to keep in their mind:

  • Consider practicing installing the car seat on a similar home chair to familiarize yourself with the process.
  • Flight attendants are trained to assist with car seat installation. Feel free to ask for their guidance.
  • Request a window seat when booking your tickets. The window seat provides extra space and avoids blocking the aisle for other passengers.
  • Some airlines may require a seat belt extender for proper car seat installation. Ask a flight attendant if needed.

Tips for Flying with a Car Seat

Before taking your child on an airplane adventure, you must know some smart tips. Check out these tips to ensure a safe & comfortable flight for both of you:

  • Measure the width of your CRS. It should fit comfortably in most airplane seats, typically under 16 inches wide.
  • Purchasing a separate ticket for your child guarantees you can use your CRS on the flight.
  • Your CRS shouldn’t block the aisle in an emergency, & some airlines require window seats for car seats.
  • If you have connecting flights, consider asking the airline for assistance to direct you to the airport with your child & car seat.
  • Bring a bag of toys and snacks to entertain your child during the flight.
  • Always buckle your child in the appropriate car seat for their age and size.
  • Remember to wear your seat belt at all times during the flight.
  • If using a CRS on the plane, install it in a forward-facing seat according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • For children over 2, consider watching videos like “Kid’s First Flight” together to help them understand what to expect at the airport & on the plane.
  • If you don’t find enough space in your booked class, you can request an upgrade to a higher class.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the rules under Spirit Airlines lap infant policy?

Infants 7 days to 2 years old fly for free on your lap on Spirit Airlines as long as they travel with an adult over 15 years old.

Does Spirit allow diaper bags?

Parents with children (under 2) can bring a diaper bag on Spirit Airlines for free. This doesn’t count towards your allowed carry-on or personal item.

What is allowed under Spirit Airlines infant baggage policy?

Spirit Airlines baggage policy for infants allows a diaper bag & a stroller or car seat per infant traveling as a lap child for free.

Do I need a ticket for my baby on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, all children under two years old need a ticket to fly on Spirit Airlines, even if they’ll sit on your lap.

Are there any Spirit Airlines infant ID requirements?

To confirm your infant’s age, the staff may ask you to show a document like a birth certificate or passport.

Does Spirit charge for lap infants?

If the infant is under 2, the airline does not charge for that lap infant.

How much does a lap child ticket cost on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit offers discounted lap child fares compared to adult tickets, but the exact price depends on your flight.

Can I bring a car seat for my baby on Spirit Airlines?

Passengers can bring a car seat, but there’s a fee involved. You’ll need to check if your car seat is FAA-approved for airplane use.

How many car seats can I bring on a Spirit Airlines flight?

The number of car seats allowed depends on available space on the plane. It’s best to contact the airline directly to confirm before your flight.

Can I use a stroller on Spirit Airlines?

You can bring a stroller for free, but you’ll likely need to gate-check it before boarding.

Does Spirit Airlines offer any amenities for babies?

The airline doesn’t offer complimentary items like bassinets or changing tables. Pack any diapering supplies and blankets you might need.

Can I breastfeed my baby on a Spirit Airlines flight?

You are allowed by the airline to breastfeed your baby on board.

What happens if my baby gets fussy or cries during the flight?

Do your best to comfort your baby. Flight attendants can offer suggestions or even a small toy. Remember, other passengers might be affected, so pack noise-canceling headphones for your little one if needed.

Can I bring baby food or formula on a Spirit Airlines flight?

Usually, you are allowed to bring reasonable amounts of baby food and formula for your flight. Security might ask you to open the containers for inspection.

How to add a lap child on Spirit Airlines?

You can add your little one by two available methods. Those methods are by website, SMS/Whatsapp, or calling them directly.

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