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Ryan Air Infant Policy

Air Traveling can be stressful enough adding an infant to the mix means adding extra things to your planning. Ryan Air Infant Policy is in place to make sure while you plan a journey with your infant everything you could possibly think of is already answered in detail with this policy. Questions like what will be the flight ticket charge? What is the baggage policy for infants? What is the infant age limit to travel? What happens if your child’s age changes during air travel? Can I buy a different seat for my infant? What happens when there are Flight Cancellations? Are answered in this article so that your journey with your infant can be a memorable one. 

Ryan Air Infant Policy Rules

Check Ryan Air Travelling With Baby Bookings

Isn’t it better to know all the rules and regulations before you travel and in detail at best. Here is what you need to know if you are traveling with your infant via Ryan Air. The rules for Ryan air traveling with an infant are as listed below:

  • Ryan Air denies boarding to an infant who is newly born or is up to the age of 7 days.
  • Passengers can add infants to their reservations at the time of initial bookings and as per the infant policy only one infant per passenger is accepted. 
  • Adults who are of 16 years and above are supposed to fly with the infants as per the policy.
  • All infants must either sit on an adult’s lap or on a separate seat and  they do not qualify for a separate bag allowance. However, a baby bag is allowed up to 5kg (dimensions: 45x35x20cms) for babies traveling on an adult’s lap.
  • The airline advises passengers flying with infants to sit in the window seats as these have availability of 2 oxygen masks.
  • If needed there are baby changing facilities on board located at the rear of the aircraft. And the Cabin crew can also help to warm baby bottles if required.
  • A full fare flight ticket needs to be bought for the infants who will turn 2 on their air travel journey on board Ryan Air.
  • When a child turns 2 years before the flight, then a ticket with applicable fare, taxes and fees for the flight is a must.

Ryan Air Infant Baggage Allowance

Even an infant is considered a passenger and just like all the travelers have a baggage policy so does an infant.As per Ryan air infant baggage policy you get a clear idea about what baggage you can bring with your infant and what is free of charge and what is chargeable.Here ia what you need to know about the ryan air infant baggage allowance:

  1. There is no cabin baggage allowance for infants sitting on an adult’s lap or for the ones who are traveling tucked into a car seat on a separate seat on board.
  2. However, a bag that can weigh up to 5 kg and the dimensions can be (45 x 35 x 20 cm) is allowed for the accompanying passenger.
  3. You can also carry 2 items of baby equipment free of charge per child that could be a pushchair plus one of the following items such as car seat or booster seat or travel cot.
  4. Once you arrive at the airport, you need to tag the 2 free items of baby equipment at a Bag Drop desk, which closes 40 minutes before the flight departure time.
  5. If there are other items of baby equipment in addition to the 2 free items then they can be checked-in upon payment as per ryan air infant allowance (maximum weight 20 kg) for €15 / £15 per flight at time of booking or for €20 / £20 subsequent to booking.

Ryan Air Infant Seat Policy

With Ryan air traveling with infants becomes easy as your infant can be seated on passengers lap or a separate seat.Here is in detail what you need to know about the seating arrangement:

  • Lap infant: Infants that are aged between 8 days and 23 months are allowed to travel as a lap infant and sit on a passenger’s lap for the duration of the flight. An infant seat belt is provided upon boarding the aircraft. Lap infants are charged a fixed ryan air infant fee of €25 / £25 per flight.
  • Infant with own seat: A full fare is charged when purchasing a separate seat for infants And there are three options for traveling with an infant who has their own seat which are detailed below:
  • Comfort Seat: An additional seat is used for comfort during the flight but the infant must sit on the passenger’s lap for take-off and landing and during periods of turbulence.
  • Amsafe CARES child restraint: It is suitable for infants aged between 12 and 23 months who weigh between 10 and 20 kg. The restraint needs to be provided by the passenger and it allows infants who meet these criteria to occupy their own seat on a Ryanair flight.
  • Car Seat onboard: These are airline-approved forward-facing car seats which have a 5-point harness fit in the 42.5cm seat width that can be used on board. The car seat must have a CE sticker if European or an FAA sticker if a US seat and the car seat must have ‘Certified for use on aircraft’ printed on it.

Traveling with an infant is a hassle and sometimes understanding airlines policy for infant travel can be tricky.So here in detail everything you need to know while traveling with an infant with Ryan air is explained.whether its your queries like how much ryan air for infants fee is? Or why does Ryan air charge for infants’ excessive baggage? What special services do you get while traveling with an infant?It’s all answered here in simple words.Now you can plan your trip and make it a memorable one as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I be seated in the exit row on board with my infant in RyanAir?

In Ryan Air traveling with infant is not allowed in the Exit Row. In addition, infants are not allowed in the row directly in front of or directly behind an Exit Row.

Will I have to pay for my infant to travel on Ryan air?

Yes, an infant ticket is charged depending if they are traveling on lap then €25 / £25 per flight or on a seat then a full passenger fare is charged.

My infant will turn 2 while on board during our air travel. Do I need to buy him a ticket?

As per the Ryan Air infant policy any infant traveling on board the airline who is of age 2 and above needs to buy a proper ticket.

How do I book an infant on my booking with Ryan Air?

When making your bookings, you can select Infant in the drop-down menu when choosing passenger type.

Do I have to arrive at the airport earlier if I am traveling with baby equipment?

It is recommended to arrive at the airport check-in or bag drop desk 2 hours before your scheduled departure time. 

Can I travel with a newborn baby?

A baby must be at least 8 days old before it can safely be accepted on one of Ryan air flights. 

What baby equipment can I bring on board and Is there a cost?

You can bring 2 items of carry-on baby equipment for free.

What changing or feeding facilities are available on board?

There are baby changing facilities on board located at the rear, or middle of the cabin (depending on which aircraft you are on) and cabin crew can warm baby bottles if required. 

If I am traveling with a baby. What is my bag allowance?

As per the Infant baggage allowance by Ryan Air 2 items per baby is free. There is no cabin bag allowance for an infant (aged 8 days to 23 months). However, a baby bag of up to 5kg is allowed(dimensions: 45x35x20cms), free of charge for an infant traveling on passengers lap.

I want to book a separate seat on RyanAir for my infant. Can I do that?

The infant policy allows passengers to book a separate seat for their infants. And as per the policy they have to bring a car seat with them that is air travel approved.

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