Air Canada Infant Policy – Travelling with Kids

Air Canada Infant Policy

Air Canada Infant Policy is in place to answer all the queries passengers have while planning a trip with their infant. No matter what your concern is, everything is answered in this article. If you find yourself wondering things like what is lap infant baggage allowance? Is there infant bassinet available on board? Is there an Infant fee charged? Does a lap infant fly free of charge? Is there an infant meal available on board? Then read head to put them all to rest. So now you can plan a trip carefree with your infant or infants with Air Canada.

Why is the Air Canada Infant Policy needed?

Infants are babies that are under 2 years of age and When you decide to travel with your infant and you need information regarding what you need to plan and what amenities are available on board that is when Air Canada flying with infant policy comes in handy. This Air Canada traveling with infant policy consists of information regarding Air Canada lap infant baggage allowance, infant booking and cancellation, infant travel cost fee, infant meal, infant bassinet and much more. So that you can plan a trip for your infant and make it a memorable one too with Air Canada travel with infant.

Air Canada Infant Policy Rules

Check Air Canada Infant Travel Policy

Air Canada has rules when it comes to traveling with an Infant. So if you are traveling with your infants or infants and you want to know what to keep in mind while traveling with Air Canada then read ahead. Listed below are the rules mapped by the airline for you: 

  • Air Canada doesn’t allow new born babies till they turn 6 days old to fly on board with them.
  • Infant or Infants that are between 8 days old to 24 months must always be accompanied by passengers who are of age 16n and above.
  • As per Air Canada add lap infant policy there should be one infant on board per passenger. And you can add infants to your flight while making bookings. 
  • Lap Infants travel for free with air Canada as long as they are traveling within Canada and USA.
  • If you are traveling with more than one infant then a separate seat must be purchased at full adult fare price and a car seat approved by the airline needs to be carried.
  • Passengers in Executive First Class are not allowed to carry Child Restraint Devices on board.
  • For International flights that are flying outside USA and Canada, 10% of adult fare is charged if your infant is lap Infant and full adult fare for a separate seat as air canada infant fee.
  • If an infant reaches the age of 2 years before their return flight for an international flight, then an adult fare is charged as air canada infant fare. 
  • If traveling with two infants, then only one is allowed on lap and a separate seat needs to be purchased and you need to bring an Airline approved car seat.

Air Canada Infant Baggage Policy

Just like all the passengers on board are eligible for carrying baggage, so are Infants. Air Canada has baggage policy known as air canada infant baggage policy listed out for infants as well as the airline understands that they require a lot of space too. Listed below are the policies for infant baggage: 

  1. As per air Canada infant in seat, all infants traveling in their own separate seats get full baggage allowance as an adult gets.
  2. As an air canada infant on lap, the person carrying the infant on lap gets to bring an additional carry-on bag up to 10kg.
  3. If needed you can bring a stroller to be checked at the gate in addition to two pieces of checked baggage.
  4. The weight of checked Baggage allowed can be up to 23 kg each.

Air Canada Infant Seat Policy

Air Canada offers infant or infants traveling with them seat policy as well as per Air Canada infant travel. The infants that are traveling in their own separate seats must abide by certain conditions. Only if there is a car seat attached to their seats, then they can travel on separate seats. Listed below are the rules to keep in mind while getting your infant a car seat for air travel:

  • Booster seats, belly loops, vest or harness type devices, and little Cargo seats are not accepted for in-flight travel.
  • If the model you are bringing on board is manufactured in Canada then it must say “This child restraint system conforms to all applicable Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards” or a National Safety Mark.
  • Transport Canada Regulations must be followed by any car seat that is foreign made.
  • Child restraint devices designed for children between the age 1 to 4 who weigh between 10 to 20 kg and whose height is 100 cm or less ,capable of sitting upright, must display CARES label with approval standards and Part number 4082-1 on label.

Services And Amenities

Air Canada cares about infants too and understands that their travel on board needs to be a happy and comfortable time for them. So the airline has mapped out certain services and amenities that can help the infants and passengers traveling with them to have a comfortable time on board. Below listed are the amenities and services listed that is provided  by the airline:

  • Meals: Infant meals are available on board as well on international flights and you can also make requests regarding the same while making bookings as per air canada infant meal. Make sure to make bookings and adding this service at least 24 hours prior to your flight by calling the airline helpline. Passengers are allowed to bring baby food in small containers as carry-on baggage. This service is also available in Executive Class within North America.
  • Changing Areas: Air Canada has diaper-changing areas in either the front or back lavatories with the exception of our Dash 8-300 and Dash-8 100.
  • Early Boarding: To give you more time to stow your baggage and take your seats, Air Canada provides early boarding to passengers traveling with infants.
  • Family Check-in: Air Canada infant travel becomes easy as at select airports there are separate family check-in signage, so that you can avoid the hassle at the airport and get your check-in done as quickly as possible.
  • Bassinets: You can request for a bassinet by calling the customer care for the airline. Air canada infant bassinet are provided as First Come, First Serve and are subjected to availability so you need to be on time to get it. It can only be used for infants that weigh less than 12 kg who are not able to sit upright.

This article has all the information that is needed for passengers who are planning to travel with infants via Air Canada. Whether it’s just an infant or multiple infants Air Canada is ready and prepared with all the services and amenities it can offer to make the flight journey for infants and the passengers a memorable one. All the information regarding the air canada flying with an infant such as car seat needed for infant travel on board is listed above as well. Whether you get to bring separate baggage for infant or is the baggage allowance different for lap infant is all answered in detail above. So your travel with Air Canada with your infant or infants is a smooth one. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Air Canada Infant Policy

Are Infants seated or can you book a seat in the exit row if traveling with an infant ?

As per air Canada infant booking traveling with infants is not allowed in the Exit Row. As infants are not allowed to be seated directly behind or in the row directly in front of an Exit Row.

My infant is turning 2 on the trip. Do I have to buy a ticket for the Air Canada return flight?

Yes, You need to purchase full adult fare flight tickets for your infant for any flight on which the infant turns over 2 years old.

I need to travel with my newborn baby. Can I do that?

No, It is not considered safe for the new born baby to fly on board till it turns over 8 days old by Air Canada.

Is Air Canada charging a fee to the passengers who are traveling with Infants?

Air Canada charges an infant cost to passengers traveling with infants based on the fact whether the infants are traveling as a lap Infant or in a separate seat.

If I wish to book a separate seat for my infant who is under 2 years old can I do it with Air Canada?

Yes, Air Canada allows you to book a separate seat but only when you use a child restraint seat which has approval to be used for air travel.

If an Lap infant is flying domestically with Air Canada  is there a charge?

Within USA and Canada, as infant on lap air canada fly for free of charge when flying on parents or legal guardian’s lap.

If an Lap infant is flying internationally with Air Canada, is there a charge?

Yes there is a 10 % adult adult fare fee charged for a lap infant flying internationally that is flying outside the USA and Canada.

How to add infant to Air Canada flight?

It can be done at the time of booking or later via manage my bookings option.

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