Lot Polish Airlines Infant Policy – Travelling with Kids

Lot Polish Airlines Infant Policy

Traveling with your Infant for the first time? or is it the first time you are traveling with Lot Polish Airlines along with your infant? Then Lot Polish Airlines infant policy is for you. This policy lists all the information a passenger needs while planning their trip with their infant or infants. Be it a lap infant or for any reason you wish to travel with your infant in a separate seat and you end up wondering about what the fee charged by the Lot Polish Airlines will be. If the Lot Airline offers any special amenity or not. Then this is the right place for you and all your answers will be answered here.

Why is Infant Policy needed?

Check LOT Polish Airlines Travel with Infant Policy

Just like adults have different policies listed out for them when they air travel to simplify their journey. Infants are also provided with an infant policy by the airlines which sums up their baggage policies, seat policy, fee charged and amenities provided by the airline if needed. Infants are babies who are aging from 7 days to 24 months and they are have policies crafted by the Lot Polish Airlines just for them. The Lot Airline allows passengers to fly with their newborn infant as long as they submit a MEDIF stating that the the infant is healthy for air travel. Below mentioned in detail are the infant policy by Lot Polish Airlines.

Infant Baggage Policy

Lot Polish airlines infant baggage allowance states that infants are eligible for baggage allowance as they are also passengers traveling with the airline. So if you have been wondering about the baggage policy and how much you get to carry while traveling with your infant then read ahead. Few things to keep in mind regarding Lot Polish Airlines infant luggage are as follows:

  • The accompanied passenger traveling with an infant gets to bring an additional carry-on baggage of up to 8 kg with dimensions of (55*40*23)cm.
  • In Addition to it you also get to bring a personal item that can weigh max up to 2 kg.
  • Also accompanied passenger gets to bring an extra bag of necessities for the infant.
  • There is also a checked baggage of 23 kg that is allowed as well.
  • Additionally as a part of the free baggage limit, Lot Polish Airlines infants in lap get to bring a stroller or a car seat that will be taken before boarding and given back at the destination.

Infant Seat Policy

Lot Polish Airlines Infants policy states that if you are traveling with an infant you can do it in two ways either your infant travels in your lap as a Lot Polish Airlines infant in lap or in a separate seat. If your infant is traveling in a separate seat then you need to keep in mind that you have to bring a car seat for your infant that is airline travel approved. Also on Boeing 787 the Lot Polish Airlines provides lot polish airlines infant bassinet service on board for infants. It is advisable to request for this service as soon as possible due to limited availability. Passengers can avail this infant bassinet for free in a reservation of two, at least 7 days before departure. The thing to keep in mind is the child traveling in the bassinet on board should not weigh more than 12 kg and can be up to 75 cm tall. If you are wondering what the dimension of the bassinet present on board then here is the answer, the dimension is (80*40) cm.

Infant Travel Fee

Wondering about the fee Lot Polish charges for your infant then read ahead. As per policy, Infants have special discounts made available to passengers by the Lot Polish airline. If your infant is traveling as a Lot Polish Airlines infant in lap then these infants get a 90% discount on the standard fare applicable. For Infants traveling in their separate seats children’s discount is applicable. Children discount is 25 % of standard fare. 

What documents are needed to travel with an infant?

When traveling with infants, if you find yourself wondering whether you need documents and what kind of identification is required for your infant or infants while traveling with Lot Polish Airlines then here is your answer. Below mentioned is the list of documents that are needed by the Lot Polish Airlines for Lot Polish Airlines infants.

  1. Remember to carry a MEDIF form if you are traveling with an infant that is less than 7 days old.
  2. If traveling within domestic routes you need to have your infant’s passport, identity card or birth certificate.
  3. If traveling within international routes your infants will need a passport and visa.

This article is a one stop for passengers who are traveling with their infants for the first time or first time with Lot Polish Airlines. Lot Airlines understands that it’s a lot while planning a trip with infants so they have a planned out a list of policies to help out passengers such as cancellation policies, pet travel policies and much more. So now you can make travel plans with an ease of mind and focus on creating memories with your infants as Lot Polish Airlines takes care you and your infants need. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to book Lot Polish Airlines ticket with infant?

While making your bookings you can book flights for your Infant as well with Lot Polish Airlines.

Do I need to notify Lot Airline if I am traveling with my infant?

Yes it is essential to notify the airline about your infant traveling with you at the time of making bookings.

My infant is turning two on the Lot Polish flight. Will I have to buy a ticket for my Infant?

Yes if your infant is turning over 2 on any flight then you need to buy tickets for your infant.

Will I get to sit in the exit row with my infant on Lot Polish Airline?

No it is not allowed to place passengers with infants in exit rows.

Can I travel with my newborn Infant in Lot Polish Airlines?

Yes Lot Polish allows new born babies to fly with them provided a MEDIF document stating they are fit to fly are submitted to the airline.

Can I bring my Infants own bassinet on board for my Infant?

It is not possible to bring your own bassinet for infant travel as the airline does not allow you to do it.

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